Battle report 13: Fighting for UQ9-3C

Posted: January 29, 2013 in Battle Reports

***  Jan 28  ***

Monday, Januari 28, 2013 20:00 Eve Time
Formup 6nj and save POS from the monkeys

 Gabryella was back on her feet and I was ready to fight this evening, but Ezeria wanted me and my sister (who is quite pro with photo shop) to create a Nyan banner for our killboard, which should have lots of rainbows, Enyo’s and just silly stuffs in between. I think it has become hilarious, but judge for yourself:

This also meant that I wasn’t there when the POS got saved, but Sockey told me that the SpaceMonkey alliance didn’t show up anyways and that nothing got killed in the process. All and all that meant it was really boring. What wasn’t boring was the OP that came after that. Our FC told us to get on the Titan with Tier 3 battlecruisers and Scimitars, which Gabryella hugged right away, to reinforce the SMA station in UO9-3C.

BLAAARG! and all our ships went into UO9-03 right on the station and all battlecruisers started opening fire right away while setting their orbits. One of our Interdictor pilots bubbled up the exit so no one could escape and those that tried got shot at, including a Maelstrom that docked up when in structure. With the Space Monkeys neatly packed up inside we slowly started working on the station shields. From time to time some of them would warp in, like one of their pilots a pod. They tried to take our Sovereignty Blockade Units offline, but failed. Personally I have no idea what the deal is about those stations, but feel free to fill me in on sovereignty wars when you got the time someday.

Eventually Razor decided to show their faces, probably shouted at by the SpaceMonkeys to come over and kill those nasty Retirement Club guys in their 32 battlecruisers with support. KukiSimit in his Burst warped to us at 300km and we all knew that he was a cyno pilot. It didn’t take long and the Razor fleet with a lot of Naga’s, 9 Scimitars and support jumped in on top of us. Fortunately we were aligned and warped at 300km from the station only to warp back to the range we desired. It was a battle straight away and I was being primary and broadcasted for repairs. The enemies switched targets and some of our guys got killed while I was still trying to lock them up (next time broadcast ahead guys!) The ones that I managed to lock up in time immediately got my repairers on them and also one of my fellow Scimitar pilots got repaired when at half shields. The first kills were for us, but with them being long range fit, they made range and their damage increased. We were loaded up for short range, so we decided to warp back to our Defence Tower, ready to warp in for round two.

Back at the tower we assessed the damage and the pilots that had lost their ships had to leave the fleet and wait. The pilots within the SpaceMonkey Alliance are known for doing silly things from time to time and Fynos in his Tengu decided to show us why. He warped to one of our Sovereignty units by himself in a pve! Tengu and got killed pretty fast by us warping on top of him. The Razor fleet jumped to us at range again, but too late and we all burned out of our bubbles and got out safely: + pod.

We waited again for about five minutes, but finally we got the warp in we wanted. One of our cloakies managed to get right on top of the enemy fleet, which were back at the SMA station, and we all jumped in there at 0, our best range. As they warped off we were able to kill some of their ships no problem including a couple of their Scimitars: +

We felt comfortable and decided to deliver the final punch to the now thinned out Razor fleet. With an Interdictor ready we only had to wait until they decided to jump out of system to grab other ships and we got lucky as the entire Razor gang warped at 0 to the 9IPC-E gate. After going after them we jumped trough as they jumped trough.

I uncloaked and tried finding my anchor, but unfortunately it took awhile to get into system and I had to move myself out of range myself. WillusKillus got primary and I started repairing him, but with just a few Scimitars in system he still died. The enemies started to maneuver themselves into position and we were in trouble. One after another our Oracles got killed, while I managed to safe an Interdictor out of structure. And when one of our anchors ChefAce in his Oracle died the order was given to align out and warp to one of the planets. The Razor gang felt comfortable now instead of us, but looking for blood and with slave 5487, our FC, still on the field, we decided to jump back into UQ9-3C to follow them and wait at the gate, hoping they would warp into us at close range.

In the meanwhile a bomber decided to jump into us and launched a bomb. It was the first time I witnessed this kind of an event. People in fleet started broadcasting for repairs right away and judging by the damage a group of 5 or more of these little buggers could have killed almost half of our fleet instantly. My repairers did their work and so did the guns of our battlecruisers when an Arazu decided to jump into us:

Back at our POS we lay low for awhile to count our kills and losses. With the Razor fleet in system and with our significant losses during the gate fight we decided to put gf (which means good fight or girlfriend if you have one) in local for Razor only and bridge back to 6NJ8-V, our home. As we bridged out, a Verge of Collapse gang jumped into system with lots of Proteusses and Lokis and chased away the Razor Naga fleet for awhile. It reminded me of sardine, dolphin, shark, where we were the sardines running for the dolphins and Razor running for the shark, or something like that. Overall it was a very even fight on which we showed Razor that the Space Monkeys can’t handle themselves against us.

There is no kill report because the battles took place in different systems and got scrambled, but for those that are interested:

Kills total 23, value 2.030 mil
Kills: 5x Naga 620 mil, 2x Scimitar 300 mil, 1x Tengu 418 mil, 1x Huginn 260 mil, 1x Arazu 190 mil, 1x Sabre 62 mil, 1x Nemesis 45 mil, 1x Crow 22 mil, 1x Burst 5 mil, 9x Pod 110 mil.

Losses total 15, value 1.969 mil
Losses: 7x Oracle 1.026 mil, 3x Talos 468 mil, 2x Tornado 262 mil, 2x Sabre 170 mil, 1x Purifier 43 mil

Another OP was called to try and kill the Razor fleet with a fleet of Stealth Bombers, but Gabryella was ordered by the FC to go to bed. We didn’t manage to reinforce the station today, but the battle of UQ9-3C isn’t over yet and Gaby needs to be fresh for the next fight with Razor and their pets.


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