Battlereport 11: Defending our tower

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Battle Reports

***  Jan 24  ***

Thursday, January 24, 2013 20:00 Eve Time
Muninns > Scimis > Huginn/Lach > Dictors > Rest
Zealots > Oneiros/Guardians > Dictors > Rest
SMA Reinforced our tower in PKG right after we threw it up and left. Need MAX dude for this fleet guys. Lets destroy them once again

It is easy to have friends in numbers and The Space Monkey Alliance knows this. So they called in the guys from Razor Alliance to grab their Strategic Cruiser fleet and reinforce the small tower now owned by us after our very successful campaign on which we killed over 7 bil isk of enemy assets (see previous report) Unfortunately for the Space Monkeys our tower went out of reinforce mode on exactly the same time when most of our European bro’s are on, so immediately an emergency op was put out to all of us to try and defend our small Caldari tower with as much numbers as possible.

Knowing the tower was in reinforce mode Gabryella was tired the whole day, but couldn’t sleep. She had even missed an op with her fellow Nyan, who had killed Ramirez69 in his Tengu in 9-266Q: Fortunately I had no need to push her towards the Scimitar to join this op. Still wearing a hello kitty pajama and tiger slippers, while holding a pillow just in case she would tumble over, she rushed her way into her pod and activated the Scimitars engines as the FC told everyone to undock and warp to the Titan. This time I landed at a safe (500km from the tower, clever girl!) and warped straight towards the portal maker at 10. The fleet was ready, the anchors were set, the watch lists updated, the FC’s had their coffee and the Titan pilot his chocolate chip cookies for jumping us into EWN-2U.

At the gate we formed up and jumped trough to PKG4-7. Immediately we were greeted by a Heretic and soon after a large blob of Tornado’s, Naga’s and other battlecuisers with Scimitars and support warped in within their optimals. But we were alligned with our microwarpdrives on and after warping to the station at range we sat there for a bit assessing the situation. A Daredevil was watching us from 300km away and we had to be on our toes not to get jumped on by enemies again. At first we warped to our POS at 0, which made me feel safe. But as I did I watched the timer go down, which was not a good sign and meant the enemies could shoot at the tower any time now.

When the timer reached 0 we started heading out. At first we aligned a bit towards one of our interdictor pilots, and the enemies showed themselves so now and then by warping to us at range. A cat and mouse game had begun and shortly after we warped they would warp away again. So we started repairing the tower, but not for long as enemies warped back in range with their sniper fleet and we headed out again. A small group of enemy battlecruisers tried a few potshots at the tower, but we quickly warped on top of them and bubbled them up. Unfortunately they were aligned out and most managed to get away, besides an Atron and Scimitar, who weren’t quick enough and died:,

After a bit of warping up and down, aligning out and using the microwarpdrive the fleet was awake and started to get a feeling for it. But without enemies to shoot we started repairing the pos with the Scimitars again and Gabryella felt more and more happy while hugging her pillow tightly. The repairs went slowly, but we got it to at least 37% back when our second group had bridged into PKG4-7 right on top of an enemy Loki, who had previously killed LordDragonMPS in his cyno bomber. Revenge is a beautiful thing:

Now we were invincible and the enemies knew it. 12 Scimitars and about 60 Muninns with support are a bitch to handle when you don’t have the right fleet with you and even if you did, it would still be a bitch to handle with the pilots we had. Yet they tried and as our FC told the entire fleet to warp in at range, about 30 enemy battlecruisers and support jumped onto the tower and fired away. But we were aligned like pro’s and warped right on top of them. Rose, in her newly fit Interdictor, was the one the enemies hated, so she had to be repaired quickly and with 36 individual shield transporters on her she never reached armor. In the meanwhile the Muninns did their job so well, that the FC couldn’t even call targets properly. We had spanked the space monkeys!

They had no proper answer for us now and so they left to bring in bombers, which I always see as a last resort. It is a bit like ECM, if you can’t go against your enemies face to face, try and deal some damage without the enemies able to do anything against it. But with our Muninns at the J7YR-1 gate waiting for them and the Scimitars setting individual orbits around the POS (the whole picture reminded me a bit of a dandelion) the bombers could attack us, but not kill us while being at risk themselves and eventually they gave up. Now with the tower back to 55%, our entire fleet went home and on the way we caught Snails in his Scimitar. No one knew what he was doing there and where he was going, but we gave him a new destination, a one way ticket back to his clone station: 76 mil pod

OP successful right? Yes it was! We destroyed another 1.5 billion isk and this time no Interdictor pilots were harmed during the process. Awesome job guys!

But, the enemy bomber fleet was still out there and with the tower now undefended they started heading back to PKG4-7. Quickly we formed up the fleet again, or at least part of it because some members had left, and we started preparing a decent anti bomber fleet. I quickly reshipped into a Rifter instead of the always loyal Scimitar and although I felt a bit outranked by all the assault frigates (Gaby has excellent mini assault frigate skills, but I forgot to bring them out here) I joined in and warped to the Titan pilot, who demanded more chocolate chip cookies.

A quick BLAAARG later we all ended up at the tower again, but without any bombers in sight. We knew they were lurking about and we hoped they would uncloak and attack us, but being smart they didn’t and we started onlining our anti bomber defenses. After a few minutes the POS had small guns and we hoped they would uncloak and bomb us at the gate, but they didn’t and we went back home to 6NJ8-V satisfied, knowing the station was safe and secure now.

Back in the station Gabryella had left her ship, asked Scotty to check her shield transporters (which had never done so many cycles before) and soon after made her way to the bar to get her self a last drink. One of the guys was yelling that some of the enemy bombers had tried attacking the POS again, but had quickly found out they couldn’t when one of them died almost instantly. Others already started talking about an assault op at 0:00, but being tired and still in her night outfit the bed seemed to be a better option. Her new found friends would be better off with a fresh and active Gabryella the next morning and with a little smile on her face and comfort in mind, she finally closed her eyes and went asleep.

Thanks everyone for another wonderful evening and I hope to see you guys on future ops again!



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