Battle Report 2: Hotdrop O’clock!

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Battle Reports

***  Oct 21  ***

After a successful roam on which we managed to kill a Vagabond and a Damned Nation Scorpion (check out it’s awesome fit: I was ordered to grab something juicy with a cyno in NM-OEA. Ah yes, NM, a place where my friends from Eternal Syndicate left me nice presents this morning in the shape of a Raven being afk at 0 at the sun, some lone fighters in space, 2 reinforced Poco’s and 6 large bubbles on the NM gate which me and Brockmist popped.

As soon as I entered system I spotted Frank and Jordan, the last an old corpmate who still owes me an Orca and a Noctis. 4 Eternal Syndicate guys were also docked at station 4 and to my surprise they all undocked when Jordan did too. They must hate him more then they hate me I thought and refitted the Drake to undocked as well. There was a Dominix outside, locking me up but not engaging and 2 enemy drakes too.

At first Ezeria wanted them to attack me so I could drop the cyno. I found this strange, because how are we going to kill a few bcs with dreads? I would die horribly and they would probably dock up after they took care of my poor stationary drake. “No Stacey, we are in Tempests”, my fc reminded me. I wondered, are you guys in 33 waiting for me to engage and then jump into NM hoping they undock the carrier so we can hotdrop that? “No Stacey, we are in 4C.” Wtf, that is 6 jumps out, you won’t make that. And suddenly it hit me, Titan!

I refitted the Drake with 2 points just in case and a web to keep one firmly down and loaded up with ozone which I forgot. I undocked again. As Jordan docked so did the Dominix and he came out in a Myrmidon now. On fc’s orders I pointed him and he engaged me, but for a moment I thought the others were going to dock up to grab something big, so I disengaged and both Drakes decided to join in because Stacey was deagressing right?

No, quickly I pointed and webbed the Myrmidon and my second warpscrambler was for one of the other Drakes. Cyno up! Local spiked and 4 angry Nyancat Pirates in Tempests with knives between their teeth jumped in with another Nyan who flew a Drake and had a parrot on his shoulder. Unfortunately one of the enemy Drakes managed to warp away and I wished I had fitted a third scrambler at that point. But my mind was too occupied with the shields of the cyno Drake being at 10% and dropping fast. I quickly undocked Gaby who activated the Scimitars remote shield repairers.

The Tempests raged, the Drake got ripped apart and I didn’t die. Good work, our first real ambush I heard our fc say and I thought, yes, bait Stacey (I’ve been it a lot in the past) did it again!!

The fleet left and as soon as they were in JKJ Eternal Syndicate undocked again. Fortunately Frank and Cool got alive and were very curious about the wrecks outside and laughed real hard as I told them what had happened. They undocked, but as soon as I undocked the Eternal Syndicate guys would dock back up. I wonder why that would be. After awhile Frank told me that he is engaged by a Zealot with the remote repping Dominix and a Nidhoggur outside. He asked me to undock the Falcon and I set up position and started my magic.

Realizing that the carrier was no good with the Falcon around or out of fear for another hotdrop they grabbed a Guardian, a Blackbird, the remote rep Dominix and some other small annoying stuff. My friends undocked in frigates and an enemy Retribution, either ballsy or plain stupid, decided to shoot them, but quickly found out about the danger of a proper Falcon pilot.

A great op and a sweet pvp night in NM which even had a little cherry on top.


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