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***  Jan 30  ***

 OP 1 Small pvp fun

Sometimes you have those days, the days where you should be doing something else than play eve online all day. Unfortunately those are also the days where you can’t have anything done right and you can just sit back, relax and have all the fun eve online has to offer. And a lot of fun it was.

After being podded and still go on an op without upgrading her clone yesterday, I thought it was time to upgrade Gabryella. I felt like visiting the Bora guys back in H-PA29, who I hadn’t seen in awhile. With Stacey in an Anathema right beside her I tried finding a Dominix Navy Issue running a mission at a far safe spot below the 9-266Q gate. But as I wanted to probe him down our friends from Scrap Iron Flotilla messed things up by jumping into the system and scaring the Dominix back into the station. Fortunately when they left some neutrals jumped in and Bora started setting up. At first they needed to know if the coast was clear in 9-266Q, so they jumped in a Vengeance with a Curse as backup 180 from the gate. In the meanwhile I started to form up a fleet with Smelly PirateSaint and Jamm0.

At first we tried playing around a bit, but the Bora guys probably thought I had a cyno fitted on Gabryella her Rapier and so I decided to go back to 6NJ8-V and do something daring, I grabbed one of my Stabber Fleet Issues.

In the meanwhile I kept Stacey at a safe on the gate to see what was going on in H-PA29 and that was a lot. At first a Hurricane from FCON went trough, but unfortunately we weren’t ready at the gate yet and she got out, but Lord Ravus had decided to take a peek in his Zealot to see where it went and Jamm0 had made it to the gate in his Gila after a horrendous long warp. Unfortunately Gaby and Smelly were still on their way when Lord decided to engage Jamm0, but he was doing fine and managed to pop the Zealot as I kept my eyes on the gate with Stacey: 1-0

We tried hunting down a Goon drake next, but he logged off and Lord Ravus suddenly did something daring. A Bora Hurricane jumped into 9-266Q and as he warped off Lord undocked in a Maelstrom and went to the gate at 0, waiting for us to engage. We suspected a trap, but with nothing on scan in H-PA29 and Smelly in an artillery Vagabond, he decided to engage while staying out of the Maelstroms range. The Maelstrom aggressed and appeared to go down and Jamm0 jumped in after to engage him. But his shields were quickly repairing because of the ancillary shield boosters fitted and I waited at the gate keeping an eye out. When I didn’t saw the Hurricane on scan anymore I jumped in to apply some extra damage. Unfortunately I wasn’t artillery fit, so the damage was low, but my drones and guns were killing the enemy Ogres shooting at Jamm0. When he told us he was going down I focused on the Maelstrom. The Gila should have stayed our of scram range with the Vagabond still pointing the Maelstrom, but perhaps I should have been more ballsy and get into scram range straight away to apply damage. Anyways, both went down at the same time: 1-1 2-1

Me and Smelly looted the field when suddenly a Tengu jumped into system and warped straight to the 9-266Q gate. We jumped in and the Tengu jumped in too, but quickly cloaked up. I thought he was cloaky fit and that it was a waste of time going for it, but Smelly smelled he wasn’t and went after it and managed to decloak it in an epic way. Immediately I overheated my microwarpdrive, scrambler and web, launched my drones and overheated my guns. Smelly had no trouble tanking the damage and Borikka nGountu died pretty quick: Awesome decloak Smelly!

I jumped back into H-PA29 and held on the gate for about ten minutes when suddenly nator kreb in his Hurricane, who had moved trough 1-Y6KI, warped to the gate together with Garry in his Drake where I was still sitting. Unfortunately there was no way I could take them on and when a second Hurricane entered the field and engaged me, I decided to jump. Both nator and Garry jumped after me trying to catch me, but while overheating my microwarpdrive for a few cycles I easily burned out of range and warped away. In the meanwhile Smelly tried taking on the aggressed Hurricane on the other side, but a second drake had warped in, which are a pain to kill for Vagabonds because of their missiles, and he had to kite off.

Fortunately more people started hopping on and decided to help us a bit at the H-PA29 gate. But we were still outnumbered and tried splitting them up. It worked to an extend, but they warped in a Scythe, which turned the battle around in Bora favor. Two of our battlecruisers got killed on the gate while Smelly was on the other side and I underway to grab a Scimitar as backup for our own fleet. 2-2 2-3

We went back into system, but with Gaby and Stacey both in Scimitars they wouldn’t undock anymore and were probably very happy with their little victory. Good fight Bora, 2-3 for you today, if only you guys wouldn’t hug the station so much.

OP 2 Large pvp fun

A ratting Brutix, me and Patsakos were hunting, would only engage us at the station after that. But fortunately we got a call about a wormhole in our home system, so we went there as soon as possible. Apparently it led straight to OBZ-JJ in Providence where a small armor fleet with Oneirosses and Legions were gate camping for no apparent reason. We quickly formed up fleet and due to lack of logistic pilots Gaby and Stacey had to pair up again like old times and do some repairing. When WillusKillus called in that the enemies were engaged, we all swooshed trough the wormhole straight into system. As soon as I entered system I warped to Willus, who was fighting at the gate, and as I landed I tried locking him up, but it was too late already and he blew up: I started repairing a second Hurricane and with our fleet being bigger, the enemies jumped out one by one, leaving us with two of their battlecruiser wrecks in the end. A small victory for us: ,

Being an alliance in Providence means bringing as much ships as possible when there are hostiles around, so when they were waiting with a large shield fleet on the other side of the wormhole, we decided to go and try catching a Cynabal and two 100mn afterburner Tengus in 4RX-EE instead. After lots of fail we ended up running their site with my two Scimitars as backup, which was pretty cool and great repairing fun. Suddenly I got a message from Planek if I wanted to join fleet, because one of our POSses was in danger. Well, not really in danger, because instead of the tower the guns were being shot at. You can guess what was going on, the SpaceMonkeys were messing around again and had to be dealt with accordingly. If you haven’t seen this awesome youtube video yet, go watch it and you will understand why:

Whelp Canes was the fleet and we were just about ready when suddenly a small group of neutrals decided to take a peek in our home system. Almost everyone undocked and I grabbed the Stabber Fleet Issue again to apply some extra damage instead of repairs, which weren’t needed, we were in a fleet that was big enough now. A Caracal Navy Issue jumped in together with a drake and a Hurricane, but we got the Navy Caracal as I burned in overheated and scrambled him up:

The other two guys managed to jump back into BV-1JG and we all reapproached the gate and waited for our agro timers to run out. As soon as it did we made our way to 9-266Q, where our hero tackler Patsakos was ordered to point an enemy Talos when the neutral fleet started warping to the 9-266Q gate and jumped trough. By accident he pointed the wrong ship, a Stabber Fleet Issue and our tacklers were in danger, but only for a short moment as we all jumped in: + 31 mil pod. Funny fact, I use exactly the same fit.

But … the SpaceMonkeys were still messing around and our FC decided to take a look with his alt in an Industrial ship. As soon as he jumped into systems all the Dreadnaughts warped off, so no capital kills for us in our whelp cane fleet. But the Space Monkeys being Space Monkeys started playing with our tower with even more stupidity. Instead of using dreadnaughts they discovered that pve fitted ships are perfectly suited for shooting at Towers. Hey, it is just like running a site or ratting in belts right? So our FC told us to grab some bombers with a warp scrambler instead of a warp disruptor (he thought SMA was being pro and that their battleships had the new microjumpdrive modules fitted) and some Rapiers and Falcons to do a covert ops hot drop. After hugging the Redeemer with over 30 bombers, we jumped into the first system and after jumping into the second system we were all ready for combat.

BLAAARG! and we all jumped on grid as we right clicked on the Redeemer and selected jump. Our FC told us to point anything, but I was at 17-30 km away from most of the fleet and as I locked up the closest thing to me being a drake, I overheated my microwarpdrive and T2 scrambler which was just a few kilometers too short.

Thinking they were clever they were aligned and warped off, but the target for which we came, mister red leader3, was scrambled and I opened fire. In the meanwhile a point was called on Fathom Enigma in her Dominix and both died extremely fast due to the massive amount of damage our Bomber fleet was pushing out. About 10.000 damage per second, if not more, try and repair that with your C-Type Shield booster: + 45 mil pod and + 50 mil pod

Overall it was a busy day for Gabryella and Stacey. Gaby even managed to snatch a Harpy killmail from a small legion of xXDEATHXx gang that took a peek in our home system (nice intel Mal): I enjoyed today, perhaps even a bit too much, but at least I can look back at a nice row of kills on the Nyan killboard now. Thanks to all for some awesome pvp and for the bomber fleet. It was my first run on such a large scale and it was great!


***  Jan 28  ***

Monday, Januari 28, 2013 20:00 Eve Time
Formup 6nj and save POS from the monkeys

 Gabryella was back on her feet and I was ready to fight this evening, but Ezeria wanted me and my sister (who is quite pro with photo shop) to create a Nyan banner for our killboard, which should have lots of rainbows, Enyo’s and just silly stuffs in between. I think it has become hilarious, but judge for yourself:

This also meant that I wasn’t there when the POS got saved, but Sockey told me that the SpaceMonkey alliance didn’t show up anyways and that nothing got killed in the process. All and all that meant it was really boring. What wasn’t boring was the OP that came after that. Our FC told us to get on the Titan with Tier 3 battlecruisers and Scimitars, which Gabryella hugged right away, to reinforce the SMA station in UO9-3C.

BLAAARG! and all our ships went into UO9-03 right on the station and all battlecruisers started opening fire right away while setting their orbits. One of our Interdictor pilots bubbled up the exit so no one could escape and those that tried got shot at, including a Maelstrom that docked up when in structure. With the Space Monkeys neatly packed up inside we slowly started working on the station shields. From time to time some of them would warp in, like one of their pilots a pod. They tried to take our Sovereignty Blockade Units offline, but failed. Personally I have no idea what the deal is about those stations, but feel free to fill me in on sovereignty wars when you got the time someday.

Eventually Razor decided to show their faces, probably shouted at by the SpaceMonkeys to come over and kill those nasty Retirement Club guys in their 32 battlecruisers with support. KukiSimit in his Burst warped to us at 300km and we all knew that he was a cyno pilot. It didn’t take long and the Razor fleet with a lot of Naga’s, 9 Scimitars and support jumped in on top of us. Fortunately we were aligned and warped at 300km from the station only to warp back to the range we desired. It was a battle straight away and I was being primary and broadcasted for repairs. The enemies switched targets and some of our guys got killed while I was still trying to lock them up (next time broadcast ahead guys!) The ones that I managed to lock up in time immediately got my repairers on them and also one of my fellow Scimitar pilots got repaired when at half shields. The first kills were for us, but with them being long range fit, they made range and their damage increased. We were loaded up for short range, so we decided to warp back to our Defence Tower, ready to warp in for round two.

Back at the tower we assessed the damage and the pilots that had lost their ships had to leave the fleet and wait. The pilots within the SpaceMonkey Alliance are known for doing silly things from time to time and Fynos in his Tengu decided to show us why. He warped to one of our Sovereignty units by himself in a pve! Tengu and got killed pretty fast by us warping on top of him. The Razor fleet jumped to us at range again, but too late and we all burned out of our bubbles and got out safely: + pod.

We waited again for about five minutes, but finally we got the warp in we wanted. One of our cloakies managed to get right on top of the enemy fleet, which were back at the SMA station, and we all jumped in there at 0, our best range. As they warped off we were able to kill some of their ships no problem including a couple of their Scimitars: +

We felt comfortable and decided to deliver the final punch to the now thinned out Razor fleet. With an Interdictor ready we only had to wait until they decided to jump out of system to grab other ships and we got lucky as the entire Razor gang warped at 0 to the 9IPC-E gate. After going after them we jumped trough as they jumped trough.

I uncloaked and tried finding my anchor, but unfortunately it took awhile to get into system and I had to move myself out of range myself. WillusKillus got primary and I started repairing him, but with just a few Scimitars in system he still died. The enemies started to maneuver themselves into position and we were in trouble. One after another our Oracles got killed, while I managed to safe an Interdictor out of structure. And when one of our anchors ChefAce in his Oracle died the order was given to align out and warp to one of the planets. The Razor gang felt comfortable now instead of us, but looking for blood and with slave 5487, our FC, still on the field, we decided to jump back into UQ9-3C to follow them and wait at the gate, hoping they would warp into us at close range.

In the meanwhile a bomber decided to jump into us and launched a bomb. It was the first time I witnessed this kind of an event. People in fleet started broadcasting for repairs right away and judging by the damage a group of 5 or more of these little buggers could have killed almost half of our fleet instantly. My repairers did their work and so did the guns of our battlecruisers when an Arazu decided to jump into us:

Back at our POS we lay low for awhile to count our kills and losses. With the Razor fleet in system and with our significant losses during the gate fight we decided to put gf (which means good fight or girlfriend if you have one) in local for Razor only and bridge back to 6NJ8-V, our home. As we bridged out, a Verge of Collapse gang jumped into system with lots of Proteusses and Lokis and chased away the Razor Naga fleet for awhile. It reminded me of sardine, dolphin, shark, where we were the sardines running for the dolphins and Razor running for the shark, or something like that. Overall it was a very even fight on which we showed Razor that the Space Monkeys can’t handle themselves against us.

There is no kill report because the battles took place in different systems and got scrambled, but for those that are interested:

Kills total 23, value 2.030 mil
Kills: 5x Naga 620 mil, 2x Scimitar 300 mil, 1x Tengu 418 mil, 1x Huginn 260 mil, 1x Arazu 190 mil, 1x Sabre 62 mil, 1x Nemesis 45 mil, 1x Crow 22 mil, 1x Burst 5 mil, 9x Pod 110 mil.

Losses total 15, value 1.969 mil
Losses: 7x Oracle 1.026 mil, 3x Talos 468 mil, 2x Tornado 262 mil, 2x Sabre 170 mil, 1x Purifier 43 mil

Another OP was called to try and kill the Razor fleet with a fleet of Stealth Bombers, but Gabryella was ordered by the FC to go to bed. We didn’t manage to reinforce the station today, but the battle of UQ9-3C isn’t over yet and Gaby needs to be fresh for the next fight with Razor and their pets.

***  Jan 25  ***

Boom! Gabryella sat up straight in an hospital bed. Little flashing lights from equipment burned her eyes while the bleeping sounds that came with them troubled her head. She wanted to scream but couldn’t and closed her eyes again. The bleeping lessened as a soft voice from one of the nurses told her to lay down again. Two other nurses giggled in the background and she could hear one saying that the capsuleers that had died for the first time are always funny to watch.

The OP didn’t start that great. The FC that called the fleet together had a hard time assembling all the logistics pilots, so after a few minutes I decided to check out the fleet and join up with Gaby in her Guardian. It was late, I was tired and I had a bad feeling about this, but my cap buddy chrss2129 was there too, so we were in for a great fight as always when he is around. When there were no recon pilots going to join us, we still undocked with a good 21 Zealots, 1 Stabber Fleet Issue, 1 Muninn, 4 Guardians, 2 Oneirosses, some probers and my Nyan buddy Zee Azzar in his Sabre. All ready for some action.

She had slept for almost 12 hours straight and was told by the nurses to go to her room. Back in her room she found a data pad showing that she had to meet doctor Allerande. Apparently she suffered from memory loss, but he would fill her in with everything that had happened. A short 15 minutes later she got a warm welcome and lay down on the couch answering some silly questions about how she felt and what kind of pictures the little blobs on the pieces of paper she got presented were supposed to be. The only thing she wanted to know was what had happened and the doctor started explaining.

The enemy fleet was bigger then ours when we arrived in EWN-2U and we were immediately greeted by a couple of frigates that decided to take a look. Zee bubbled them up and we raped them accordingly. I deployed my drones, but didn’t make it on any killmail, because ships were dying so fast that even the hotkey wasn’t sufficient. I loved the target calling by our FC: “Kill those frigates, come on guys, blap blap blap and pop pop pop.” A Raptor, two Rifters and two expensive Dramiels were turned into space dust and their pilots send home, a great start and I started to feel comfortable.

We all aligned towards planet VIII when our prober spotted our enemies, which had a lot of Maelstroms, 12 Scimitars and still loads of backup. We all warped in and the FC gave us our instructions. Hardeners and afterburners on, orbit the anchor and logistics clean your broadcast history, which I did. And everyone pay attention, which I did too. I didn’t have to though. Zee caught some of the enemies, but most got away because they were aligned and had warped away as our little Interdictor appeared on grid. We were thinning out our rivals slowly but steadily: and

Creating a cyno at our pos, Cyno003 got killed by several frigates, which got jumped onto almost instantly by us. It wasn’t much, but a Tristan, Rifter, Wolf, Harpy and an Excutioner had to pay the price for their foolish decision. Proud of ourselves we waited at our POS. The Space Monkeys still had more people than we did, but around a dozen were in pods now and the other ones were in Maelstroms which would have a lot of trouble hitting our little HAC gang.

Our enemies waited at their POS and being clever we had left PKG4-7 unguarded so they would hopefully try and get out to go home. Sneakily we had send in our Interdictor to cloak up at the gate and one of our cloakies was standing watch on the other side just in case they would send in reinforcements.

The doctor asked Gabryella if she was ok when she pressed her hand palm on her head as flashbacks made their way trough her mind like razorblades. She nodded and ordered him to continue with a simple hand gesture.

All waited at the station at range from the tower for a warp in and for a moment we thought we could when the FC told us to allign. But Gotmilf had accidently pressed warp to instead of align and warped to the gate instead. Now the Space Monkeys knew we would be going for them, although I had the feeling they already did when Zee reported that an enemy Celestis had seen him warping to the PKG4-7 gate. “Lets wait a few more minutes and don’t fucking move your ships until I say so!”, the FC ordered and I didn’t dare moving, while adding xXThe EntityXx to my watch list.

She started to remember the fight and Gaby had sat up straight and asked the doctor to let her go. A Nyan Assault Frigate op would be going out soon on which she was demanded with her Scimitar. Unfortunately the doctor knew that these were just pieces of the whole story and that she was still recovering from her memory loss. There was a no flying prohibition for 24 hours for capsuleers that suffered from these conditions, so his answer was no and he continued about the OP.

Suddenly the Space Monkeys decided to give it a go and the FC ordered Zee to bubble up. The bubble went up and the entire enemy fleet got caught near the gate while we jumped right on top of them. Primaries were the frigates, which got popped pretty quick, but unfortunately for us logistics the Zealots also got killed now. They had so much alpha fire on them that even if we managed to lock our friends up and activate the armor repairers, the healing power would not make it. Simply because by the time the cycle was over and the repairs applied the much needed hp, the ship was gone already. One by one the Zealots got killed, but we were killing a lot in return too. I managed to put my drones on an enemy Interdictor and finally my repairers got a grip on a few zealots and a fellow Oneiros pilot who was taking heavy damage too.

A cyno went up and we had to break our anchor and align towards the sun. Slowly I aligned too, but I was webbed and tackled, so I didn’t go anywhere. I checked the screen and had placed my repairers on my other logistics pilots, while my drones were eating away at an enemy Crow. Broadcasts were coming in like spam mail now and I panicked and decided to check my watch list instead and lock them all up. Switching my repairers one by one I managed to keep an Oneiros and other Guardian alive, but my tank was going down fast as all of the enemies were now focused on Gaby in her little Guardian going nowhere. I try to warp out, but the heavy interdictor had me caught tightly and as my ship exploded I heared the FC say he messed up. Trying to warp my pod didn’t work with the Devoter on top of me, so I decided to watch the field and self destruct just in case they would demand ransom or wanted to play around with Gaby for fun. It was a massacre and there were wrecks, pods and bodies all over the place. This was one of those fights my corpmates had warned me about, one of those that went bad really fast. And the thought that The SpaceMonkey Alliance were nothing but a bunch of pussies for calling in a 50 man Strategic Cruiser Razor gang went trough my mind as Gaby her pod got jammed by a blackbird.

When the FC apologized he had no reason to. It was a choice we had, to fight them or to jump trough the gate and take our kills home with us. We had chosen to fight and so we did, like lions throughout the end. Thanks for the op guys!

Gabryella was dizzy, got some pills and was ordered to take some rest. After leaving the doctors office, she went back to her room without even saying hello to her friends at the bar. She felt like having a whiskey though and poured an old one in while hopping on the bed looking at a the data pad saying ‘new messages received’ again. It was Alex who had told her she was brave and had send her a new Guardian and Stacey, her best friend, who had asked her how it felt to be a virgin again.

***  Jan 24  ***

Thursday, January 24, 2013 20:00 Eve Time
Muninns > Scimis > Huginn/Lach > Dictors > Rest
Zealots > Oneiros/Guardians > Dictors > Rest
SMA Reinforced our tower in PKG right after we threw it up and left. Need MAX dude for this fleet guys. Lets destroy them once again

It is easy to have friends in numbers and The Space Monkey Alliance knows this. So they called in the guys from Razor Alliance to grab their Strategic Cruiser fleet and reinforce the small tower now owned by us after our very successful campaign on which we killed over 7 bil isk of enemy assets (see previous report) Unfortunately for the Space Monkeys our tower went out of reinforce mode on exactly the same time when most of our European bro’s are on, so immediately an emergency op was put out to all of us to try and defend our small Caldari tower with as much numbers as possible.

Knowing the tower was in reinforce mode Gabryella was tired the whole day, but couldn’t sleep. She had even missed an op with her fellow Nyan, who had killed Ramirez69 in his Tengu in 9-266Q: Fortunately I had no need to push her towards the Scimitar to join this op. Still wearing a hello kitty pajama and tiger slippers, while holding a pillow just in case she would tumble over, she rushed her way into her pod and activated the Scimitars engines as the FC told everyone to undock and warp to the Titan. This time I landed at a safe (500km from the tower, clever girl!) and warped straight towards the portal maker at 10. The fleet was ready, the anchors were set, the watch lists updated, the FC’s had their coffee and the Titan pilot his chocolate chip cookies for jumping us into EWN-2U.

At the gate we formed up and jumped trough to PKG4-7. Immediately we were greeted by a Heretic and soon after a large blob of Tornado’s, Naga’s and other battlecuisers with Scimitars and support warped in within their optimals. But we were alligned with our microwarpdrives on and after warping to the station at range we sat there for a bit assessing the situation. A Daredevil was watching us from 300km away and we had to be on our toes not to get jumped on by enemies again. At first we warped to our POS at 0, which made me feel safe. But as I did I watched the timer go down, which was not a good sign and meant the enemies could shoot at the tower any time now.

When the timer reached 0 we started heading out. At first we aligned a bit towards one of our interdictor pilots, and the enemies showed themselves so now and then by warping to us at range. A cat and mouse game had begun and shortly after we warped they would warp away again. So we started repairing the tower, but not for long as enemies warped back in range with their sniper fleet and we headed out again. A small group of enemy battlecruisers tried a few potshots at the tower, but we quickly warped on top of them and bubbled them up. Unfortunately they were aligned out and most managed to get away, besides an Atron and Scimitar, who weren’t quick enough and died:,

After a bit of warping up and down, aligning out and using the microwarpdrive the fleet was awake and started to get a feeling for it. But without enemies to shoot we started repairing the pos with the Scimitars again and Gabryella felt more and more happy while hugging her pillow tightly. The repairs went slowly, but we got it to at least 37% back when our second group had bridged into PKG4-7 right on top of an enemy Loki, who had previously killed LordDragonMPS in his cyno bomber. Revenge is a beautiful thing:

Now we were invincible and the enemies knew it. 12 Scimitars and about 60 Muninns with support are a bitch to handle when you don’t have the right fleet with you and even if you did, it would still be a bitch to handle with the pilots we had. Yet they tried and as our FC told the entire fleet to warp in at range, about 30 enemy battlecruisers and support jumped onto the tower and fired away. But we were aligned like pro’s and warped right on top of them. Rose, in her newly fit Interdictor, was the one the enemies hated, so she had to be repaired quickly and with 36 individual shield transporters on her she never reached armor. In the meanwhile the Muninns did their job so well, that the FC couldn’t even call targets properly. We had spanked the space monkeys!

They had no proper answer for us now and so they left to bring in bombers, which I always see as a last resort. It is a bit like ECM, if you can’t go against your enemies face to face, try and deal some damage without the enemies able to do anything against it. But with our Muninns at the J7YR-1 gate waiting for them and the Scimitars setting individual orbits around the POS (the whole picture reminded me a bit of a dandelion) the bombers could attack us, but not kill us while being at risk themselves and eventually they gave up. Now with the tower back to 55%, our entire fleet went home and on the way we caught Snails in his Scimitar. No one knew what he was doing there and where he was going, but we gave him a new destination, a one way ticket back to his clone station: 76 mil pod

OP successful right? Yes it was! We destroyed another 1.5 billion isk and this time no Interdictor pilots were harmed during the process. Awesome job guys!

But, the enemy bomber fleet was still out there and with the tower now undefended they started heading back to PKG4-7. Quickly we formed up the fleet again, or at least part of it because some members had left, and we started preparing a decent anti bomber fleet. I quickly reshipped into a Rifter instead of the always loyal Scimitar and although I felt a bit outranked by all the assault frigates (Gaby has excellent mini assault frigate skills, but I forgot to bring them out here) I joined in and warped to the Titan pilot, who demanded more chocolate chip cookies.

A quick BLAAARG later we all ended up at the tower again, but without any bombers in sight. We knew they were lurking about and we hoped they would uncloak and attack us, but being smart they didn’t and we started onlining our anti bomber defenses. After a few minutes the POS had small guns and we hoped they would uncloak and bomb us at the gate, but they didn’t and we went back home to 6NJ8-V satisfied, knowing the station was safe and secure now.

Back in the station Gabryella had left her ship, asked Scotty to check her shield transporters (which had never done so many cycles before) and soon after made her way to the bar to get her self a last drink. One of the guys was yelling that some of the enemy bombers had tried attacking the POS again, but had quickly found out they couldn’t when one of them died almost instantly. Others already started talking about an assault op at 0:00, but being tired and still in her night outfit the bed seemed to be a better option. Her new found friends would be better off with a fresh and active Gabryella the next morning and with a little smile on her face and comfort in mind, she finally closed her eyes and went asleep.

Thanks everyone for another wonderful evening and I hope to see you guys on future ops again!


***  Jan 23  ***

Wednesday, January 23, 2013 20:20 Eve Time
Muninns > Scimis > Huginn/Lach > Dictors > Rest
Zealots > Oneiros/Guardians > Dictors > Rest
Have another SMA tower coming out of reinforce. Need MAX Participation. Expect a fun fight like last time.

For some reason I am very lucky and haven’t lost a single Scimitar with Gabryella yet during a large fleet op. On one of the ops that went horribly wrong, I wanted to join up, but fell asleep behind the pc missing it entirely. Lucky me, but some of my corpmates have already lost 3 or 4 of their T2 ships, reminding me that some fights can go really bad really fast. So I ensured my ship just in case and checked if Gabryella her clone was still up to date. It was, so lets go.

The FC told us to undock and to warp to the www, but as I warped in there, I ended up at 80km from the pos! I had this bug previously when with Damned Nation at a Titan from Brosefs Alliance, where I also warped in at 10 and ended up at 80km and missed the jump entirely. Very weird, most certainly something CCP should look into, but probably won’t. So I activated my microwarpdrive to get into range and as I go 2200 m/s I accidentally bumped the titan which slowly moves away. At least I thought, because the FC wasn’t pissed about it when I mentioned it on Team speak. Nice start Gaby, keep on drinking that whiskey baby!

The portal went up and the Scimitar went BLAAARG again, straight into PKG4-7. Our mission was clear: kill a tower and replace it with our own. Once in system we all aligned towards our target and on my overview I picked up a large fleet with Guardians and Oneirosses sitting at their tower watching our fleet at about 200km. ‘Oh dear, they have Carriers too’ I thought. But we were in a 60 man Muninn gang with 9 Scimitars, 2 Huginns, 3 Lachesisses and several other tacklers, so we had quite some firepower, tackle and repairs ourselves.

It was the last time I saw them, because as the FC told me to align down and the fleet warped towards the tower, I switched to my friendly overview and started locking up the first targets broadcasting for repairs. Unfortunately I was 70km away and heavily sensor dampened by two enemy Celestisses, so I couldn’t lock them up. But following our anchor I started to get in range and the Celestisses were probably spreading their dampeners now, because even when dampened my repairers landed on several Muninns and even on Touch Fluffy Tail, one of our interdictor pilots, who was taking heavy damage.

I had no idea how the fight was going. Targets were called, but I never paid attention to my surroundings. The only things I paid attention to was the range and speed of my anchor and the broadcasts. Another broadcast came in for armor and to my surprise it was a friendly Zealot I locked up. With full repairs on Deathwing, he was still going down and later on his Zealot appeared to be armor tanked, which is very ballsy in a shield fleet, but also very futile. After that Mornkotu  in her Lachesis was taking heavy damage and I quickly activated my repairers again. For awhile she took a lot of damage, but with 9 Scimitars on the field she hang in there and the enemies were forced to switch to other targets like another Muninn that apparently got too close to the enemy fire.

Targets were still being called and Muninns had to switch ammunition to focus fire on targets. Probably the enemy Guardians and Carriers were doing a nice job with repairing, but I was too busy repairing a fellow Scimitar … fellow Scimitar? Well that’s weird and the anchor told us to unanchor. I picked a direction away from the fleet and soon picked up the anchor again when he told us to reanchor. Apparently we had gotten to close to the enemy fleet with our logistics, but we had burned out of range and managed to repair and find each other again.

Repairs got less hard and the FC started asking for an Interdictor to bubble the POS. Unfortunately both Interdictor pilots had died, which meant we had to set up another gate. The Gate went up and new pilots jumped into system to bubble, but just a second too late as the enemy Carriers managed to get out, leaving us with the poor POS awaiting its unfortunate fate. T1 EM ammunition got loaded and fired away, when a lonely Manticore jumped in, but got killed quickly without even launching a bomb and after a few minutes a very pro Cruor jumped in to solo our entire fleet. Maybe no carrier kill for us, but if you had one of these you’d be a short way from buying one:

While people started searching the logs for kills and posted them on the killboard I realized we had won, but didn’t know how well. The poor defenseless tower went down and after replacing it by our own tower, we headed towards the second Caldari Tower, which got quickly reinforced. Job done, lets go home.

A Stabber Fleet Issue managed to get away just in time, but jumping into UQ9 we added another kill when we got told an Ishtar was about to jump into us. We burned back to the gate and gave him a warm welcome: + pod.

Unfortunately one of the Muninns popped the wreck so no loot for us, but a few jumps ahead we stumbled upon a couple of ships jumping trough, including a Loki which we didn’t catch. What we did catch were a Caracal and a Tornado, which popped really fast: + pod, + 40 mil pod

Two Vagabonds with a Cynabal were waiting for us at the Z0-TJW gate in VG-6CH, but we couldn’t catch them and our fleet was just too pro at warping away to leave any stranglers behind for them to catch. So back home in 6NJ8-V in the Logistics Support outpost almost everyone docked their Muninns, Lachesisses, Huginns, Scimitars and tacklers safely and Gaby saw nothing but happy faces when she made her way to the bar with her fellow Scimitar pilots. While enjoying another whiskey. the FC started to count the kills and losses. 700 million isk lost, but over a whooping 7 billion isk destroyed! Awesome work from everyone that was there:


***  Jan 19  ***

I got invited by Sockey again today for a large OP and I didn’t feel like attending at all. I’d been on 2 OP’s already, my tummy ached, I was tired and Gaby was getting drunk at the bar in the station hooking up with some neutral member which name I can’t remember, let alone her being wasted and all. Still, for some weird reason I decided to join. I was still writing a silly battle report, so I guess I was still in the mood for some play.

Sockey asked if I wanted to bring out the Scimitar which I did and our FC was very content with that, because a forth Scimitar would complement the fleet really good even though three Scimitars would have been enough to support the fleet. At least so we thought. More and more people started arriving at our POS and a holy f went straight trough my mind as I saw all those Tier 3 bc’s ready for action. In between also ready was a small group of support guys with Rose in a Sabre, Armand in his flycatcher, Kata in her Malediction, Gudius in his Taranis, Smokey in a Dramiel and chrss2129 my favorite cap buddy in a Daredevil. One of the guys dared arriving in a Caracal, but was quickly put in the corner with a fools hat on, unless he would bring out something that remotely looked like a battlecruiser and fortunately he did as the Titan pilot with the lion king Titan (eve hell, for those that haven’t seen it yet) prepared for a  jump into Razor space.

BLAAARG! my ship did again, I really love that sound, but poor Gabryella woke up and spilled all of what was left of her booze over the ships’ controls and during the whole OP I had trouble pressing the jump button which left me a bit behind from time to time.

At first we pounded on the door of the station in UQ9-3C and they opened up by undocking a few ships that quickly docked back up seeing all of our massive fire power. Not stupid they tried preparing for a counter fleet, but we didn’t want to allow them having the pleasure of getting the right ship types and annihilating us, so we moved on and stopped at the 9IPC-E gate for a bunch of T1 frigates. Right after Kata lost her Malediction at the station trying to solo two Atrons, the frigates jump in and I tried setting up, which meant:
– Activating the hardeners and eccm
– Orbiting the anchor, for me Sockey
– Locking up the other Scimitars and the Interdictors if needed
– Keeping an eye out for the broadcasts and the guys on the watch list
– Listening to the FC and the anchor
– Deploying drones if needed

 I failed all of it. I had my hardeners off while orbiting the gate and while I was doing this I was petting and talking to one of my cats, which had decided to make a bed of my lap. This also meant I hadn’t listened to a darn thing that was said, let alone payed attention to anything on my screen and locking it up to activate my repairers. As the frigates popped: I woke up and realized that I wasn’t here to fall asleep and have Gaby the most horrible op of her live by dying in a blazing inferno, but to repair things as quickly as possible.

So I sat up straight, took the cat of my lap and started hoping for some action. One jump, Two jump, Three jump, hey kitty! She had jumped back up and I was already thinking about finishing my previous report again, when there was finally some action to be had! In LXWN-W Rose managed to tackle a Thorax at the gate while we were waiting on the other side. But Rose got engaged and the Scimitars had to jump into system quickly and safe her, which we did, except for me, because silly me locked a Naga instead. At least I had activated my hardeners this time: + pod.

I awakened slowly, things were happening now. Not only did we try knocking on some station doors, we also tried catching miners that were maybe afk mining in belts or warping back to their station when they spotted us in system. To no avail though, we never managed to catch them. Who did get caught was our FC. While we were making best speed trough Razor Space a dire rat got him and he had no where to go for a short moment. When he ordered us to come back we had to think it over for a moment, but soon after we freed him from the Guristas gate camp, the most threatening one we had seen so far.

Patsakos, who wanted to join us and had been after us in his Malediction, was being chased by what had to be the most bored cloaky Proteus pilot in eve ever, trying to catch an Interceptor for over more then 20 jumps. Unfortunately for us the Proteus had given up before we could try and set things up, but Patsakos had managed to join us which was awesome: + pod.

We moved on, on our long route to JI-1UQ, and in 8-4GQM the tacklers got lucky. While we were jumping and warping to gates again Smokey reported that he had a point on a cloaky Tengu and that we should warp to him as soon as possible. As I arrived on the gate I saw a couple of tacklers busy with the Tengu while he is trying to reproach the gate. My pvp mind kicked in and the first thing I wanted to do as I landed was to bump him from the gate, but the FC orders the Scimitars to stay out of this fight and have the battlecruisers bump him instead. Bubbles went up and the Tengu, now webbed and bumped enough, could never reach the gate in time. He went boom and an excellent kill that surprised us all got added to our killboard: + 20 mil pod. Well done gang!

A few jumps ahead our tacklers appeared to be in danger when an enemy Eris got tackled at range on the gate and one of the tacklers asked for repairs while everyone already warped to 0. Being late as usual (damn you Gaby!) I warped directly to the tacklers with full confidence of being able to safe someone this time and show that I am a good logistics pilot after all. Too bad, false alarm, poor me and poor him: + pod.

The FC, who was also tired and hungry (guess I’m not the only one, read previous battle report) decided to take us to B3QP-K. The map showed that a lot of ship murders had taken place and on the EOY-BG, two jumps from B3QP-K, we waited for reports from our scouts who told us that there were first 51 members in system and now suddenly only a few. Yes, we had been looking for this throughout the north, finally, a fleet to fight!

We jumped into EOY-BG and asking the fleet if we were going to take them on, our FC warped us to the B3QP-K gate. We all nodded of course, ready to fight and die a glorious death, even scary cat Gaby this time. Our scouts reported tier 3 battlecruisers coming back towards us and for a moment we thought that this would be a battlecruiser fight with loads of dps. A Tornado jumped in and now knowing I should be on full alert I did everything right for once. Except for the drones which I did deploy, but never used. The Tornado got killed easily, but the majority of enemy gang was still to come:

At first we thought the enemy fleet would be jumping out and satisfied with a kill we went into the system and held at the gate for a bit. Then something went wrong. We were set up at the EOY-BG gate and with the enemy fleet turning around the FC had ordered everyone to be at 0 at the gate so we could jump trough including the logistics and catch them on the other side. But the enemy fleet, which were 50 angry Trashers and some weird support, decided to engage us directly at the gate and guns started blazing.

Again silence at first, but then Alex, one of my fellow Scimitar pilots, was taking damage and soon one of the Taloses also started broadcasting for repairs. Quickly I locked him up and put my three repairers on him and as I overheated two, I also overheated the microwarpdrive to get back to my anchor Sockey who had burned away, but was way further away from the gate than me at the start of the fight.

Suddenly I saw Armand our flycatcher pilot taking heavy damage, but with the Talos maintaining with 10% shields and under heavy fire I had to make a choice. I decided to switch off two repairers and put them on the flycatcher, but to no avail as he went down anyway. In the meanwhile I had been so busy repairing that I forgot about heat damage and fortunately I managed to shut off the microwarpdrive at 98% heat damage.

At least I was close to my anchor Sockey now, well almost. While repairing one of our Tornado’s and the Naga, who was also taking damage, I suddenly saw my own shields drop and immediately broadcasted for repairs myself. After that it wasn’t that hard to repair anymore. Over half of the enemy fleet were on me and I deactivated the microwarpdrive to reduce incoming damage. So now and then I would still pulse the module when the shields were up to try and get closer to Sockey again, causing me to get more damage. But I made it throughout the fight while repairing Alex who was also still taking damage.

One by one the Thrashers had to give in to the massive dps of our battlecruiser fleet and now knowing they couldn’t break our four Scimitars keeping up their repairs they warped off. We all called good fights in local, when suddenly a Abaddon with smartbombs and more angry Thrashers decided to warp back to the gate to jump out and accidentally got caught inside on of our Interdictor bubbles. Part two was on, but the fight was already over. The Abaddon died really quick and so did the Thrashers. One of the Thrasher pilots even ejected, probably in a last attempt to try and safe his pod or hoping that it wouldn’t show up on the killmail. Unfortunately for him it did and so did a whole lot of his friends:

Again good fights were called in local and we left the loot on the battlefield for Razor because they brought us such an awesome fight. And indeed awesome it was. I have rarely been this exited during a fight before and it was lots of fun. I’m also glad we brought four Scimitars, because the Talos being repaired out of structure would have died if we had brought three instead. A big thanks for everyone, especially the FC and the tacklers that did all the hard work (or had the most fun) I am going to tug Gaby in, she deserves a well night sleep, and I hope to see you guys in future battles like this, they are awesome, yarr!

***  Jan 19  ***

OP 1 Shield Enyos

This afternoon I decided to hop on to eve to check a few skills on Stacey and some contracts for fun only to go offline again when bored. But most of the time those are the pretty days where I get invited into some crazy fleet by Ezeria or Sockey for a roam and asked to hop onto TS to chat about with my Nyanbros. Today was no other day. I hopped on and immediately a fleet invite was send to Stacey with the question if I was available and able to bring a couple of Scimitars for a shield Enyo OP. Fortunately for me Goronwy and Sockey decided to fly a Scimitar too, so Stacey could take a day off and I joined with just Gabryella again.

X-s went up in fleet as soon as our old CEO got online and when people posted their ship types it wasn’t too shabby. We had a nice fleet. Just like the one Ezeria had in mind the day I had to move 10 shield fitted Enyo’s and sell them to my corpmates. Our hero tackler Mal (the only Nyan capable of turning a shitty op into a successful one by dying) had upgraded from a Condor to something more capable of popping, a Flycatcher! The others had one of my shield Enyo’s for maximum dps and we even had Chevron in an Ares for extra tackle just in case someone got tempted to shoot Mal when bored. Also two links and Amos in a Helios were there to help us find juicy targets too.

4NGK-F was our first destination and on the way we met Alucard Strata in his Stabber who was of course invited with open kitty paws. The first part of the op was hilarious but without kills. So we needed Saryrn too and went to see the home space of Gentlemens Agreement. Such pretty space they have and we wanted to clean it from nasty ships flying around, so we teased one of their drakes and destroyers with our fleet. But even though they had a Scorpion, Raven, Stabber Fleet Issue and some other small stuff docked with another 25 friends, they wouldn’t engage our mean little Enyo fleet. We made our way trough an extensive amount of empty systems on our way to PX5-LR, and to kill our boredom we decided to post pictures in the fleet chat of our best exotic gingers ever looted:
And Bnizzle, who had to mess things up by trolling again and was put into the back of our fleet until ordered otherwise:

Finaly in WBR5-R we spotted a Pure Madness Omen belt ratting a bit and Chevron decided to go in and tackle the guy. Our entire fleet warped in after him and being sleepy I warped in a bit late, but managed to land my repairers on him, which weren’t needed because Sockey and Goro were already doing their job. In the meanwhile the other guys just raped the poor Omen and Mal messed up again by not bubbling the pod: In local the guy told us he could have killed Chevron, but was repairing his mods. That was just pure madness of course.

We moved on to PX5-LR and 4NGK-F all the way back up to 2E-ZR5 while managing to avoid a large legion xXDEATHXx gang. One of their interceptors jumped in and stayed with us at the gate, but we quickly jumped trough. And while aligning to the sun with our microwarpdrives on, Mal unleashed a few bubbles behind us, so if the enemies would warp to the gate they would at least be stopped for a bit. 50 guys in Naga’s and Basilisks quickly gave up while we were at a deep save and as we arrived in 2E-ZR5 we met Aphosis in his Retribution and killed him. We did it very pro by not warping to the bubble (left by Riddick I who ran like a pussy with his Sabre) directly, but straight to the gate 200km below and warping and burning like little kittens climbing a curtain to one of our mates who managed to get trapped too. Mal also did something epically weird and managed to bubble the pod for us as it warped off: + 90 mil pod.

On our way back home we ate a few Rookieships with their Pods alive, but we weren’t satisfied yet. Hungry for more we went up to Razor space. But even they were scared and a small fleet which had Cynabal, Wolf and some other stuffs ran as fast as they could. Fortunately Jim informed us that a small Fidelas Constans cruiser fleet was camping in BV-1JG on the 9-266Q gate and Smelly PirateSaint decided to join in on the fun with his Wolf. Perfect, maybe we could finally have a good fight with our little Enyo gang this time. They had a proper mixed cruiser fleet with a nasty looking Celestis and even a Scythe as backup, but unfortunately they spotted us, and the eight of them ran even faster than the Razor guys did. I told Ezeria: “People are afraid of us, we are just too pro!”

All agreed and we stayed around being pro in 9-266Q for a bit, which is a superb spot for bombers to run trough it seemed. We had a Hound jumping trough and a few minutes later again. It was excellent exercise for Mal, who got my drones as backup assigned to try and decloak the little buggers. Yes! Finally success as the third Hound that jumped in got decloaked and massacred: 0 isk pod.

OP 2 Mixed fleet

Docked up in our home station FCON decided to bring a 30 man fleet to try and lure our little Enyo fleet out, but against 30 prepared guys we would just be poptart for grabs in the end. So we relaxed for a bit and it was getting late. Some people left the fleet while others joined. But it wouldn’t take long before we had to go out again, because a Bora Rupture and Arbitrator were being spotted in H-PA camping out with a mobile bubble. Ezeria gave the order to get out there in anything we wanted as long as it wasn’t expensive and I went trough my inventory, but could only find crappy T2 stuffs. Eventually, never flown one before, I decided to grab a Rapier and moved out as quickly as possible.

We ended up raping the poor Arbitrator, as the Rupture and a sneaky Caldari Navy Hookbill escaped: Unfortunately without logistics we also lost Patsakos in his Taranis and we found out the hard way that Arbitrators can be nasty frigate killers:

Next we hang out a bit with our crap fleet and more and more people joined in on our little fail OP against the Bora guys, making it nice and cozy in H-PA29. A Drake got reported closeby including a Stiletto which jumped into system. Points were called and I witnessed the power of a Rapier as I activated the webifiers:

A snoopy Bora Dominix took a peek outside station, but didn’t do much and we declared ourselves king of the hill when a Hurricane jumped into us and was quickly killed by our, not so little anymore, failfleet: + 140 mil pod.

We felt so comfortable that we even decided to engage a Bora Hurricane that landed on the 9-266Q gate while we were camping, knowing it was probably a trap. As true Nyan pirates we hoped they would kill us we all went Yeeey! as a Tornado and Drake joined coming from 9-266Q and engaged us. Besides me. I wasn’t happy, I got a bit scared instead. While the fleet was fighting right next to me I started orbiting the gate and opened the D-scan. And for good reason, because a Brutix, a second Drake, a Megathron and 2 Oneiroses arrived on grid to help out their dying Hurricane. Not being able to break trough the Oneirosses repairers Ezeria called the retreat and I jumped trough the gate. Sadly one of our Thoraxes died:, but we did get an enemy Tornado: . Unfortunately not thanks to me (I should really buy some cheap cruisers for myself) but nice work guys!

The Bora fleet warped away while I sat at a safe in 9-266Q, but while I did, Ezeria decided to engage again. Quickly I warped back to the gate to help out and as I jumped in as soon as I could I could just see the Bora fleet popping my buddies one by one. Unlike me they were in cheap ships I thought to myself, while I cloaked up being a scary cat again.

The fleet talked about a hot drop afterwards to get even, but I was hungry and dinner was served, so I went back home. As I jumped into 6NJ8-V an angry looking Sleipnir faced me and decided to jump out. I went after him as I reported him on chat, but in the confusion I forgot to cloak up and not only he, but 4 enemy battlecruisers locked me down and started firing away. In a split second I reacted by overheating my microwarpdrive, burning away while aligning to a celestial and warping to it. I shouldn’t have, because right at that time my fleet mates jumped into system and engaged the battlecruisers which quickly burned off, simply because there was no Gaby around to webify them. The fleet decided to chase them down, but like me Gabryella was hungry and tired, so I decided to give her some rest at the Guristas bar in the logistic support base. Maybe a sauna would do her good.

Overall it was a super fun afternoon on which Mal didn’t die unfortunately. But even so, our OPs were a success. We did what we had to do, which was to put nyan in local and wave kitty paws to our neighbors while having loads of fun doing so with our Retirement Club bros. Later on I was invited into a T1 cruiser fleet for a roam, but with only having crappy T2 fitted T2 or faction ships in station and with Gaby having too much fun in the sauna, I couldn’t attend to such an awesome fleet. I wish I could though, because then I would have proven myself not being a scary cat, by dying gloriously in battle like the rest of the fleet did.