Battlereport 10: That’s our tower now!

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Battle Reports

***  Jan 23  ***

Wednesday, January 23, 2013 20:20 Eve Time
Muninns > Scimis > Huginn/Lach > Dictors > Rest
Zealots > Oneiros/Guardians > Dictors > Rest
Have another SMA tower coming out of reinforce. Need MAX Participation. Expect a fun fight like last time.

For some reason I am very lucky and haven’t lost a single Scimitar with Gabryella yet during a large fleet op. On one of the ops that went horribly wrong, I wanted to join up, but fell asleep behind the pc missing it entirely. Lucky me, but some of my corpmates have already lost 3 or 4 of their T2 ships, reminding me that some fights can go really bad really fast. So I ensured my ship just in case and checked if Gabryella her clone was still up to date. It was, so lets go.

The FC told us to undock and to warp to the www, but as I warped in there, I ended up at 80km from the pos! I had this bug previously when with Damned Nation at a Titan from Brosefs Alliance, where I also warped in at 10 and ended up at 80km and missed the jump entirely. Very weird, most certainly something CCP should look into, but probably won’t. So I activated my microwarpdrive to get into range and as I go 2200 m/s I accidentally bumped the titan which slowly moves away. At least I thought, because the FC wasn’t pissed about it when I mentioned it on Team speak. Nice start Gaby, keep on drinking that whiskey baby!

The portal went up and the Scimitar went BLAAARG again, straight into PKG4-7. Our mission was clear: kill a tower and replace it with our own. Once in system we all aligned towards our target and on my overview I picked up a large fleet with Guardians and Oneirosses sitting at their tower watching our fleet at about 200km. ‘Oh dear, they have Carriers too’ I thought. But we were in a 60 man Muninn gang with 9 Scimitars, 2 Huginns, 3 Lachesisses and several other tacklers, so we had quite some firepower, tackle and repairs ourselves.

It was the last time I saw them, because as the FC told me to align down and the fleet warped towards the tower, I switched to my friendly overview and started locking up the first targets broadcasting for repairs. Unfortunately I was 70km away and heavily sensor dampened by two enemy Celestisses, so I couldn’t lock them up. But following our anchor I started to get in range and the Celestisses were probably spreading their dampeners now, because even when dampened my repairers landed on several Muninns and even on Touch Fluffy Tail, one of our interdictor pilots, who was taking heavy damage.

I had no idea how the fight was going. Targets were called, but I never paid attention to my surroundings. The only things I paid attention to was the range and speed of my anchor and the broadcasts. Another broadcast came in for armor and to my surprise it was a friendly Zealot I locked up. With full repairs on Deathwing, he was still going down and later on his Zealot appeared to be armor tanked, which is very ballsy in a shield fleet, but also very futile. After that Mornkotu  in her Lachesis was taking heavy damage and I quickly activated my repairers again. For awhile she took a lot of damage, but with 9 Scimitars on the field she hang in there and the enemies were forced to switch to other targets like another Muninn that apparently got too close to the enemy fire.

Targets were still being called and Muninns had to switch ammunition to focus fire on targets. Probably the enemy Guardians and Carriers were doing a nice job with repairing, but I was too busy repairing a fellow Scimitar … fellow Scimitar? Well that’s weird and the anchor told us to unanchor. I picked a direction away from the fleet and soon picked up the anchor again when he told us to reanchor. Apparently we had gotten to close to the enemy fleet with our logistics, but we had burned out of range and managed to repair and find each other again.

Repairs got less hard and the FC started asking for an Interdictor to bubble the POS. Unfortunately both Interdictor pilots had died, which meant we had to set up another gate. The Gate went up and new pilots jumped into system to bubble, but just a second too late as the enemy Carriers managed to get out, leaving us with the poor POS awaiting its unfortunate fate. T1 EM ammunition got loaded and fired away, when a lonely Manticore jumped in, but got killed quickly without even launching a bomb and after a few minutes a very pro Cruor jumped in to solo our entire fleet. Maybe no carrier kill for us, but if you had one of these you’d be a short way from buying one:

While people started searching the logs for kills and posted them on the killboard I realized we had won, but didn’t know how well. The poor defenseless tower went down and after replacing it by our own tower, we headed towards the second Caldari Tower, which got quickly reinforced. Job done, lets go home.

A Stabber Fleet Issue managed to get away just in time, but jumping into UQ9 we added another kill when we got told an Ishtar was about to jump into us. We burned back to the gate and gave him a warm welcome: + pod.

Unfortunately one of the Muninns popped the wreck so no loot for us, but a few jumps ahead we stumbled upon a couple of ships jumping trough, including a Loki which we didn’t catch. What we did catch were a Caracal and a Tornado, which popped really fast: + pod, + 40 mil pod

Two Vagabonds with a Cynabal were waiting for us at the Z0-TJW gate in VG-6CH, but we couldn’t catch them and our fleet was just too pro at warping away to leave any stranglers behind for them to catch. So back home in 6NJ8-V in the Logistics Support outpost almost everyone docked their Muninns, Lachesisses, Huginns, Scimitars and tacklers safely and Gaby saw nothing but happy faces when she made her way to the bar with her fellow Scimitar pilots. While enjoying another whiskey. the FC started to count the kills and losses. 700 million isk lost, but over a whooping 7 billion isk destroyed! Awesome work from everyone that was there:



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