Battle report 9: The little OP that could

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Battle Reports

***  Jan 19  ***

I got invited by Sockey again today for a large OP and I didn’t feel like attending at all. I’d been on 2 OP’s already, my tummy ached, I was tired and Gaby was getting drunk at the bar in the station hooking up with some neutral member which name I can’t remember, let alone her being wasted and all. Still, for some weird reason I decided to join. I was still writing a silly battle report, so I guess I was still in the mood for some play.

Sockey asked if I wanted to bring out the Scimitar which I did and our FC was very content with that, because a forth Scimitar would complement the fleet really good even though three Scimitars would have been enough to support the fleet. At least so we thought. More and more people started arriving at our POS and a holy f went straight trough my mind as I saw all those Tier 3 bc’s ready for action. In between also ready was a small group of support guys with Rose in a Sabre, Armand in his flycatcher, Kata in her Malediction, Gudius in his Taranis, Smokey in a Dramiel and chrss2129 my favorite cap buddy in a Daredevil. One of the guys dared arriving in a Caracal, but was quickly put in the corner with a fools hat on, unless he would bring out something that remotely looked like a battlecruiser and fortunately he did as the Titan pilot with the lion king Titan (eve hell, for those that haven’t seen it yet) prepared for a  jump into Razor space.

BLAAARG! my ship did again, I really love that sound, but poor Gabryella woke up and spilled all of what was left of her booze over the ships’ controls and during the whole OP I had trouble pressing the jump button which left me a bit behind from time to time.

At first we pounded on the door of the station in UQ9-3C and they opened up by undocking a few ships that quickly docked back up seeing all of our massive fire power. Not stupid they tried preparing for a counter fleet, but we didn’t want to allow them having the pleasure of getting the right ship types and annihilating us, so we moved on and stopped at the 9IPC-E gate for a bunch of T1 frigates. Right after Kata lost her Malediction at the station trying to solo two Atrons, the frigates jump in and I tried setting up, which meant:
– Activating the hardeners and eccm
– Orbiting the anchor, for me Sockey
– Locking up the other Scimitars and the Interdictors if needed
– Keeping an eye out for the broadcasts and the guys on the watch list
– Listening to the FC and the anchor
– Deploying drones if needed

 I failed all of it. I had my hardeners off while orbiting the gate and while I was doing this I was petting and talking to one of my cats, which had decided to make a bed of my lap. This also meant I hadn’t listened to a darn thing that was said, let alone payed attention to anything on my screen and locking it up to activate my repairers. As the frigates popped: I woke up and realized that I wasn’t here to fall asleep and have Gaby the most horrible op of her live by dying in a blazing inferno, but to repair things as quickly as possible.

So I sat up straight, took the cat of my lap and started hoping for some action. One jump, Two jump, Three jump, hey kitty! She had jumped back up and I was already thinking about finishing my previous report again, when there was finally some action to be had! In LXWN-W Rose managed to tackle a Thorax at the gate while we were waiting on the other side. But Rose got engaged and the Scimitars had to jump into system quickly and safe her, which we did, except for me, because silly me locked a Naga instead. At least I had activated my hardeners this time: + pod.

I awakened slowly, things were happening now. Not only did we try knocking on some station doors, we also tried catching miners that were maybe afk mining in belts or warping back to their station when they spotted us in system. To no avail though, we never managed to catch them. Who did get caught was our FC. While we were making best speed trough Razor Space a dire rat got him and he had no where to go for a short moment. When he ordered us to come back we had to think it over for a moment, but soon after we freed him from the Guristas gate camp, the most threatening one we had seen so far.

Patsakos, who wanted to join us and had been after us in his Malediction, was being chased by what had to be the most bored cloaky Proteus pilot in eve ever, trying to catch an Interceptor for over more then 20 jumps. Unfortunately for us the Proteus had given up before we could try and set things up, but Patsakos had managed to join us which was awesome: + pod.

We moved on, on our long route to JI-1UQ, and in 8-4GQM the tacklers got lucky. While we were jumping and warping to gates again Smokey reported that he had a point on a cloaky Tengu and that we should warp to him as soon as possible. As I arrived on the gate I saw a couple of tacklers busy with the Tengu while he is trying to reproach the gate. My pvp mind kicked in and the first thing I wanted to do as I landed was to bump him from the gate, but the FC orders the Scimitars to stay out of this fight and have the battlecruisers bump him instead. Bubbles went up and the Tengu, now webbed and bumped enough, could never reach the gate in time. He went boom and an excellent kill that surprised us all got added to our killboard: + 20 mil pod. Well done gang!

A few jumps ahead our tacklers appeared to be in danger when an enemy Eris got tackled at range on the gate and one of the tacklers asked for repairs while everyone already warped to 0. Being late as usual (damn you Gaby!) I warped directly to the tacklers with full confidence of being able to safe someone this time and show that I am a good logistics pilot after all. Too bad, false alarm, poor me and poor him: + pod.

The FC, who was also tired and hungry (guess I’m not the only one, read previous battle report) decided to take us to B3QP-K. The map showed that a lot of ship murders had taken place and on the EOY-BG, two jumps from B3QP-K, we waited for reports from our scouts who told us that there were first 51 members in system and now suddenly only a few. Yes, we had been looking for this throughout the north, finally, a fleet to fight!

We jumped into EOY-BG and asking the fleet if we were going to take them on, our FC warped us to the B3QP-K gate. We all nodded of course, ready to fight and die a glorious death, even scary cat Gaby this time. Our scouts reported tier 3 battlecruisers coming back towards us and for a moment we thought that this would be a battlecruiser fight with loads of dps. A Tornado jumped in and now knowing I should be on full alert I did everything right for once. Except for the drones which I did deploy, but never used. The Tornado got killed easily, but the majority of enemy gang was still to come:

At first we thought the enemy fleet would be jumping out and satisfied with a kill we went into the system and held at the gate for a bit. Then something went wrong. We were set up at the EOY-BG gate and with the enemy fleet turning around the FC had ordered everyone to be at 0 at the gate so we could jump trough including the logistics and catch them on the other side. But the enemy fleet, which were 50 angry Trashers and some weird support, decided to engage us directly at the gate and guns started blazing.

Again silence at first, but then Alex, one of my fellow Scimitar pilots, was taking damage and soon one of the Taloses also started broadcasting for repairs. Quickly I locked him up and put my three repairers on him and as I overheated two, I also overheated the microwarpdrive to get back to my anchor Sockey who had burned away, but was way further away from the gate than me at the start of the fight.

Suddenly I saw Armand our flycatcher pilot taking heavy damage, but with the Talos maintaining with 10% shields and under heavy fire I had to make a choice. I decided to switch off two repairers and put them on the flycatcher, but to no avail as he went down anyway. In the meanwhile I had been so busy repairing that I forgot about heat damage and fortunately I managed to shut off the microwarpdrive at 98% heat damage.

At least I was close to my anchor Sockey now, well almost. While repairing one of our Tornado’s and the Naga, who was also taking damage, I suddenly saw my own shields drop and immediately broadcasted for repairs myself. After that it wasn’t that hard to repair anymore. Over half of the enemy fleet were on me and I deactivated the microwarpdrive to reduce incoming damage. So now and then I would still pulse the module when the shields were up to try and get closer to Sockey again, causing me to get more damage. But I made it throughout the fight while repairing Alex who was also still taking damage.

One by one the Thrashers had to give in to the massive dps of our battlecruiser fleet and now knowing they couldn’t break our four Scimitars keeping up their repairs they warped off. We all called good fights in local, when suddenly a Abaddon with smartbombs and more angry Thrashers decided to warp back to the gate to jump out and accidentally got caught inside on of our Interdictor bubbles. Part two was on, but the fight was already over. The Abaddon died really quick and so did the Thrashers. One of the Thrasher pilots even ejected, probably in a last attempt to try and safe his pod or hoping that it wouldn’t show up on the killmail. Unfortunately for him it did and so did a whole lot of his friends:

Again good fights were called in local and we left the loot on the battlefield for Razor because they brought us such an awesome fight. And indeed awesome it was. I have rarely been this exited during a fight before and it was lots of fun. I’m also glad we brought four Scimitars, because the Talos being repaired out of structure would have died if we had brought three instead. A big thanks for everyone, especially the FC and the tacklers that did all the hard work (or had the most fun) I am going to tug Gaby in, she deserves a well night sleep, and I hope to see you guys in future battles like this, they are awesome, yarr!


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