With both ladies having Drug Production level 5 and their Gas Cloud Harvesting skill at level 5 too it is almost a must for these young ladies to gas mine. However, these illusive gas sites are not without risk. So is it worth being vulnerable while harvesting and most of all is it profitable at all?

*** Dec 10 ***


It is very easy to grab a ship and fit some gas cloud harvesters if you have the right skills and a proper ship. For T1 gas harvesters you need only Mining level 4 and the Gas Cloud Harvesting skill. For each Gas Cloud Harvesting level you can use another harvester, so it is worth training it up to at least 4 to be able to use 4 T1 gas harvesters.

There are no skills or modules that will improve gas cloud harvesting. However, there are T2 gas harvesters on the market and they will make the Gas Cloud Harvesting skill shine at level 5. Not only can you mine 50% more with them, but you are also allowed to use 5.

T1 Gas Cloud Harvester: 10 m3 gas in 30 seconds = 0.3 m3 gas a second
T2 Gas Cloud Harvester: 20 m3 gas in 40 seconds = 0.5 m3 gas a second

There are ways to speed up gas mining with implants called Eifyr and Co. ‘Alchemist’ Gas Harvesting GH-801, 803 and 805 which use up slot 8 and boosts the Gas Harvesters into mining faster with 1, 3 or 5%. You can also get a mining booster to boost you with the Laser Optimization link for even faster harvesting. Remember, what ever you do, you will get more isk an hour and spend less time being a target if you harvest faster!

The cruiser or battlecruiser


The only T1 cruisers capable of supporting 5 harvesters are the Thorax and Omen. A big deal, because unless you are harvesting in a very secure system people might scan you down and kill you without you being able to cloak. Cruisers can handle themselves in nebulas that deal damage over time, but I found repairers and a microwarpdrive hard to fit with all those harvesters fitted.

The battlecruiser fixes these problems, but are bigger and thus slower. You can tank them up for bait, which can be pretty hilarious in a gas cloud that deals damage to everything nearby.

Mining yield without implants or links:
4x T1 Harvesters 40 m3 gas in 30 seconds = 1.3 m3 gas a second
5x T2 Harvesters 100 m3 gas in 40 seconds = 2.5 m3 gas a second

Mining yield with 5% implant and maxed Orca boost:
4x T1 Harvesters 40 m3 gas in 22.6 seconds = 1.8 m3 gas a second
5x T2 Harvesters 100 m3 gas in 29.8 seconds = 3.3 m3 gas a second

The Venture or Prospect


These are little frigates made for gas cloud harvesting and mining. They get a 100% role bonus for mining and gas cloud harvesting yield and you will get a 5% reduction in mining and gas cloud harvesting time for each level in the Mining Frigate skill. Unfortunately they can fit only 2 harvesters, but that means you only need Gas Cloud Harvesting level 2 to outfit both these ladies with T1 harvesters. They also have a spare high slot for a cloaking device and grid enough for a microwarpdrive to get out of those tight situations.

On top of that the Venture has a warp strength bonus of 2 and with a warp core stabilizer fitted she will be pretty hard to catch without someone having multiple scramblers or disruptors fitted. I really love the Prospect over the Venture though. She lacks the warp strength, but has twice the ore bay, can warp cloaked and thus escape gate camps. She has a smaller signature radius, is faster, can handle gas sites that deal damage and can fit a covert cyno field for a nasty surprise if someone catches you while you have a fleet ready. She only gets a bonus to mining yield and signature radius from the Expedition Frigate skill, so unless you want to mine ore with the Prospect train it to level 1 only.

Mining yield without implants or links:
2x T1 Harvesters 40 m3 gas in 24 seconds with lvl 4 mining frigate = 1.7 m3 gas a second
2x T2 Harvesters 80 m3 gas in 32 seconds with lvl 4 mining frigate = 2.5 m3 gas a second
2x T1 Harvesters 40 m3 gas in 22,5 seconds with lvl 5 mining frigate = 1.8 m3 gas a second
2x T2 Harvesters 80 m3 gas in 30 seconds with lvl 5 mining frigate = 2.7 m3 gas a second

Mining yield with 5% implant and maxed Orca boost:
2x T1 Harvesters 40 m3 gas in 17.9 seconds with lvl 4 mining frigate = 2.2 m3 gas a second
2x T2 Harvesters 80 m3 gas in 23.8 seconds with lvl 4 mining frigate = 3.3 m3 gas a second
2x T1 Harvesters 40 m3 gas in 16.8 seconds with lvl 5 mining frigate = 2.4 m3 gas a second
2x T2 Harvesters 80 m3 gas in 22.6 seconds with lvl 5 mining frigate = 3.5 m3 gas a second

Is it worth harvesting all this gas?
There are plenty of gas site calculators available, for example at the eve calculator site, but market prices change and some pretty quick too. On top of that, some of the gas types might seem pretty priced, but often those are the ones that are really hard to get, especially in busy systems where you’ll be hitting that directional scan for a long time. Others can be hard to get due to rats spawning at the site or the site dealing damage over time. Don’t forget that you will have to warp away sometimes or cloak up when someone manages to get in close with either their probes or ship, which makes you lose precious time you could have used for other less dangerous things like incursions, missions, trading, production or running sites.

Gasses that are worth harvesting

Fullerite-C540 and C320
These gasses are rare and only spawn in the Vital Core and Instrumental Core Perimeter sites in C5 and C6 wormholes. Like other wormhole gas sites these sites will have sleeper rats warping in after about 15 minutes. Problem is that these rats are extremely nasty and can only be killed by a fleet with logistics, which often means you will have to share the site with others.

Fullerite-C28 and C32
C28 is a relatively light gas type and very lucrative. The C32 is worth even a little more, but over twice as heavy as the C28. Both are excellent gas types to harvest though and can be found in the Bountiful and Vast Frontier Perimeter gas sites which spawn in C3, C4, C5 and C6 wormholes. Again, these sites will have sleeper rats after 15 minutes, but they will be much easier to handle and can even be soloed with a strategic cruiser in a C3 or C4 wormhole.

With its low mass and nice value, this is a decent gas type to harvest. Problem is that it only spawns in small quantities in the Minor Perimeter gas site and in large quantities at the Ordinary Perimeter gas sites. The latter always has sentries present and they are pretty tough to clear out with their high alpha damage. It is doable with a strategic cruiser, but the sentries are spread out far away from each other, so make sure you fit a microwarpdrive and prepare for quite a bit of time spend on flying around.

There are 8 types of cytoserocin gasses for creating standard, improved and strong combat boosters. Depending on the market these gasses are or are not worth mining, so always check the market before risking your ship. Each of the gas types has their own region which can be owned by a large alliance that doesn’t like other capsuleers snooping around. Especially if there is a lot of fighting over key systems it might be close to impossible to reach the gas systems and extremely dangerous to run the gas sites for their precious gas.

Also remember that certain gas sites have some nasty rats, while others are unstable and deal damage during your harvesting cycles.

Gasses that are not worth harvesting

Fullerite-C50, C60, C70 and C84
Very little gas types that are all pretty worthless. Don’t risk your ship for this unless you have no way of buying these gas types from new players and still want to make that precious reaction at your tower.

Like cytoserocin there are 8 types of mykocerosin gasses. But these gas types are for creating synth combat boosters and nothing else. The market is almost always flooded with these, which kills the price on the gasses themselves. Sometimes one or two of the gas types will go up in price when someone is fighting over a region or system, but even then the prices are often not high enough to risk your ship.

Basic hints
Unlike any of the other gas sites in wormholes in which rats will warp in at around the 15 minute mark, the Ordinary Perimeter will always have turrets spawn upon warp in!

Never ever mine with people in the system you think are cloaked up. They could be waiting for you in an interdictor, bomber or even a covert ops with warp scramblers. Also don’t mine gas sites which you think are probed out by locals, they could also have some interceptors waiting for you in a nearby system.

To prevent cloaky ships from entering the site you can drop a can at the warp in point to decloak people that are silly enough to warp to the site a zero. With very large gas clouds you can maneuver your ship to the middle of the cloud to prevent cloaky ships from sneaking up on you.

Still, my personal tactic is to use the microwarpdrive to burn away from the gas cloud and cloak up as soon as possible while hitting the directional scan. People know you are in the system, but they don’t know you are gas mining. To them you could be anything with a cloaking device and I often found them leaving the system pretty fast.

And last but not least, be careful when transporting the gas and preferably use a scout. You might think you are still in your 3 million Venture, but don’t forget that all that precious gas in her ore bay turned her into a juicy target.

Have fun gas mining!


I didn’t have the time to write down the adventures the girls had and left you guys and girls in the dark a bit. My apologies for that, but I have two jobs now and a study in real life and as you guys know the real life world always goes before the EVE Online world. A lot has happened though, including a bit of drama with my sister and Disavowed.

*** Dec 7 ***


The Viperfleet CEO didn’t trust us after reading our little adventure with the Nyan Cat Pirates and Damned Nation, who is pretty active in 0.0 space at the moment and losing ships again like they did in the early days. So sis decided to cut the ropes with Disavowed. after a silly threat by some of its members who had told her they would destroy her ships if she wasn’t on teamspeak. Sis playing from her computer had issues with her soundcard and was enraged at the Disavowed. guys and left to Foolish Intentions to join some of her old corpmates. In the end it was all a misunderstanding, but the damage was already done.

The Foolish Intentions guys had set up a tower in a lovely C3 wormhole called J155419 and several small kills were made. But after awhile things got boring and everyone was craving for some more excitement. Stacey and Gabryella being inseparable brought all their stuff back to highsec to look for a specific wormhole. Some of the Foolish Intentions members wanted a highsec static. Others wanted one with a lowsec or a 0.0 static and after some debating we finally figured out which type of wormhole we wanted. It had to be a C2 wormhole with a high security static and a C3 static and it also needed basic planetary interaction for some extra income.

After searching and searching for the right wormhole and one that wasn’t habited or defended, I gave up. The wormholes that we wanted were very hard to find. I calculated what the chances would be and it meant I had to probe down 100 wormholes a day in the same region for almost six months! Luckily I was still a member of Disavowed. and they have this neat program called Vippy, which is like Siggy but way more advanced, and there was this shiny wormhole J222822, which had all the requirements we wanted.

It didn’t take long for me to check it out and to my surprise it only had one active medium Caldari tower that was badly defended and owned by some hardcore miners. The player owned customs offices were owned by the Merchants Trade Consortium which were previous members of Disavowed. This was great!

Our large Amarr tower was set up and was called I love you! Having experience with control towers Stacey got the honors of placing and anchoring the modules, which was a tedious job, because every module required a two minute timer to anchor. Eventually she got it done though and our tower became amazing.


The old habitants, which were members of a small corp called KGI, weren’t too happy about us invading their wormhole and we got several incoming messages with a lot of questions and all in very crappy English. Apparently these capsuleers had stayed in this wormhole too long and had lost their speech ability. We replied with: We are ufool, we are pvp. A few days later they had stripped all the modules of their tower and moved their ships to the safety of empire space. We had even given them an escort by letting their hauler go on the wormhole entrance.

J222822 was ours, but we still had bugs in here called sleepers. They were a whole different ballgame for the girls. These drones were nothing like the rogue drones in highsec or 0.0 space. These drones were nasty. However, Stacey was mastering her skills for specialized ships, which originated from the wormholes themselves, the strategic cruisers. She got herself a Legion and stole a fit from one of the many discussion forums about handling the nasty sleeper drones while Gabryella had trained for a Noctis salvage ship to clean up the mess Stacey would make.

Sleeper killer Legion

Heavy Pulse Laser II
Heavy Pulse Laser II
Heavy Pulse Laser II
Heavy Pulse Laser II
Heavy Pulse Laser II

Experimental 10MN Microwarpdrive I
Large Capacitor Battery II
Shadow Serpentis Stasis Webifier
Tracking Computer II

Coreli A-type Small Armor Repairer
Coreli A-type Small Armor Repairer
Damage Control II
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Heat Sink II
Heat Sink II

Medium Anti Thermic Pump II
Medium Auxiliary Nano Pump II
Medium Auxiliary Nano Pump II

Legion Defensive – Nanobot Injector
Legion Electronics – Tactical Targeting Network
Legion Engineering – Capacitor Regeneration Matrix
Legion Offensive – Liquid Crystal Magnifiers
Legion Propulsion – Chassis Optimization

Scorch Crystal ammunition for long range shooting and Imperial Navy Multifrequency for short range shooting in the cargo hold. Some nanite paste in case you had to overheat the repairers and of course tracking scripts. A mobile depot for refitting or a mobile tracking unit is optional.

The sleepers were fearless and the first few times Stacey had to warp off not to get butchered by the many launchers and guns aimed at her. Also the e-war used by the sleepers was not to be messed with. Some had stasis webifiers, others had warp scramblers, remote repair modules or even neutralizers. The worst types could call in more sleeper drones with more guns and launchers, but after a few tries Stacey found out who those were and discovered that the Legion was able to kill almost any of the waves without taking a scratch as long as she focussed on the right sleeper types.

It all paid off. Sleepers got killed, loots were taken, wrecks got salvaged and data and relic sites hacked. Not a single sleeper was safe for little Stacey anymore and don’t forget the gas sites. She was able to kill all the sleepers in there too and many of the precious gas clouds got mined to oblivion. The loot bay got full. However, something was bothering us and it involved the many structures of the previous owners and the player owned customs offices. They cluttered our scanner and we wanted them gone. But it would take ages to do so, ages we didn’t have.

Suddenly Rouge Angel got a great idea. We are going to build ourselves a large dreadnought, the Moros. With her huge blasters and siege module it should be extremely easy to kill all the player owned towers and defend our tower when we are being invaded by an alliance with a large fleet. We all cheered.

Building a dreadnought was no easy task though. The modules and capital parts had to be bought at several trading posts and transported into the wormhole with transport ships like the Impel or Bustard. These ships have a 50.000 m3 fleet bay, which is huge, but could carry only 6 capital parts during one trip and we needed 250 parts to start building the ship.

After a lot of tedious hauling we had set up the capital assembly array and after exactly two weeks a huge Moros dreadnought showed her face and gently hovered within the force field of our tower looking across J222822. Bottles of spiced wine were opened, the empress was born and ready to role and rule.


And so she did. Her guns smashed trough the player owned towers and we unanchored and confiscated all their modules. It saved us a lot of time and fetched us a nice 150 milion isk, which wasn’t bad at all for a tower shoot.




But as usual the fun was short and we got bored again. Sis and I were very busy in the real world and we had hardly any time to run the sleeper sites or run the little relic and data sites left by pirates, which are now available in wormholes too. And we were not the only ones. Disavowed. was having issues again and quite some VFI members got fed up with those and went to do other stuff. I invited them to join us in the C2 and use our tower as a staging point to make themselves some quick isk while we were gone.

It was great. After a few weeks the tower was bustling with activity and capsuleers and their ships were warping back and forth to do what they wanted to do. But there was one thing we couldn’t do and that was planetary interaction. After reinforcing some of the player owned customs offices, Merchants Trade Consortium had set their timers to mid night EVE time, which is also mid night in the real world for us. After a few tries we had the time to actually try and kill one of them, but the Merchants had formed up a small fleet to counter us and we were forced to let the customs office regain shield again.

It didn’t take long for us to receive a message with a build in threat. In short: we had been set ‘kill on sight’ and The Last Chancers, the alliance MTC is in, would come and try to kill our tower and our dreadnought. We had to pay a lot of money for the customs offices and even more if we wanted to be left alone. Disavowed. had solved their issues and I informed them about the situation. They were all willing to defend the tower if they had to, so we responded properly by killing the first office during the weekend and setting up our own.


Today the big EVE spy network contacted us and informed us that The Last Chancers are looking for a Moros dreadnought and wanted to show up with a large fleet to clear out a little C2 called J222822. They sadly decided not to, apparently it would be overkill.

Sad though. Not only the Disavowed. alliance is ready to show up, but one of the scariest highsec mercenary alliances EVE Online has to offer wants in on the action too and all for free of course. I also wonder how many of the guys that still have a little cat or fist tattooed on their butts and like us and made a lot of friends along the way are willing to show up as well. Interesting. So yes, I dare you TLC, bring it!

It is that time again! The alliances of New Eden are mustering their highly trained fleets and are flying ships out of their own hangars, risking everything for the glory and possible winnings in brutal matches where losses are felt dearly.

*** Aug 24 ***


I was so exited and so was my sister for participating on this alliance tournament. We had seen several of the previous tournaments on youtube and gazed at the players showing off their epic skills. So when we had been given the opportunity to join we ceased it with as many hands as we could muster.

Unfortunately we hadn’t been given a whole lot of time. Due to troubles within the alliance and the hasty retreat of one of her key members, who was also responsible for setting up our alliance fleets, Disavowed. had to improvise and had done so poorly with a tinker setup that was unable to break M.I.F. who had brought a Minmatar rush setup.


No, this had to be done right this time and I had send Poerkie, who was now our alliance tournament leader, several setups with one including Vindicators and other nasty ships capable of taking on a decent setup that wasn’t going to out kite us. While I wanted to fly Vindicators he wanted to go for the active tanked Hyperions and after a short skirmish on the test server we decided to go for the Hyperion, because those active tanks were amazing. I knew they wouldn’t work, but neither would the Vindicators with the setup we encountered.

A few days later sis and I got our fits by mail. Although sis owns Gabryella her account and thus Gabryella herself, she decided to fly with Stacey instead. Logging on on each others accounts was very illegal, but who cares anyways when you both live in the same house and sometimes even share the same computer. It meant that I had to play with Gabryella in her Ishkur filled with repair drones.

Sis was going to fly the only Amarr ship within the setup. One of my favorite ships in the game, especially active tanked and one of the most pretty looking too: the Vengeance. For a moment I doubted that she would still remember how to activate guns and tackle, but I guess you never forget after learning such things. It was like riding a bicycle, going for a swim or having sex. In no time she flew the Vengeance with a vengeance and people on the test server died including me. On top of that, Disavowed. created their very own ad to be shown during the tournament. This would be great!

Gabryella and Stacey were ready at the station close to Jita (just in case we had to switch ships) when suddenly they were teleported to Jove space by the great Gods of eve online. This wasn’t going to be a random mission, this was going to be an epic battle between real capsuleers, considerably the best pilots in the whole universe and both ladies were going to measure up their strengths against them. Alright guys and girls, stay calm, here they are. Wait, what? … Ishtars! How is that possible?

Apparently our FC had banned the Gila at a last notice, which opened up the opportunity for the enemies to bring one of the few ships that could counter our setup, or at least turn the fight into a one sided massacre. As a joke I told our FC to warp in everyone at the zero beacon, but he wanted our Oneiros and our Eos command ship at range from anyone else. Primary would be the enemy Prophecy or the Eos.

Countdown started and I burned out immediately towards the Eos, while the hostile Ishtars deployed their sentry drones. ‘Point on the Eos!’, I yelled and in my excitement I lost point and web for a short moment, but regained control and continued orbiting the command ship at 500 meters with the Ishkur while firing the guns. I also deployed drones and launched them at one of my fellow Ishkur pilots who was taking quite the beating. Little did I know that we had already lost all of our battleships and that HUN was already working on the frigates. Within a second I was pointed by all enemies and within another second Gaby her Ishkur blew up into a thousand pieces.

Sis was still alive though and she had been guarding the Oneiros until the call went out to go for the logistic frigates. In her attempt to kill one of them she had burned away from the Oneiros, who could not repair anyone due to the hero Taranis, and also she died a horrible death as our last hope for victory.


Sis and I stared at each other like we did when we saw the Ishtars on the field. Why did our FC send in the Oneiros at range with the dampeners present, why did he primary the battlecruisers first and why the freaky Isthars when he clearly told us they would be a threat and banned? Shortly after we laughed though. It didn’t matter and another scratch on the large list of to do things on Eve Online was made. Thank you Disavowed. and especially Poerkie and our fellow pilots for allowing us to fly with you during this event. It was short, but it was also a lot of fun. Oh and remember: we got some serious style points for bringing the Hyperions!


Ganking is the process in which a group of characters gang up on one or more players that do not have a chance to defend themselves

The Urban Dictonary

 *** Jul 24 ***


Some of the station crew of the Caldari navy assembly plant at planet 4 moon 4 looked in awe as Stacey and Gabryella made their way across the market. ‘Goods for sale, new Amarr spices and specialty goods from the Aridia region, come and taste them!’, an older lady yelled after scooping some of it out of a large basket and showing it to the girls. Stacey wasn’t interested, she had something else in mind, something that was a bit more sinister than just spices.

‘This should be it.’, Stacey replied when Gabryella asked her if this was the right section of the market. The walls seemed darker and more erratic and the characters walking around most certainly had a past that involved theft or hurting people. They were glancing at the ladies with a suspicious look in their eyes, but again Stacey didn’t mind. She was a chosen one, an immortal being. And the only real threats were other chosen ones. Those who weren’t and were foolish enough to try and hurt her would die for good.

The locks squeaked and clicked and the door opened after Stacey had pounded on it. The man was old, at least in his sixties, but he was big and invited the ladies in without saying a word. Stacey watched him and tried determining if she could take him down or not when things would go south. Judging by the size of his arms he could probably punch her out in one blow, but she knew Gabryella was fast and would probably evade the next ones to slowly wither him down.

Not that they had to right now and sweeping aside the thought, Stacey followed the man trough the narrow corridor filled with orders from what seemed other capsuleers. She knew some of them were even wanted. At the end of the hallway more locks squeaked and clicked and several armed men and women ordered them to stand against the wall and spread their legs. ‘No weapons, the girls are clean.’

Being drug ladies themselves they recognized the large amounts of narcotics that were being fabricated. Half naked girls stared at them for a moment, but quickly went back to work and probably saw quite some capsuleers looking for the same items Stacey and Gabryella desired. The woman that had searched them opened up the safe and 8 very old, but gorgeous glass plates came out. ‘Feel free to inspect the reactions’, the women said and gave one to Gabryella. ‘Strong Frentix Booster Reaction … these are the ones we ordered Stace, lets take them home.’


*** Jul 25 ***


Gabryella had fallen asleep with one of the plates under her arm when Stacey got a message from Mal and Bnizzle with the question if she wanted to roam around in lowsec to mess around with the local pirates. Of course she wanted to and after asking what type of ship to bring she went on her way to meet them in her Myrmidon.

Now I haven’t flown the Myrmidon a lot and I might try her a few more times in the future, because I had forgotten all about the war and poor Stacey got caught in Hatakani by a small gang of wartargets. All repairers overheated, but at 5km from the gate she still went boom without ever firing a single shot. A nice start for lowsec mayhem day 1.

BC kills 0 – 1 http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=24538900

Wrong place at the wrong time apparently, because these guys were actually hunting for this guy who was yelling in local that they had been waiting for him all along and had finally got him.


Oh well, lets head back to Jita and buy Stacey a new ship, this time I think I will go for a Brutix. Bnizzle, not yet part of Disavowed., had moved the Brutix to the Stacmon system for me and together with my friends I undocked her. 2 Scythe Fleet Issues and 3 battlecruisers roamed trough the lowsec systems of Blackrise looking for juicy targets. It didn’t take long for us to find one hiding in one of the plexes and Mal warped his Harbinger there while we waited in the other system on the gate.

‘I am tackled by a Stiletto and a Nereus transport. Warp to me, I am going for the Stiletto!’

Our little fleet warped over when Mal told us to cancel warp. Unfortunately we were all in warp already and with the warp being 60 AU long, there was nothing we could do but anxiously wait what we would encounter. It wasn’t pretty. Stacey was greeted by a whole fleet of Caracals and even when she got one of the Caracals to half shields while overheating the Ancillary repairer, the Brutix still died a horrible death.

BC kills 0 – 2 http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=24539312

Mal did get the interceptor though, but we got ganked with a capital g.



I didn’t feel like sending Stacey all the way back to Jita, so I asked Mal if I could borrow one of his cruisers and I could. He had a spare Omen laying around and after tweaking it a bit to provide a little bit more damage we set sail again, but this time in 4 cruiser type ships and Mal in his Crucifier. Not only were they cheaper, but they would provide us fights instead of ganks.

It didn’t take long for us to get a fight. In Ostingele Mal had tackled a Harpy which had an Osprey as backup. When we arrived Mal died, but so did the 30 million isk Osprey. I overheated the pulse lasers and fired at the Harpy, but the assault frigate was too fast and managed to warp off in low shields. We did get all the loots though and gave everything to Mal, who had hopped into another Crucifier. A small victory for us.

In Agoze on the Loes gate things got intersting again. A pirate Myrmidon jumped trough the gate together with a neutral Myrmidon and we were there for them. Both Myrmidon pilots waited while hoping we would engage the neutral Myrmidon and take on the gate guns. We didn’t and instead we focussed on the hostile Myrmidon and pushed it trough the gate back into Agoze.

The neutral Myrmidon warped away and knowing he could not escape the hostile Myrmidon pilot engaged and we opened fire. My fit didn’t have an armor repairer, so I had Stacey orbit the ship at 15km away and spew at it with Scorch crystals in the lasers. Slowly our target went down without any help from his friend. One of my battlecruiser losses got avenged.

BC kills 1 – 2 http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=24539708

Hungry for more we went on, when shortly after another member from the Overload Everything corporation jumped in with his Myrmidon. For a moment we thought it was the same guy, but he was not and we pulled the same trick on him. But unlike the fight with the first Myrmidon a big Hyperion battleship from the same corporation had warped in to help out his friend. Projectiles collided with the hull of the poor Myrmidon pilot and lasers slowly carved their way into its structure. I got a bit happier.

BC kills 2 – 2 http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=24539735

Mal was our FC and of course we went for the Hyperion next. I figured it was a trap when he repaired his armor at the very last moment, like I have seen in so many pvp video’s, but we didn’t care. We were in cruisers anyway and when a hostile Federation Navy Comet showed up I made him my primary right away. I had to cycle the disruptor from the battleship and by the time I could use it on the frigate he had warped away in deep structure from the firepower of the blue Worm pilot and my drones and lasers hitting him.

The Hyperion had deployed sentry drones and was shooting at me now, but Mal had tracking disruptors fitted on his Crucifier and instead of locking up the Hyperion I focused on the Garde II sentry drones and took a few out. With my armor at 60% and the reactive hardener doing her job by giving the Omen a huge thermal resist against the remaining drones, the Hyperion could do nothing but target someone else.

Things went great and the Hyperion would have died if Minmetaro hadn’t warped in with his Hyperion filled with neutralizers to help out his friend. They wanted me off the field first. Not only was I dealing a lot of EM damage, I had a long point fitted and could kite their damage forever. Even with the capacitor booster fitted I knew Stacey was no match for heavy neutralizers and after aligning towards the station warp was initiated and I told everyone in chat that they should try and get out as soon as possible. Most didn’t and we had lost the fight.


Disappointed some of the fleet members left and it was almost time for me to leave too when Mal wanted to take our fleet for a last spin. A Drake battlecruiser with an Osprey as support were killing Federation ships inside a plex and probably thinking that we were not together we were able to catch them. Mal had pointed the Osprey, who was trying to burn away, while I managed to activate the warp disruptor to prevent the Drake from warping away.


Mal had killed the Osprey, but killing the Drake wasn’t that easy. Not only was it tanked better and shooting us, but the Federation ships he wanted to kill thought we were there to kill them too and had turned their guns against us as well! Bnizzle and Mal had to warp off and while they made their way back even Brock had to warp off, leaving poor Stacey all alone with the Drake pilot, who was spamming missiles at her Omen. The disruptor almost deactivated when the Drake pilot suddenly burned away, but Stacey reacted quickly, approached him, switched the crystals to Multifrequency and turned the battlecruiser into scrap metal. I was finally happy now.

BC kills 3 – 2 http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=24540209

After that Mal thought it was a good idea to try and kill a pirate Thorax on a station with his Vexor. But it was a long warp again and with a hostile Ishtar next to us and tons of ships that could undock we hesitated to kill the Thorax pilot, who was burning away rapidly. Eventually I burned over and decided to try and kill him, but it was too late and the Thorax pilot docked up just in time.



*** Jul 26 ***


Day 2 of the lowsec mayhem went crazy bad again. We had found a couple of frigates inside a plex and while I was on my way towards the plex my friends had killed FilerX his Rifter.


A crow and Wolf were left at range and I told the guys to warp in at range. Apparently you can’t and when Bnizzle went for them we landed at the plex instead, together with a dozen angry guys that wanted revenge for their Rifter pilot. Stacey wanted to warp away, but she got tackled by a Crow straight away. Needless to say we died a horrible death again and had lost 3 of the 4 cruisers.




But it was just a cruiser loss now and the next thing you know Stacey was ganking a poor industrial pilot and my friends thought it would be good idea to gather some kill rights by killing Abraham Asques his pod.

http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=24553770 + 134 mil pod

On top of that a hostile Daredevil with Mey Xing in her Auguror as support thought it would be a good idea to engage us at the gate. Of course not being able to tank the gate guns for long he jumped, leaving poor Mey at 30km from the gate. Stacey being quick at her feet had overheated the microwarpdrive and the disruptor and quickly tackled her while bumping her even further away from the gate. It took awhile to take her down even with the 4 of us, but the gank was smooth.


Seeing how well we did, the two Hyperion pilots thought it would be a good idea to visit us again. At first there was one and Mal ordered us to warp and engage him. But Stacey had that bad feeling again and waited at the station for the inevitable to happen. And yes. Only seconds later Mal ordered everyone to warp off or jump trough the gate, because the second Hyperion had arrived and started neutralizing everyone. Brock however had been caught several kilometers away from the gate and being warp scrambled and webbed had no chance of surviving the onslaught.


In the end we killed way less ships than we lost, but the fun we had in return was great. Sometimes it is good to get away from the wormhole life and especially now that I heard Disavowed. is going to find a new wormhole again, which involves lots of moving around with ships and items. I am so happy I never found the time to move anything into Redrum, but I promise that I will move some ships into the new wormhole and maybe if Stacey or Gabryella, who are both expert drug manufacturers, get the right roles I might even set up my drug lab again.

It is weird in the world of eve online. Unlike other games where you have instant great play eve online offers weeks of boredom after which you get weeks of the most awesome play. This time it was no different.

*** Jul 14 ***

Tower 3

Mal and Bnizzle contacted Stacey and Gabryella asking if they wanted to help out and kill a defended control tower in J132918 filled with capital construction modules. ‘Trust us, this is going to be fun, it is owned by an inactive alliance called the Beacon Light Alliance and they have placed their hardeners outside of the shields!’ For those that don’t know, placing hardeners outside the tower force field is a rookie mistake because it makes the hardeners vulnerable to attacks and renders them pretty much useless while investing a lot of the tower’s powergrid and cpu. On top of that some modules were unanchored outside the forcefield as well, ready for us to steal.

But the guns were active, so we needed at least 3 Guardians and a couple of damage ships. After some calculations the few Vexor Navy Issues would reinforce the tower in 8 hours? …  No, there has to be another way and Stacey and Gaby went to the fitting table in the Jita 4-4 station with a bunch of try out fittings for the Vexor Navy Issue.

‘This one?’
‘No, it needs a capacitor transfer I think.’
‘Ok, this one?’
‘No, no shields. Armor, something like the Lovetar with faction repairers!’
‘Something like this?’

Love VNI xoxo


A new Vexor Navy Issue was found that was both damage and repair in one and of course it was called the Love Vexor Navy Issue or in short the Xoxo. We had no idea whether they would work against a defended tower. Yet we decided to take them for a spin and with a bit of fear in mind 6 brave Xoxo pilots with Eos support took the warp.

‘FC, stay here!’

Bnizzle had warped us in at 100 km away from the tower and burned towards the guns. We were in a quick pursuit because the medium energy transfer array and faction repairers could only reach out to 6 km and we would not be able to support him if we got webbed by one of the 3 active webification batteries. With our afterburners overheating, the fleet (which had to be a big remote repair ball) had spread out like a large snake towards the tower in which no one could reach each other anymore.

For a moment I even thought about warping my Xoxo’s away before the tower would hurt us pretty bad. But wait. None of us was taking damage! None of us were neutralized and none of us were webbed. How is this possible, did they? Yes they did. They had set the tower hostile to anything that had less than 0.0 standings. Which meant that us being neutral at 0.0 standings were not hostile and could just warp towards the tower and shoot the tower itself without taking any damage from the tower guns.

After laughing about this we stole the offline modules and disabled at least 6 guns and the energy neutralizer battery before working on the tower. Things went great and even our Eos warped in for some added damage, when suddenly someone from the Gentlemen’s.Club warped in and figured it was time to online a few modules and change the tower standings to hostile towards neutral players like us. For a moment we stopped. Should we shoot the modules being onlined, or should we warp away before he would online more neutralizers and the ever menacing warp scrambling batteries that would prevent us from warping away? We decided to do the last thing and warped away.

Fartwo > Dont wanna stay?

The Gentlemen’s.Club now owned the tower and we spotted one of their Oneirossesses repairing the modules we had disabled. With him at 20 km from the shields we quickly warped over with 4 of our Xoxo’s, but landed at 12 km from him. And because we had afterburners fitted we didn’t manage to catch him in time even with our warp scramblers overheated. At least it was a good try and the Oneiros didn’t dare venturing out again without some of his friends with their own repair ships as backup.

This was going to be a tough match and there was noting we could do without some of our friends. Disavowed. could do this for us, but I was most certain that they wouldn’t show up for a tower fight. However … Bloemkoolsaus contacted me saying he wanted to talk and he was serious about it. Apparently a guy named Rick from the Gentlemen’s.Club had send Disavowed. a mail about the tower shoot and for a moment I feared that I had done something really bad and Stacey and Gaby would end up with red bottoms after this very short adventure.


A serious threat against a serious alliance, one that is willing to fight for their home with everything they have. I admitted I was behind this one and my friends got invited to the channels right away. A few hours later a very expensive 50 man armor strategic cruiser fleet filled with angry pilots jumped into J132918 and the ladies felt so proud when we arrived on the tower, which was guarded by about 6 hostiles manning the guns. I wonder what went trough their mind at that point and especially Rick’s mind for sending that mail.

The fight was great and we took down the webification batteries quickly to make sure the guns wouldn’t track our ships and deal their maximum damage. Reinforcing the tower was a bit of a pain though. Most of the strategic cruisers were equipped with short range guns and those that weren’t were spewing ammunition faster then selling ice-cream on a crowded beach during a sunny day. But after a few ammunition runs and the defenders putting the neutralizer batteries on the Xoxo’s (which don’t need capacitor to apply damage) for a long time we managed to reinforce the tower without any serious issues.

*** Jul 16 ***


After the reinforcement scouts were left in the system and they discovered that our hostiles jumped in with Battleships and that they had repaired all the modules surrounding the tower. If the shields on the tower (which were now 25%) would hit 50% after some repairs, they could online all those modules again and be in a comfortable position during the fight. The timer was set, they wanted to fight and hopefully many alliance members would too.

Because we knew that our hostiles were going to use battleships to try and kill our armor strategic cruisers at short range our fleet commander Kais went for shield ships instead. With Ishtars and Gila cruisers being far too awesome at the moment, we decided to bring those and bring a lot of those. 17 Ishtars, 3 Gila’s, 2 Scimitars, a Broadsword heavy interdictor and a Claymore command ship made their way towards the wormhole exit.

When we arrived at the highsec system leading to the C2 they closed the wormhole with their battleships and for a moment we thought that they wanted to keep us out while repairing the tower. However, they had seen Mal jumping out and thought we were already in J132918 trying to flee. Such nerves! A new highsec exit was probed out quickly and our fleet jumped in and stayed there for a bit. One of our scouts reported an Archon and a Chimera carrier at the tower. Cheers went up, but our fleet commander calmed us down quickly and ordered us to Focus.

‘The Chimera is outside the shields now repairing the tower.’

Short but firm commands sounded trough the coms: Alright, lets go! Deploy Drones now and follow me! Gila’s only, bump the carrier downwards! Everyone primary the Chimera! How are our repairs holding?

Great simple orders which some still didn’t understand. The Chimera carrier that was primary was losing shields quickly and while the Gila’s were bumping it downwards and outside the tower shields, some of the Ishtar pilots had not been listening and were bumping the carrier upwards into the shields. While the carrier got into armor Mofo Keikira was bumped safely behind the force field again and was able to repair all his shields.

But they were losing their fighter drones and the tower shield got low, so again the carriers went outside the force field to try and kill us and repair the damage done by us to the tower. I wonder why they didn’t send in their battleships to try and take on some of our Gila’s when the Chimera was bumped downwards far away from the safety of the shield this time. But it was a good thing for us. Even with the Archon repairing frantically there was no way they were going to safe Mofo Keikira, who thought it would be a great idea to go into triage at the last moment. A juicy killmail colored our killboards and made all the time invested into this operation worth while.

Carrier: http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=24409979 + 227 mil pod

We tried bumping the Archon afterwards, but he went into triage and managed to safe his skin on the edge of the force field. Slowly but steadily the tower went into armor and our hostiles started moving their battleships out to the safety of a neighboring tower owned by a mining alliance. One that was well defended with a lot of people protecting it and watching us trying to deploy bubbles to catch the stragglers.

Our eyes got wider and yells were had when a Revelation warped straight towards us and landed into the shields. Even though I had placed mobile warp disruptors on the tower, the few defenders had focussed them down and the Archon and Revelation escaped, leaving us with just the Chimera killmail.

‘Leave those mobile bubbles Stacey, they will just kill them or warp to safe spots anyway.’

With a big blast the tower exploded and for some reason the same guy that had written in local if we didn’t want to stay had stayed in his Crow only to lose it and his pod.

Crow: http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=24410581 + 96 mil pod

The destruction of many of the tower her modules commenced and juicy loots were taken. Several billion isk of blueprints, blueprint copies, ships and loots ended up into our hands and Gabryella had managed to sneakily take the tower kill and had proudly posted it into the fleet channel.

Tower: http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=24410521 + 1 billion worth of modules

Tired by the long fight the ladies relaxed and while staying at the staging tower our fleet managed to club Fish TulakHorde in his Gnosis battlecruiser to death, making that the last kill of our little invasion.

Gnosis: http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=24410709 + pod

So what next? Well, the mining tower is too heavily defended and Disavowed. wanted to get paid if Mal and Bnizzle wanted to take her down and try to kill the Archon and Revelation. Overall it would not be worth it and we decided to move out. I had already told Mal before setting up his tower that he had to set up a tower like my old drug tower. Instead he created an awesome mighty ball of doom, but found out the hard way that unanchoring all the modules would take forever.

Tower  Tower 2

Lesson learned and with modules being not that expensive we left them alone and just unanchored the tower. Unfortunately I had forgotten that unanchoring the tower can not be done when there are modules anchored on it. And you can’t unanchor modules when the tower is no longer online. So to unanchor the modules we had to online the tower again, fly across this ball of doom to unanchor all the modules one by one until we could unanchor the tower again. A very complicated and time consuming system invented by CCP to prevent people from putting towers up all over new eden probably.

So we left the tower too and who knows our hostiles might engage it. Maybe they will set up a new badly defended tower and decide to repair it with their Archon this time. Either way, the whole operation was a great success. We managed to secure the juicy loots the tower contained. The fleet was professional. I felt great when the entire alliance showed up. We had a fun time and my friends learned a lot from their mistakes.

But the absolute best thing was that both Stacey and Gabryella got their very first capsuleer owned Carrier kill during their time in New Eden!

‘I’d hate to fight the worm responsible for all these wormholes in New Eden.’

– Stacey Starwolf, YC114

Being back from real life I hopped into my favorite world of eve online and wanted to try something new. The alliance was still recovering from what looked like an internal power stuggle and I felt hesitant to move my ships into our new C6 J133906, called REDRUM. So I started looking for a new wormhole to house my drug production and gas reactions. Of course all temporarily until I could settle in the C6 again.

Stacey had made a little list of wormholes that had her interest. Little amount of planets to prevent hostiles from invading, enough planetary interaction to get your own tower fuel and preferably a highsec entrance to get stuffs in and out pretty easily. So my epic voyage trough highsec to find one of the holes marked took me a whole 1 jump from Jita to a C1 called J170949, a class 1 wormhole with only 4 moons of which a few were taken with large dead towers. Things didn’t go as planned.

*** Jul 12 ***


Day 1

Dear Diary. While planning to destroy the towers with the Dark Alliance. in J170949 and occupy the wormhole, I was suddenly messaged by two old friends of mine, Mal Isbad and Bnizzle, the last one part of Ocularis Inferno. Apparently they had found a juicy, but horribly fitted tower in a C3 wormhole called J212304 and wanted to take the wormhole for themselves. Well, isn’t this great, while I was searching for a new wormhole my friends wanted to claim one. Lets join in on the fun!

I contacted Jordan from the Dark Alliance. and he wanted to join in as well. In Jita lots of hugs were shared and I had asked Scotty to outfit the shield Ishtars with some faction drones and a probe launcher. We don’t want to get stuck inside a wormhole and having to selfdestruct now do we? Things started off great. The highsec entrance to J212304 was found and we all warped to the fleet leader who was already reinforcing the medium Caldari tower, which was indeed silly defended with only jamming modules.

Initially they tried killing the tower with T3 battlecruisers, but with the Vexor Navy Issues and Ishtars being able to do damage while being jammed by the jamming modules I was happy I had brought my Ishtar for this job. Within an evening we had reinforced the tower and 3 customs offices owned by the PublicRelations corporation and their friends.

Day 2

Mal wasn’t feeling well and had accidentallly targetted one of our own members and deployed his drones. Fortunately no real damage was done and there were no DED officers to punish him for his mistake. We did manage to reinforce another customs office though, turning the customs offices in reinforce mode at 4 now.

In the afternoon I told Mal to set up a tower just in case the enemy tower modules would contain juicy loots for us to take and of course it was nice to have a safe heaven in case things go wrong. No don’t fit any modules, we want them to fight us silly Mal.

Day 3

Dear Diary. The first customs office died without any issues whatsoever. 9 Hours after this the tower will run out of Strontium Clathrates and get vulnerable. On top of that, the tower will get out of reinforce mode just before downtime, which will regenerate the shields again. If I wake up early I will kill office number 2.

Poco 1: http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=24321701

I slept well and destroyed another customs office, but it was time to destroy the tower and one of the hostiles got online. He logged off quickly though and the Vexors and Ishtars were ready for combat. Brockmist had joined us with his Stratios. It was like a reunion and some of the members said this was one of the biggest fleets since the breakup of Disband and the scattering of its members.

The tower went down quickly without any problems too and a big blast could be seen troughout the system. For a moment I thought that they would have evacuated their ships during our little nap, but the maintenance bay dropped a fully fitted Venture and a Badger. The hangar was filled with lovely stuffs too, which fetched us a lot of isk.


Poco 2: http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=24325142

Tower: http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=24348943

On top of that we reinforced customs office number 5, 6 and 7 which means that there are now 5 customs offices in reinforce mode, ready to be taken out in a couple of days.

Day 4

Dear Diary. Today I relaxed. The offices we had put into reinforce mode have a two day timer, which means that there is nothing to shoot today. I don’t feel like reinforcing any more of them, especially while being alone, that just takes ages. Mal is still sick, maybe it has something to do with the strange effects that are in this wormhole. It is good to see my friends again, but they have no idea how wormhole life works, so I keep sending them screenshots of our wormhole mapper to show them which signatures are inside the wormhole and which systems are attached to it. They want a program like that too and I am not surprised, because the Disavowed. wormhole mapper is awesome.

Day 5

Mal was late and Brockmist was going on a holiday. Bnizzle and his friends were all having a drink, so Gaby, Zhuge, Bax and me had to do it ourselves. Just before we started I probed down a new signature. Apparently a C2 wormhole had connected to ours. J155620 had about 10 towers all owned by Upholders alliance and a Proteus was on scan with core scanner probes, so they were active. Bax kept an eye out for hostiles, while the first of the five reinforced offices went down.

Poco 3: http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=24347807

We started working on the second reinforced office, but I got a bad feeling in my tummy and told Gaby, Zhuge and Bax to spread out. In a star formation we started on the office when suddenly a Loki popped up on scan, followed by a few battlecruisers. While Gaby and I warped to planet 2, Zhuge and Bax warped to the tower. As they arrived a Devoter warped in at range and bubbled up. A close call. However, I got stuck on planet 2 and started making safespots. At the safe probes were launched and I told Gaby to follow me towards the highsec exit. We warped in at range and fortunately there was no one there. Lets head back towards the safespot and warp in at 0km. It was a bad idea. While I landed their fleet landed with me and quickly I ordered Gaby to stay at her safe while I had to jump out. Gabryella now all by herself on the safespot got scared and faced a Sleipnir, 10 various T1 and faction battlecruisers, a Rapier, a Devoter, a Loki and at least 1 Proteus all looking for her.

So I stayed on the wormhole in Kiras hoping the entire fleet would warp to it and they did. The bubble went down on the tower, which gave Gabryella the opportunity to warp to the tower and come to her senses behind the safety of the shield. After a long wait our hostiles had finished our job by killing the customs office themselves and I had moved to Jita to pick up some stuffs.


Poco 4: http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=24348392

We were in for an even bigger surprise when they had set up their own customs office, probably hoping we would reinforce it to stage a fight. I told everyone we shouldn’t. Not only would it be a very long stay inside our spaceships shooting at structures, but we had what we wanted and there are better wormholes to occupy out there.

Day 6

Dear Diary. Being unexperienced will lead to death. My Providence glided trough space gently with our loots and all that was left were our tower and the many customs offices that had survived our attack. Mal had unanchored the tower and Nefayn decided to pick her up while I was on my way to Jita. A bomber was spotted before, but screams were yelled on the coms: ‘They are trying to take our tower!’ I hurried back with my Raptor interceptor and jumped into the wormhole. A lot of things went wrong. Nefayn in the hauler got killed before I got to the tower: http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=24354523 + 21 mil pod. I engaged the bomber straight away, but they had help from a Sabre and a Blackbird which warped in to help out. However, maybe amazed by my flying skills they warped to a safespot at 200km away.

A Caracal joined and when they found out that a little Interceptor can’t do much against a 4 man fleet they warped back and I slowly started plinking away shields from the bomber. Bnizzle uncloaked with the Proteus and our enemies warped away besides the Blackbird which I quickly tackled. I bet the Blackbird pilot panicked a bit, but eventually he did what he did best and jammed both Bnizzle and me and warped away.

I was bombarded with messages. ‘Who are you? You are preventing us from taking the tower!’ So I started a little chat. In the meanwhile our FC had disconnected and Gaby had fleet control. Unfortunately she didn’t have any fleet skills, so I had to take over fleet command while fighting on the wormhole exit. On top of that people were asking to be invited and hoped to get a bookmark to the wormhole exit. And all this was happening at the same time!

My computer screen went crazy and I told everyone to relax on chat. First I ordered Gaby to give me fleet control. Members got invited and when that was done I had Gaby sit on the highsec exit, so people could warp to her and join the fight while bookmarking the wormhole entrance and exit themselves. On top of that I wanted people to stay put while our FC got back online. During my chat with Merruk I had found out that he and his friends were a bunch of new players that had caused all the panic and they had no idea what was going on and who was with who.

Of course I lied and told him that I was fighting the Nyan guys together with Brock from Foolish Intentions, but unfortunately his friends were scared, gave up and left the wormhole. So besides the bomber in system everything was safe and when I arrived in the Impel I could gently scoop the tower and just jump back into highsec with Gabryella and our enemies fighting other enemies, of which almost all were our friends closeby to protect me.

Day 7

Dear Diary. Yes, a lot went wrong during the past week, but also a lot of things went right thanks to my experience gained with the awesome guys from Disavowed. Overall it was a lot of fun to see my friends again and to see them having fun. With only 2 losses (the hauler loss and Mal his silly ‘lets go rat during an invasion’ loss: http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=24342493) but over a billion isk worth of loot, the whole operation was a success and I think the lessons they learned were even worth more. A new tower is already set up in a C2 wormhole called J132918 that has a few hostile towers ready to be destroyed. This wormhole might be the one they are looking for and the one I can use for my illegal drug activities.

But first things first. We all got 75 million isk for our troubles, which is a sweet sum and I am going to spend my isk on some new shoes before I’ll head out again.

I was having doubts about writing this action report for quite some time. There was plenty of action, but so little for poor Stacey. However, having a day off from school meant I had time to write about this little story that was to become my first wormhole invasion ever and actually became a pretty famous one too.

 *** May 1 ***


During the end of April it was the ‘Goons are burning Jita’ week and I thought about joining in to kill those pesky little bees trying to ruin the market by killing all those poor traders who forgot about this yearly event. But on the other hand, just let them have it. 0.0 has become a boring place with nothing but large coalitions owning it. It is even so bad that Disband. lost the few moon mining towers they had in the dead end system of KFIE to almost all of the CFC. Even the little tower on planet 8 moon 8, the moon that was once mine, had to pay the price.


Anyhow, with Disband. now roaming trough lowsec and probably deserving these losses for killing 8 juicy Goon carriers that month, Stacey and Gabryella were happily sitting inside the home wormhole and playing something that looked like chess, but had little spaceships instead. Suddenly someone from the alliance told us that he and his two Naglfar dreadnaughts were spotted inside the J104921 wormhole by a lonely Sabre. The pilot of these dreadnaughts was called LordsServant or in short Lord and this meant that his tactic of killing juicy ratting carriers had gone down the drain, but that a new opportunity presented itself, the one that is called an invasion.

20 Bilion isk in ransom was demanded, but our targets wouldn’t pay up. This while the loots were plenty with several towers and their faction modules and of course their juicy hangars filled with ships and modules. So the invasion was a go and people were ordered to bring heavy armor ships. Stacey was in Jita to grab one, but I had trouble deciding on the ship type. Should I bring an alliance fit Proteus, Guardian or maybe a Devoter? Wait, a Devoter, that is a nice ship to bring, I haven’t used her in ages.

With the Devoter and her two bubble makers, Stacey set sail to the highsec entrance and jumped into J104921. It was the most exiting day of the whole invasion for her. The first towers were put in reinforce mode and inside were a Revelation and an Archon carrier that figured it was time to get out before we were going to cage in the tower. For those that don’t know, ‘caging in a tower’ means putting so many bubbles around the tower that no one can warp in or out without killing some of the bubbles or burning trough them, which meant easy kills for us of course.

Caged in

Keep flying with them Stacey, round and round you go. They may not escape before the large T2 bubbles are anchored. It went great, but unfortunately I had T1 bubble makers fitted. It wasn’t wrong, because it was the alliance fit, but T2 bubble makers will give you bigger bubbles, which is better. Even though I had bubbled up and was bumping the tower shield, the Archon had managed to escape with only 1 or less km away from my bubble. The Revelation however did get stuck and he had to find another way out. He almost managed to do so when I had missinterpreted the fc’s orders and had burned in the opposite direction making Stacey end up on the wrong side of the pos. But as he activated warp, the last T2 bubble went up just in time and he got stuck anyways and logged off.

Lord had made the mistake of closing the highsec entrance and jumping in with his Orca while he had a negative security status. Apparently when you jump into a wormhole someone collapses you are automatically send to a celestial, in his case a stargate! Everyone could shoot him, but before they realized he was a pirate, the police webbed his Orca into warp and he could safely dock her up before grabbing an alt to pick the ship up later on.

The new C3 static was found and this one led to Gallente lowsec. A hostile scout jumped in and started probing for exits and so did we. Nothing happened for awhile until the scout jumped back in. But wait, he wasn’t alone. More scouts jumped in, including some from large wormhole alliances like Whale Girth and Verge of Collapse. A few did not survive.

http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=23218260 + 146 mil pod
http://eve-kill.net/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=23219176 + 16 mil pod

It didn’t take long for us to find out that our targets had hired a couple of wormhole alliances to kick us out of their wormhole. A group of 20 strategic cruisers plus support waited in lowsec on the C3 wormhole for us to come for them. We didn’t and Stacey was ordered to bubble up with her Devoter inside the C3 on the J104921 wormhole while everyone else would reduce the mass of the wormhole by jumping in and out with their microwarpdrive on. This was done to have our hostiles collapse the wormhole after they would jump into us and be trapped with our fleet, which consisted out of about 10 strategic cruisers, 2 Vigilants, 2 Devoters, 3 Guardians, 2 Naglfars and a Nidhogger carrier.

‘Are they on scan yet Stacey?’
‘Yes, they are on scan now.’
‘Ok, jump back to join us.’

While I did, the wormhole had become critical by accident and our hostiles that were waiting on the other side didn’t want to risk being stuck on our side. After a nervous wait, on which I told one of my old friends this might be my very first epic wormhole fight, the enemies decided to leave and went back the way they came. Disappointed or maybe relieved, for they had the bigger fleet, we left the wormhole for what it was and started to pound on one of the hostile towers again. I logged off and left the ship inside our staging tower for others to use.

The next few days I logged on to see what was happening there was no action for me. Our targets were broken and didn’t want to put up a fight. Some were even destroying their own ships to prevent us from taking them. And with this as a sign of surrender I sat on the C3 static for as long as possible with the Devoter and her bubble up to prevent enemies from escaping. If not I used her for closing wormholes and lock people out with Lord or HTC Necosino, who had epically brought in a Hyperion 5 jumps trough lowsec.

Stacey, was that a scout from Whale Girth?’
‘Yes it was, the hole is closed, he is locked out.’

The last day we managed to kill all the towers and player owned customs offices and steal over 50 bilion isk worth of ships and modules of which I flew a lot back to our staging tower. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to keep any of them, so I was left with 0 isk and 0 killmails due to the fact that I was not online or sitting on the static with the Devoter to guard it. Guess I had to bring another ship to apply some dps, but in the end I was happy I had brought her and had fitted T1 bubble makers, because she was used a lot by others as well when I was gone.

Some ships were hilariously killed or stolen and an extended report about them and the invasion can be found here:

 *** May 26 ***


The Devoter is now sitting safe and sound back in our home system for people to use while Stacey has trained up Cynosural Field Theory to level 5 and Gabryella has trained up her probing and hacking skills to level 4. Unfortunately I have exams on June the 17 and 18th, so I was and am not ‘allowed’ to play with the ladies for too long. It disturbs me though, because I only got one kill this month and it is even one that couldn’t shoot back.


Also some of my old friends decided to play again and figured they can take back NM-OEA from several large alliances that use the system as a staging system for mining and other pve heresy. With the Jumpfreighter (poor Adriana hadn’t been used in ages and was getting dusty) we moved tons of pvp ships and modules that way and of course I was invited to tag along any time I want to.

I must say, it is very tempting, but I have other stuffs to tackle at the moment and perhaps it is for the best this way anyways. A few days after I had moved the stuffs, my friends owned the system already with just 2 or 3 guys actively killing heaps of ships and locking up 30+ capsuleers inside the stations. Peace for isk requests were already received and kindly refused.

‘We don’t want peace, we want pvp!’

No, maybe in July I will hug the ladies and give them the kills they need again by joining my friends or Viper for some delicious pvp. In the meanwhile, fly risky guys and girls!