Battle report 12: It’s a trap!

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Battle Reports

***  Jan 25  ***

Boom! Gabryella sat up straight in an hospital bed. Little flashing lights from equipment burned her eyes while the bleeping sounds that came with them troubled her head. She wanted to scream but couldn’t and closed her eyes again. The bleeping lessened as a soft voice from one of the nurses told her to lay down again. Two other nurses giggled in the background and she could hear one saying that the capsuleers that had died for the first time are always funny to watch.

The OP didn’t start that great. The FC that called the fleet together had a hard time assembling all the logistics pilots, so after a few minutes I decided to check out the fleet and join up with Gaby in her Guardian. It was late, I was tired and I had a bad feeling about this, but my cap buddy chrss2129 was there too, so we were in for a great fight as always when he is around. When there were no recon pilots going to join us, we still undocked with a good 21 Zealots, 1 Stabber Fleet Issue, 1 Muninn, 4 Guardians, 2 Oneirosses, some probers and my Nyan buddy Zee Azzar in his Sabre. All ready for some action.

She had slept for almost 12 hours straight and was told by the nurses to go to her room. Back in her room she found a data pad showing that she had to meet doctor Allerande. Apparently she suffered from memory loss, but he would fill her in with everything that had happened. A short 15 minutes later she got a warm welcome and lay down on the couch answering some silly questions about how she felt and what kind of pictures the little blobs on the pieces of paper she got presented were supposed to be. The only thing she wanted to know was what had happened and the doctor started explaining.

The enemy fleet was bigger then ours when we arrived in EWN-2U and we were immediately greeted by a couple of frigates that decided to take a look. Zee bubbled them up and we raped them accordingly. I deployed my drones, but didn’t make it on any killmail, because ships were dying so fast that even the hotkey wasn’t sufficient. I loved the target calling by our FC: “Kill those frigates, come on guys, blap blap blap and pop pop pop.” A Raptor, two Rifters and two expensive Dramiels were turned into space dust and their pilots send home, a great start and I started to feel comfortable.

We all aligned towards planet VIII when our prober spotted our enemies, which had a lot of Maelstroms, 12 Scimitars and still loads of backup. We all warped in and the FC gave us our instructions. Hardeners and afterburners on, orbit the anchor and logistics clean your broadcast history, which I did. And everyone pay attention, which I did too. I didn’t have to though. Zee caught some of the enemies, but most got away because they were aligned and had warped away as our little Interdictor appeared on grid. We were thinning out our rivals slowly but steadily: and

Creating a cyno at our pos, Cyno003 got killed by several frigates, which got jumped onto almost instantly by us. It wasn’t much, but a Tristan, Rifter, Wolf, Harpy and an Excutioner had to pay the price for their foolish decision. Proud of ourselves we waited at our POS. The Space Monkeys still had more people than we did, but around a dozen were in pods now and the other ones were in Maelstroms which would have a lot of trouble hitting our little HAC gang.

Our enemies waited at their POS and being clever we had left PKG4-7 unguarded so they would hopefully try and get out to go home. Sneakily we had send in our Interdictor to cloak up at the gate and one of our cloakies was standing watch on the other side just in case they would send in reinforcements.

The doctor asked Gabryella if she was ok when she pressed her hand palm on her head as flashbacks made their way trough her mind like razorblades. She nodded and ordered him to continue with a simple hand gesture.

All waited at the station at range from the tower for a warp in and for a moment we thought we could when the FC told us to allign. But Gotmilf had accidently pressed warp to instead of align and warped to the gate instead. Now the Space Monkeys knew we would be going for them, although I had the feeling they already did when Zee reported that an enemy Celestis had seen him warping to the PKG4-7 gate. “Lets wait a few more minutes and don’t fucking move your ships until I say so!”, the FC ordered and I didn’t dare moving, while adding xXThe EntityXx to my watch list.

She started to remember the fight and Gaby had sat up straight and asked the doctor to let her go. A Nyan Assault Frigate op would be going out soon on which she was demanded with her Scimitar. Unfortunately the doctor knew that these were just pieces of the whole story and that she was still recovering from her memory loss. There was a no flying prohibition for 24 hours for capsuleers that suffered from these conditions, so his answer was no and he continued about the OP.

Suddenly the Space Monkeys decided to give it a go and the FC ordered Zee to bubble up. The bubble went up and the entire enemy fleet got caught near the gate while we jumped right on top of them. Primaries were the frigates, which got popped pretty quick, but unfortunately for us logistics the Zealots also got killed now. They had so much alpha fire on them that even if we managed to lock our friends up and activate the armor repairers, the healing power would not make it. Simply because by the time the cycle was over and the repairs applied the much needed hp, the ship was gone already. One by one the Zealots got killed, but we were killing a lot in return too. I managed to put my drones on an enemy Interdictor and finally my repairers got a grip on a few zealots and a fellow Oneiros pilot who was taking heavy damage too.

A cyno went up and we had to break our anchor and align towards the sun. Slowly I aligned too, but I was webbed and tackled, so I didn’t go anywhere. I checked the screen and had placed my repairers on my other logistics pilots, while my drones were eating away at an enemy Crow. Broadcasts were coming in like spam mail now and I panicked and decided to check my watch list instead and lock them all up. Switching my repairers one by one I managed to keep an Oneiros and other Guardian alive, but my tank was going down fast as all of the enemies were now focused on Gaby in her little Guardian going nowhere. I try to warp out, but the heavy interdictor had me caught tightly and as my ship exploded I heared the FC say he messed up. Trying to warp my pod didn’t work with the Devoter on top of me, so I decided to watch the field and self destruct just in case they would demand ransom or wanted to play around with Gaby for fun. It was a massacre and there were wrecks, pods and bodies all over the place. This was one of those fights my corpmates had warned me about, one of those that went bad really fast. And the thought that The SpaceMonkey Alliance were nothing but a bunch of pussies for calling in a 50 man Strategic Cruiser Razor gang went trough my mind as Gaby her pod got jammed by a blackbird.

When the FC apologized he had no reason to. It was a choice we had, to fight them or to jump trough the gate and take our kills home with us. We had chosen to fight and so we did, like lions throughout the end. Thanks for the op guys!

Gabryella was dizzy, got some pills and was ordered to take some rest. After leaving the doctors office, she went back to her room without even saying hello to her friends at the bar. She felt like having a whiskey though and poured an old one in while hopping on the bed looking at a the data pad saying ‘new messages received’ again. It was Alex who had told her she was brave and had send her a new Guardian and Stacey, her best friend, who had asked her how it felt to be a virgin again.


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