Battle report 8: We are too pro!

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Battle Reports

***  Jan 19  ***

OP 1 Shield Enyos

This afternoon I decided to hop on to eve to check a few skills on Stacey and some contracts for fun only to go offline again when bored. But most of the time those are the pretty days where I get invited into some crazy fleet by Ezeria or Sockey for a roam and asked to hop onto TS to chat about with my Nyanbros. Today was no other day. I hopped on and immediately a fleet invite was send to Stacey with the question if I was available and able to bring a couple of Scimitars for a shield Enyo OP. Fortunately for me Goronwy and Sockey decided to fly a Scimitar too, so Stacey could take a day off and I joined with just Gabryella again.

X-s went up in fleet as soon as our old CEO got online and when people posted their ship types it wasn’t too shabby. We had a nice fleet. Just like the one Ezeria had in mind the day I had to move 10 shield fitted Enyo’s and sell them to my corpmates. Our hero tackler Mal (the only Nyan capable of turning a shitty op into a successful one by dying) had upgraded from a Condor to something more capable of popping, a Flycatcher! The others had one of my shield Enyo’s for maximum dps and we even had Chevron in an Ares for extra tackle just in case someone got tempted to shoot Mal when bored. Also two links and Amos in a Helios were there to help us find juicy targets too.

4NGK-F was our first destination and on the way we met Alucard Strata in his Stabber who was of course invited with open kitty paws. The first part of the op was hilarious but without kills. So we needed Saryrn too and went to see the home space of Gentlemens Agreement. Such pretty space they have and we wanted to clean it from nasty ships flying around, so we teased one of their drakes and destroyers with our fleet. But even though they had a Scorpion, Raven, Stabber Fleet Issue and some other small stuff docked with another 25 friends, they wouldn’t engage our mean little Enyo fleet. We made our way trough an extensive amount of empty systems on our way to PX5-LR, and to kill our boredom we decided to post pictures in the fleet chat of our best exotic gingers ever looted:
And Bnizzle, who had to mess things up by trolling again and was put into the back of our fleet until ordered otherwise:

Finaly in WBR5-R we spotted a Pure Madness Omen belt ratting a bit and Chevron decided to go in and tackle the guy. Our entire fleet warped in after him and being sleepy I warped in a bit late, but managed to land my repairers on him, which weren’t needed because Sockey and Goro were already doing their job. In the meanwhile the other guys just raped the poor Omen and Mal messed up again by not bubbling the pod: In local the guy told us he could have killed Chevron, but was repairing his mods. That was just pure madness of course.

We moved on to PX5-LR and 4NGK-F all the way back up to 2E-ZR5 while managing to avoid a large legion xXDEATHXx gang. One of their interceptors jumped in and stayed with us at the gate, but we quickly jumped trough. And while aligning to the sun with our microwarpdrives on, Mal unleashed a few bubbles behind us, so if the enemies would warp to the gate they would at least be stopped for a bit. 50 guys in Naga’s and Basilisks quickly gave up while we were at a deep save and as we arrived in 2E-ZR5 we met Aphosis in his Retribution and killed him. We did it very pro by not warping to the bubble (left by Riddick I who ran like a pussy with his Sabre) directly, but straight to the gate 200km below and warping and burning like little kittens climbing a curtain to one of our mates who managed to get trapped too. Mal also did something epically weird and managed to bubble the pod for us as it warped off: + 90 mil pod.

On our way back home we ate a few Rookieships with their Pods alive, but we weren’t satisfied yet. Hungry for more we went up to Razor space. But even they were scared and a small fleet which had Cynabal, Wolf and some other stuffs ran as fast as they could. Fortunately Jim informed us that a small Fidelas Constans cruiser fleet was camping in BV-1JG on the 9-266Q gate and Smelly PirateSaint decided to join in on the fun with his Wolf. Perfect, maybe we could finally have a good fight with our little Enyo gang this time. They had a proper mixed cruiser fleet with a nasty looking Celestis and even a Scythe as backup, but unfortunately they spotted us, and the eight of them ran even faster than the Razor guys did. I told Ezeria: “People are afraid of us, we are just too pro!”

All agreed and we stayed around being pro in 9-266Q for a bit, which is a superb spot for bombers to run trough it seemed. We had a Hound jumping trough and a few minutes later again. It was excellent exercise for Mal, who got my drones as backup assigned to try and decloak the little buggers. Yes! Finally success as the third Hound that jumped in got decloaked and massacred: 0 isk pod.

OP 2 Mixed fleet

Docked up in our home station FCON decided to bring a 30 man fleet to try and lure our little Enyo fleet out, but against 30 prepared guys we would just be poptart for grabs in the end. So we relaxed for a bit and it was getting late. Some people left the fleet while others joined. But it wouldn’t take long before we had to go out again, because a Bora Rupture and Arbitrator were being spotted in H-PA camping out with a mobile bubble. Ezeria gave the order to get out there in anything we wanted as long as it wasn’t expensive and I went trough my inventory, but could only find crappy T2 stuffs. Eventually, never flown one before, I decided to grab a Rapier and moved out as quickly as possible.

We ended up raping the poor Arbitrator, as the Rupture and a sneaky Caldari Navy Hookbill escaped: Unfortunately without logistics we also lost Patsakos in his Taranis and we found out the hard way that Arbitrators can be nasty frigate killers:

Next we hang out a bit with our crap fleet and more and more people joined in on our little fail OP against the Bora guys, making it nice and cozy in H-PA29. A Drake got reported closeby including a Stiletto which jumped into system. Points were called and I witnessed the power of a Rapier as I activated the webifiers:

A snoopy Bora Dominix took a peek outside station, but didn’t do much and we declared ourselves king of the hill when a Hurricane jumped into us and was quickly killed by our, not so little anymore, failfleet: + 140 mil pod.

We felt so comfortable that we even decided to engage a Bora Hurricane that landed on the 9-266Q gate while we were camping, knowing it was probably a trap. As true Nyan pirates we hoped they would kill us we all went Yeeey! as a Tornado and Drake joined coming from 9-266Q and engaged us. Besides me. I wasn’t happy, I got a bit scared instead. While the fleet was fighting right next to me I started orbiting the gate and opened the D-scan. And for good reason, because a Brutix, a second Drake, a Megathron and 2 Oneiroses arrived on grid to help out their dying Hurricane. Not being able to break trough the Oneirosses repairers Ezeria called the retreat and I jumped trough the gate. Sadly one of our Thoraxes died:, but we did get an enemy Tornado: . Unfortunately not thanks to me (I should really buy some cheap cruisers for myself) but nice work guys!

The Bora fleet warped away while I sat at a safe in 9-266Q, but while I did, Ezeria decided to engage again. Quickly I warped back to the gate to help out and as I jumped in as soon as I could I could just see the Bora fleet popping my buddies one by one. Unlike me they were in cheap ships I thought to myself, while I cloaked up being a scary cat again.

The fleet talked about a hot drop afterwards to get even, but I was hungry and dinner was served, so I went back home. As I jumped into 6NJ8-V an angry looking Sleipnir faced me and decided to jump out. I went after him as I reported him on chat, but in the confusion I forgot to cloak up and not only he, but 4 enemy battlecruisers locked me down and started firing away. In a split second I reacted by overheating my microwarpdrive, burning away while aligning to a celestial and warping to it. I shouldn’t have, because right at that time my fleet mates jumped into system and engaged the battlecruisers which quickly burned off, simply because there was no Gaby around to webify them. The fleet decided to chase them down, but like me Gabryella was hungry and tired, so I decided to give her some rest at the Guristas bar in the logistic support base. Maybe a sauna would do her good.

Overall it was a super fun afternoon on which Mal didn’t die unfortunately. But even so, our OPs were a success. We did what we had to do, which was to put nyan in local and wave kitty paws to our neighbors while having loads of fun doing so with our Retirement Club bros. Later on I was invited into a T1 cruiser fleet for a roam, but with only having crappy T2 fitted T2 or faction ships in station and with Gaby having too much fun in the sauna, I couldn’t attend to such an awesome fleet. I wish I could though, because then I would have proven myself not being a scary cat, by dying gloriously in battle like the rest of the fleet did.


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