Battle Report 7: Too many darn Zealots!

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Battle Reports

***  Jan 16  ***

Wednesday night OP was a sudden one for me. Not paying attention to the forum much I didn’t even know we had one going. Actually, I was still outfitting ships, setting up and moving stuffs between Stacey and Gaby, when suddenly Sockey told me to tag along on what was going to be my first fleet OP ever with the Retirement Club.

At first it was all a little confusing for me. I had been in fleet before, but they were mostly small fleets with like six guys, on a good day ten and usually I would go logistics on both my accounts like during this fight: So when the FC wanted logistics pilots in fleet and most of the alliance members shook their heads, I immediately offered Stacey and Gabryella for the job. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to bring both, so Gabryella had to do it without her friend this time, but for good reason I found out later on

“Logistics pilots join 401k logi and set up your cap chains”, the FC told us and at first I thought it meant joining another fleet, but eventually I figured it out and I got to meet the other logistic pilots in channel. We discussed the cap chains and we all undocked. A total of 27 Zealots, some support and only 6 Guardians as backup were ready for action. At our pos I admired the large Erebus sitting there quietly and the only thing that went trough my mind was not to bump it in any way as we moved in closer for the jump. In the meanwhile Sockey tried comforting me that I should just follow broadcasts and keep the other Guardian pilots and the anchor on watch list. Normally I would put the entire fleet in there and during a battle lock them all up, but there were just way too many darn Zealots now.

Action time! The FC told the Titan pilot to use his portal and I was lucky that this wasn’t my first Titan jump. For those that have never jumped before: click on the titan, right click and select jump else you will miss it and the Titan pilot will DD you. After a second (I didn’t want to end up on the field first and be primary) my ship went BLAAARG! and I spotted UQ9-3C in the left corner. I locked my cap buddies and primaries were called, but dispatched off easily without me even having to repair anyone. With no more targets left outside the FC decided to shoot the station for a bit and white flashy lasers enlightened the space around me.

With no enemy fleet arriving, we went to an enemy POS to be ballsy and shoot some of its guns. It was excellent training for me. I had to keep an eye out for the anchor while following the broadcasts for people that needed repairs or capacitor and I got jammed quite frequently, which meant putting in logistics chat a big J and relocking my two Guardian buddies and previous targets as quickly as possible. It was just like an incursions and some fleet members even allowed their armor to get low before broadcasting to make it more fun for us. Very sweet guys, thanks!

While we were doing our thing, a Razor guy jumps into system and our FC recognized him as being a cyno pilot. And he was right. Boom! Suddenly a whole bunch of Razor members jumped into system while I was still focused on repairing some of the Zealots being targeted by the POS guns. I locked up the first Sabre on screen, deployed my warriors and forgot about them. My heart pounced in my throat when the other enemy Interdictors and soon after the Loki’s appeared on grid , but like the silence for the storm there was nothing, not a single broadcasts for armor yet.

Oh hell, there they were and a lot. The Razor Alliance FC knew what he was doing. At first he had one of our Guardians shot at, but he got repaired quickly by us and when they knew we were paying attention they focused their damage on several targets at the same time. I repaired at least 5 Zealots and some other ships before I got three jam cycles from the station ECM batteries which lasted a few long seconds. After putting the J in the Logistic channel, I was happy I was the only one at the time and I relaxed while watching the fight a bit. A large purple blob firing lasers at a larger orange blob, pretty! But, I was able to lock again and I quickly locked up the broadcasts and did what I was supposed to do, repair the fleet.

We held our ground, but couldn’t kill any of them, especially with ECM on the field jamming out a lot of our Zealots. So the FC ordered us to move out. While following the anchor I suddenly remembered I still had my drones out, trying to kill something being enemy and I quickly recalled them while the enemy fleet got further away. Unfortunately one of my cap buddies, chrss2129, also got further away. Being tackled and webbed by the enemy fleet, I could do nothing but have Gaby look trough the window of her ship, scratching with her nails against the glass while saying. “You are a hero and we will avenge you sweet cap buddy!”

Unfortunately we didn’t that night. At our POS Razor Alliance wouldn’t attack and it would be suicide to engage them on their station. It reminded me a bit of an old castle battle with ballista’s on the walls, where nobody would dare moving his army trough the fields in between. BLAAARG my ship did again and I was back at 6NJ8-V. We assembled our losses and kills and to our surprise the killboard showed that Razor Alliance lost more than us during that fight. Especially their interdictor pilots who decided to warp to us all at once died and this was their mistake our FC said, else they could have gotten quite some more kills.

Overall it was quite the experience for me and a lot of fun. My drones even got an Interdictor kill, which is silly for a logistic pilot and made me laugh. The fight went so fast that dual boxing was indeed almost impossible and I learned a lot from our FC’s orders and how to respond during a fleet battle. Again a big thanks for the fleet from me and I hope to fly with you guys again like this. But sneaky I also hope you guys will join on our ‘lets go and have fun Nyan’ fleets, the ones on which we drink rum and sing pirate songs after we owned or died in the most colorful ways.


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