Battle report 4: Scimi’s for the win?

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Battle Reports

 ***  Okt 27  ***

After a busy week I decided it was time to spend some quality time with my fellow pirates again instead of hunting Damned Nation guys in highsec. The DN members were either in 0.0 a lot now and those that didn’t had become smart and had left the alliance.

Instead of being the tackler in my Flycatcher, I decided to try my Scimitars on both my accounts:

I knew how to use logistics, how to set up the overview, how to maintain a watch list and keep an eye on the broadcast window, all because I ran incursions in my Guardian a lot. But I didn’t know how to fly them during combat and discovered, it is not that hard at all.

Just make sure you have:
– Logistics V, Energy skills to at least IV and Multitasking III
– A logistic ship or even better: a few
– A Friends tab only on your overview
– The logistics, then the tacklers/weaker ships, then dps and last the hero Caracal on your watch list (right click people in fleet and add to watch list)
– A dual screen when dual boxing (I did not have one during a few fights, which meant a lot of switching)
– A mug of coffee or something else with caffeine (or ADHD)

[OKT 27TH]  Jumping Titan

My first ever Titan bridge gave me bad memories of a large fight between DN and Ronin in D5, in which DN had hired the Brosef alliance and their titan. Because of a bad cyno that got insta-popped the entire fleet was forced to dock up. With the new cyno up everyone undocked and warped back to the titan, but for some weird reason CCP decided to put my falcon at 50km from the rest of the fleet and I missed the entire jump and the best part of the battle. But … today it went okay. Sockey reported that guys from the Interstellar Confederation were engaging his cyno Drake in VSIG-K while we were waiting near the Titan with 5 Tempests, 2 Lachesis, a Falcon, our hero Caracal and of course my 2 Scimitars.

When an enemy Tempest decided to join the fun Sockey lighted the cyno and everybody right clicked the Titan and selected jump. Not having two screens was hard managing the Scimitars, but I managed to put my shield transporters on the cyno Drake, which was taking heavy damage from a Cane, Tornado and Tempest, right on time. Again with knives between their teeth the Nyan Pirates made short work of the few BCs. Unfortunately the enemies managed to save the Tempest with their Thanatos and 2 Oneirosses, but Sockey’s cyno Drake managed to survive the onslaught at 60% structure because I overheated a few repairers on Stacey’s Scimitar. Well done and two nice kills:

Of course not being stupid the enemies decided to form up and Alexander and IC both went after us with an armor fleet that had a total of 8 Guardians and a few Scorpions as support. We ran as fast as we could back to 4C and even managed to snatch a Sabre that had hoped to slow down a kiting fleet.

Bottles of rum in one hand we went through our booty with the other. More of our friends gathered at the station in 4C, while the large armor fleet left. We decided to form up a new fleet for a roam consisting of short range dps BCs and my two Scimitars, but we didn’t have to go far. A small fleet was reported coming from BF and moved to FX where they decided to camp the 4C gate.
We decided to give them what they wanted and QuinEll jumped in and the enemy fleet, who was probably looking for a fair fight all day, decided to open fire. Unfortunately for them the fight got a bit one sided. Our fleet dove in and primaries were called, points were spread and Quin was getting repaired by both my Scimitars which I had put on the gate with a single MWD cycle and were hovering around slowly. Some of the enemies got away, others decided they should engage my Scimitars hoping for an expensive kill while tackled. It didn’t work. Even with Gaby being neuted and shot and Stacey taking damage too I was still able to get some shield repair cycles through while the enemies died one by one.

Sockey in the Tornado was the last one to be called primary, but he got repaired quickly. As the fight was over, we even managed to kill the Arbitrator from BlackLis who had warped away to watch the fight.

Good fights were called in local and we took the loot. In 4C again we opened another bottle of rum while singing pirate songs and splitting the goodies. It was a great evening. Lyam got drunk, tripped over his own socks, landed in his pod and got blasted out into space. We found him the next day during salvaging.

[OKT 28TH] Stationary Targets

Shooting stations isn’t my cup of tea. Both Gaby and Stacey can’t fly Tornado’s (I’m too lazy to train up for large guns) and stations don’t shoot back, so no repair or tackle is needed. We still had a nice fleet setup though and the FC was like:”Ok Stacey, bring your Scimitars, who knows we’ll get hotdropped.”

Our fleet consisted of 6 Tornado’s, Mal in our hero Caracal and my two Scimitars that enjoyed the long trip to A2V, to shoot some stationary targets (cough).

As we joined Rote coms, who were going to jump into A2V to join us for the fun, we decided to shoot the first small tower. Being on alert for a hotdrop we almost killed the tower ourselves. After a miscalculation on Rote part they decided to jump in a few systems from A2V, but hopped into system nevertheless and were just in time to whore on the tower kill.

A Tengu and fail fit Sleipnir were confiscated, while the other hulls were destroyed, but remembered in the shape of nice killmails for our killboard. We moved to the medium tower that had moon harvesting arrays and still some guns active for some weird reason. The fleet worried for a bit, but our FC remembered Rote that we had 2 Scimitars in fleet capable of repairing people up, so no problems. With a large Phoenix shooting torpedo’s the size of my ship, the tower went down quickly. And what I thought to be boring wasn’t, because people broadcasted for repairs from the guns cycling trough our fleet during the whole event.

Overall it was an awesome weekend and I hope this report shows how important of a few logistic ships in fleet can be. Unfortunately Ezeria beat me in points on the killboard now (who knew Scimis could be deadly?). But as a logistic pilot you are not in fleet for being on killmails, you are there to repair your fellow crew. The job may be a bit unrewarding, but I hope my friends will love me for it instead by enjoying all that precious booty. Yarr!


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