Battle Report 6: T1 Cruisers

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Battle Reports

***  Jan 5  ***

OP 1 Geronimo!

Where to start? I hadn’t been on at all for a couple of weeks and I was hungry, hungry for enemy ship wrecks and decided to hop on eve. Frank is online and tells me he is on his way to D5 because there are ships in space. I decide to undock the Anathema to check out D5 while he is on his way and I spot a Russian drake, Stabber Fleet Issue and a Vengeance ratting around in the system. As Frank jumps into system Cool tells me to grab something with guns and I inform Goronwy that he should head over to FX.

Me and Goro wait at the FX gate with the Harpy and Vagabond while Cool tells me to jump in. Goro follows as I link the belt in chat, but the drake aligns out and warps away just in time. With Cool4nd being angry about us not catching the Drake and Goro jumping in system too soon because of me, I went back to FX gate a bit pissed. We didn’t have voice up for half the fleet, which we should have and the whole event made me want to shoot something even more. But, I spot the Vengeance on the station alone now and decide to take my chances. With cutlass in one hand and pistol in the other I engage and the Vengeance scrams me down and a Jaguar undocks and webs me. No problem, the Vengeance is dying really fast and I’m still at 50% shields with boosters to boot, I might even kill both!

Unfortunately for me, after watching me holding up but killing the Vengeance, they undock an Osprey which starts remote repairing right away. I overheat the ASB and tell Goro and Carrius, who also joined fleet, to jump in and safe me. Too late as I ran out of charges and watch my ship go boom. But the Osprey and his 50 mil pod dies while I get my way back to 4C in my pod:

OP 2 Unexpected

I went on and away from eve and decided to watch some action movies. Hearing Stacey scream:”Oh my God, please stop! while spinning my ship around is fun, but after awhile it tends to get boring and being ill myself ship spinning just wasn’t a great idea. Eventually I hopped on again to check what space had to offer and I see that more Nyan pirates have gathered. Hungry for revenge (I just can’t have enough of it) I go to D5 to check things out and with a small Nyan fleet behind me I spot a small kiting fleet with a Scimitar jumping in and order Ezeria to get of the gate. Hoping for a one sided fight, the enemy fleet stays in FX. But being outnumbered against them we lay low. As the enemy fleet heads back to LG we go back to 4C, because the guys we were hunting all logged off, probably knowing I had support in FX, which I did.

After trying to catch some Tengu’s that came from a cloaky party, Cool, Reb and Sockey spot a small 4 man V.e.G.A frigate gang hopping into LG. I quickly grab the Harpy and warp to the gate with some others to try and snatch a few, but the fleet appears to be bigger then expected as 4 more are reported. When their scout in a crow jumped in I thought one of us would be tackled, but to our surprise he didn’t and even Gah’Matar manages to get away safely in his Tornado. Our enemies did this for a good reason, because together with the rest of the Assault ships and T1 frigates they were on the run for the same nasty fleet we encountered in D5.

We start making plans to attack and I prepare the Scimitars and Guardians. Cool wants to go armor and EZ has the bright idea of bringing T1 armor cruisers onto the field. They are cheap and fun, but setting up wasn’t easy and the large fleet, getting bored, jumps out and leaves. Which leaves us with the frigates of V.e.G.A of which some were sitting inside our station. As they undock so did we and having no T1 cruiser with me I undock in the Vengeance. Unfortunately their frigates manage to get out besides a lazy bomber which I point as soon as able. The Thoraxes cannons do their dirty jobs:

We chase down the frigates to D5, but they are way ahead of us and we decide to form up a proper T1 cruiser fleet for a roam. Suddenly realizing I had been fighting in a 500 mil clone I quickly clone jump in 4C and buy a T1 Omen cruiser to fit in (thank Nyan for corp contracts) The V.e.G.A. guys are spotted again, 12 of them with 11 battlecruisers and a scout in a Jaguar all heading straight for us. ‘We were going to engage them’, Ezeria tells us. We all look at each other, Frank with armor links, Carrius in his Hurricane, Reb and EZ in their Thoraxes, me in the Omen and Cool, Sockey and Alex in their Augorors all heading to D5 to set up our positions, ready to die a horrible death.

Being at 200km from the LG gate the Jaguar jumps in and we warp to the gate at 0. Tension rises. ‘This is it, ready to die everyone?’ The first drake jumps in to take a look. We engage and I ask if he is engaging us hoping he will not jump, but while I do Cool4nd in the Augoror is being locked and shot at. We did what we came for, kill the Drake while getting killed. The rest of their fleet jumps in and primaries Rebirth in his Thorax which is quickly repaired by our logistics. To our surprise the Drake goes down quickly (mission successful!) and a new primary is called while we also point the secondary target broadcasted. Boradil in his Drake pops as I kick out some extra dps by overheating my guns at his armor and structure. Hell yes, mission double successful! But things start to go south due to those pesky ecm drones. With logistics being jammed at the same time, Alex dies to combined enemy fire and with Cool in low armor things start to look hairy for us, but… we won at this point already.

Weirdly enough the drakes all stay close to us and at the gate, maybe to keep points or perhaps they didn’t know what to expect from a bunch of T1 cruisers and 1 Hurricane other then that they should go down fast, right? Wrong! Miraculously Cool and Sockey manages to keep each other and us alive while we shoot at the third and even forth drake. At some point I even started asking EZ if he could post secondary targets because they went down one after another. The fifth drake is taking damage and the enemy fleet decides to bail. Points are spread and as Celtic Zero in his Drake goes down they either warp or run back towards the gate. A Ferox and Harbinger (which should have been primary from the start) just barely make it to the gate and jump out just in time, probably thinking: What did we just ran into?

GF are called in local and we were all going: what the hell did we just do, that was crazy! Outnumbered and outgunned we kicked some serious ass, watch and smile and be proud pirates:

OP 3 Hello Eternal Syndicate!

Back in  the station we stare at each other and grin. We look at our flimsy ships, grin again, grin back at each other, turn towards our ships and yell ‘Yarr!’ while rushing towards them!! NM-OEA is our destination, Eternal Syndicate our target and it didn’t take long for us the get there and hear Reb going: ‘I’m tackled by a Tempest 200km from station!’ With an extra Omen on our side we jump in and lock down the Tempest. Rebirth is being repaired by Sockey as I point the drake and put my guns on the Tempest just in time for me to make it on the kill. Eternal has a blackbird, a Chimera and some support sitting on the station on standby, but they could do nothing more then watch our little cruiser gang tear the Drake apart.

We loot the wrecks and grin with big smiles at the enemy. With knives in hand on our backs we try luring them out with goodies, but instead they stay close to their carrier like little chicks hiding behind momma chicken. We feel powerful, but also bored by their tactics and we have doubts about engaging them with the carrier on the field. Also cool can’t undock the second Augoror because we are afraid they will dock. Fortunately one of our Falcons (can’t remember his name) jumps into 33FN and waits on the NM gate. Cool decides to undock and we all jump at 0 from him. (Their Procurer could scan our ships for cynofield generators that way, which we didn’t have)

They attack and I’m instantly primary. At first just a single drake which becomes our primary right away, but he gets repaired quickly by the carrier. I deagress and they move their guns for Cool4nd. but as soon as I start shooting the Hurricane all enemy guns are pointed towards me again. I was definitely the one that had to die today (again) and I almost did if it wasn’t for the Augorors overheating their repairers. Unable to tank the incoming dps I go into structure untill 17% is left. I had my guns overheated on the hurricane the moment I locked him and with everyone doing the same he pops right on time for the Augorors to keep my armor at around 5%.

Starcarrier in the Armageddon (he was hilariously fail fit with medium pulse lasers to counter our cruisers) dies really quick due to our Falcon pilot fulfilling his support role and removing the carrier from the fight. The 4 drakes that were on top of me shooting away try to deagress, but one is still on me, probably with his drones and dies shortly after. The last drake that still has aggression, Reoex, also dies to our little T1 gang and loses his second drake:

As the space dust cleared sweet enemy wrecks appeared filled with precious booty. Let that just be the thing we love taking home! This evening was one of the most enjoyable evenings I have had in my eve online career and I won’t forget the pirate songs that sounded on all the frequencies in outer ring. Even Ore personnel were stunned to see us dock up in our ships instead of our pods and they surprised us all with a nice bounty for killing Zander Killer. At the bar we passed along bottles of rum and toasted on our old ships upgraded from crap to fully capable pvp boats by the CCP gods. Who would have thought a couple of months ago, that a bunch of Omens, Thoraxes and don’t forget the all important Augorors could fly side by side with a Cane and Falcon and cause such havoc! Yarr!!


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