Battle Report 5: Easy Iskies

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Battle Reports

***  Nov 25  ***

As some of you may or may not know, I am currently no longer part of the Nyan Cat Pirates corporation. At least, not with Stacey anymore. After the war with Dec Shield (A horrible one, the guys would only log or stay docked all day or finally undock something only for me to find out they had 4 alts in logistic ships) I decided to join one of our alt corporations for the guys and gals with the big ships: Foolish Intentions. This all because I wanted to use the 8 billion isk Amarr Jumpfreighter looking at me with puppy eyes in station begging me to ship things out to and from 4C. Unfortunately for my victims in 0.0 I didn’t feel quite ready to move stuffs around just yet. My fingers were itchy and my mind was hungry for some fresh player wrecks, so I petted the freighter and left her in station. Instead of highsec wars, lets hunt in 0.0 again!

Op 1

Sometimes you have to be lucky to get into fights right away and yesterday was one of those days. I logged on and my friend from Psycho, Rebirth84 said something about 3 Goon Tengus and a Naga running plexes in JKJ in chat. Yes! How sweet would it be if we could turn these expensive ships into wrecks and together with Carrius we moved to J9 right away.

After bumping the JKJ gate there, Rebirth finally told us to jump to him inside the plex. But as we warped towards the plex our targets jumped out instead and waited at a safe. I knew how it felt when people took your plexes (Monkeydrummer) so I felt happy we had taken theirs. Cool4nd logged on and joined us in his Cynabal, which turned our gang into a small but deadly shield fleet which already had 3 Drakes and a Scimitar. The goons decided to run and a wild hunt started which ended all the way up to L3-XYO, where Cool managed to point the Naga after catching up with them. The Tengu pilots who shat their pants turned into panic mode and warped off leaving their buddy at the gate for us:

I was surprised by the X-type repairer in between the loot and wondered why one of their Tengus didn’t move it instead. At least one was a cloaky Tengu. Guess we were just really lucky and I moved to loot back to 4C, while the Goons logged off for a bit in L3. Cool had a log on trap set for one of the tengus that had warped to a safe, but when they logged back on we failed to probe him out in time and they started running again towards Goon territory. After 10 jumps or so we got so close that we almost tackled one of the Tengus. But they made it home and hid inside one of their posses. Hoping they would bring something else we waited, but they didn’t. It was very unfortunate that Carrius didn’t get on the Naga kill, but I think he was happy with his quick iskies which he can spend on a couple of new drakes, yarr!. While docked and smiling at my own wallet Cool4nd spotted a Rattlesnake ratting in 33FN, but dinner was served so I wished the boys good luck and happy hunting.

Op 2

 It being a terribly boring Sunday evening I decided to log on again and Sockey told me he had a new legion booster and he wanted to make an armor fleet to try her out a bit. I decided to pick up my Guardians (because I don’t have any other armor ships in outer ring) from NM and moved to JKJ to meet up with the fleet, which was a very nice fleet. We had 4 Dps: 2 battlecruisers, a Loki and a Deimos. We had 4 support: 3 Guardians and a Falcon. And the only thing I missed was Mal our hero tackler, but I guess that’s why we also had 4 tacklers with us: a Sabre, a Jaguar and 2 Interceptors.

We moved towards fountain and our op started well with a Test Alliance Rapier jumping straight into our fleet. Our bubble went up and for some weird reason even I could lock him up with the Guardians. I heard 4 or 5 Nyan Cats yelling point and deployed my drones: + pod.

After snatching the pod and discussing with each other why the Rapier hadn’t cloaked up, Cool4nd informed us that there was a small shield fleet a few jumps away from us consisting of a Cynabal, Drake, Hurricane and a Daredevil. Nothing we couldn’t take and so we went for it. Unfortunately Cool messed up by getting in too close to the Daredevil and he lost his Ares while we were 2 jumps out: Eventually we jumped into system and Sockey tried baiting the enemy fleet with his Loki and managed to tackle the Cynabal. But as we jumped into system to help him out an enemy Falcon uncloaked, jammed Sockey and they all warped away knowing they couldn’t beat our, and I just have to say it again, very nice fleet.

The Rapier kill was a good kill and we went home happy while even killing some small stuffs on the way: + pod. But in JKJ I got curious. Curious about the Eternal Syndicate guys in NM-OEA for some reason and I asked Sockey if we could take a look. We jumped into 33FN and while I asked Rebirth to cause some attention to the guys in NM station, Goronwy spotted the Rattlesnake Cool had told me about this morning just happily killing off those poor Serpentis in MT-2VJ. I told Rebirth we were hunting a Rattlesnake now and that he should stay quiet and join us.

The Rattlesnake, spotting Goronwy too, cloaked up and we left him alone for awhile, which marked the start of a long waiting game. Several fleet members left to get some sleep or do other things that were equally important. Suddenly I heard a fleet member say “He’s in RTXO now” and we locked down both sides of the system by splitting up the fleet.

Silently we waited again ready to strike. But not for long, because I heard people yelling: “Here he comes” and “that’s him!”. Next thing I knew I saw an orange guy in local popping up and holding cloak (my favorite pvp moment, it is like unwrapping a present, it makes me go goodies inside). Goronwy had bubbled up the gate and the enemy Pirate faction battleship uncloaked. Points were called and we bumped him away from the gate and like the pro’s we are, we even stopped our dps a bit to make sure that the other fleet members who were waiting at the other gate could join up and get on this extremely juicy killmail:

Hugs and Kisses being in our station in 4C in a new body made this kill even sweeter: We all waved in local when we arrived and he waved back telling us that we did well catching him. I wonder what he meant by that, because we didn’t do well, we scared the hell out of him he wrote in 33 local himself and we did awesome!! I seriously hope someone recorded this kill.

We celebrated that night with lots of rum and exotic dancers and fought over the loot. Eventually Sockey managed to separate us while Alex had sneakily hidden the loot in a small cargo container standing in the hallway. What he didn’t know was that the container was used for target practice by new ore miner pilots trying to learn how to manage attack drones. When he wanted to grab the loot the next morning, the box was already gone, oops!


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