Battle report 14: A day filled with pew pew

Posted: January 31, 2013 in Battle Reports

***  Jan 30  ***

 OP 1 Small pvp fun

Sometimes you have those days, the days where you should be doing something else than play eve online all day. Unfortunately those are also the days where you can’t have anything done right and you can just sit back, relax and have all the fun eve online has to offer. And a lot of fun it was.

After being podded and still go on an op without upgrading her clone yesterday, I thought it was time to upgrade Gabryella. I felt like visiting the Bora guys back in H-PA29, who I hadn’t seen in awhile. With Stacey in an Anathema right beside her I tried finding a Dominix Navy Issue running a mission at a far safe spot below the 9-266Q gate. But as I wanted to probe him down our friends from Scrap Iron Flotilla messed things up by jumping into the system and scaring the Dominix back into the station. Fortunately when they left some neutrals jumped in and Bora started setting up. At first they needed to know if the coast was clear in 9-266Q, so they jumped in a Vengeance with a Curse as backup 180 from the gate. In the meanwhile I started to form up a fleet with Smelly PirateSaint and Jamm0.

At first we tried playing around a bit, but the Bora guys probably thought I had a cyno fitted on Gabryella her Rapier and so I decided to go back to 6NJ8-V and do something daring, I grabbed one of my Stabber Fleet Issues.

In the meanwhile I kept Stacey at a safe on the gate to see what was going on in H-PA29 and that was a lot. At first a Hurricane from FCON went trough, but unfortunately we weren’t ready at the gate yet and she got out, but Lord Ravus had decided to take a peek in his Zealot to see where it went and Jamm0 had made it to the gate in his Gila after a horrendous long warp. Unfortunately Gaby and Smelly were still on their way when Lord decided to engage Jamm0, but he was doing fine and managed to pop the Zealot as I kept my eyes on the gate with Stacey: 1-0

We tried hunting down a Goon drake next, but he logged off and Lord Ravus suddenly did something daring. A Bora Hurricane jumped into 9-266Q and as he warped off Lord undocked in a Maelstrom and went to the gate at 0, waiting for us to engage. We suspected a trap, but with nothing on scan in H-PA29 and Smelly in an artillery Vagabond, he decided to engage while staying out of the Maelstroms range. The Maelstrom aggressed and appeared to go down and Jamm0 jumped in after to engage him. But his shields were quickly repairing because of the ancillary shield boosters fitted and I waited at the gate keeping an eye out. When I didn’t saw the Hurricane on scan anymore I jumped in to apply some extra damage. Unfortunately I wasn’t artillery fit, so the damage was low, but my drones and guns were killing the enemy Ogres shooting at Jamm0. When he told us he was going down I focused on the Maelstrom. The Gila should have stayed our of scram range with the Vagabond still pointing the Maelstrom, but perhaps I should have been more ballsy and get into scram range straight away to apply damage. Anyways, both went down at the same time: 1-1 2-1

Me and Smelly looted the field when suddenly a Tengu jumped into system and warped straight to the 9-266Q gate. We jumped in and the Tengu jumped in too, but quickly cloaked up. I thought he was cloaky fit and that it was a waste of time going for it, but Smelly smelled he wasn’t and went after it and managed to decloak it in an epic way. Immediately I overheated my microwarpdrive, scrambler and web, launched my drones and overheated my guns. Smelly had no trouble tanking the damage and Borikka nGountu died pretty quick: Awesome decloak Smelly!

I jumped back into H-PA29 and held on the gate for about ten minutes when suddenly nator kreb in his Hurricane, who had moved trough 1-Y6KI, warped to the gate together with Garry in his Drake where I was still sitting. Unfortunately there was no way I could take them on and when a second Hurricane entered the field and engaged me, I decided to jump. Both nator and Garry jumped after me trying to catch me, but while overheating my microwarpdrive for a few cycles I easily burned out of range and warped away. In the meanwhile Smelly tried taking on the aggressed Hurricane on the other side, but a second drake had warped in, which are a pain to kill for Vagabonds because of their missiles, and he had to kite off.

Fortunately more people started hopping on and decided to help us a bit at the H-PA29 gate. But we were still outnumbered and tried splitting them up. It worked to an extend, but they warped in a Scythe, which turned the battle around in Bora favor. Two of our battlecruisers got killed on the gate while Smelly was on the other side and I underway to grab a Scimitar as backup for our own fleet. 2-2 2-3

We went back into system, but with Gaby and Stacey both in Scimitars they wouldn’t undock anymore and were probably very happy with their little victory. Good fight Bora, 2-3 for you today, if only you guys wouldn’t hug the station so much.

OP 2 Large pvp fun

A ratting Brutix, me and Patsakos were hunting, would only engage us at the station after that. But fortunately we got a call about a wormhole in our home system, so we went there as soon as possible. Apparently it led straight to OBZ-JJ in Providence where a small armor fleet with Oneirosses and Legions were gate camping for no apparent reason. We quickly formed up fleet and due to lack of logistic pilots Gaby and Stacey had to pair up again like old times and do some repairing. When WillusKillus called in that the enemies were engaged, we all swooshed trough the wormhole straight into system. As soon as I entered system I warped to Willus, who was fighting at the gate, and as I landed I tried locking him up, but it was too late already and he blew up: I started repairing a second Hurricane and with our fleet being bigger, the enemies jumped out one by one, leaving us with two of their battlecruiser wrecks in the end. A small victory for us: ,

Being an alliance in Providence means bringing as much ships as possible when there are hostiles around, so when they were waiting with a large shield fleet on the other side of the wormhole, we decided to go and try catching a Cynabal and two 100mn afterburner Tengus in 4RX-EE instead. After lots of fail we ended up running their site with my two Scimitars as backup, which was pretty cool and great repairing fun. Suddenly I got a message from Planek if I wanted to join fleet, because one of our POSses was in danger. Well, not really in danger, because instead of the tower the guns were being shot at. You can guess what was going on, the SpaceMonkeys were messing around again and had to be dealt with accordingly. If you haven’t seen this awesome youtube video yet, go watch it and you will understand why:

Whelp Canes was the fleet and we were just about ready when suddenly a small group of neutrals decided to take a peek in our home system. Almost everyone undocked and I grabbed the Stabber Fleet Issue again to apply some extra damage instead of repairs, which weren’t needed, we were in a fleet that was big enough now. A Caracal Navy Issue jumped in together with a drake and a Hurricane, but we got the Navy Caracal as I burned in overheated and scrambled him up:

The other two guys managed to jump back into BV-1JG and we all reapproached the gate and waited for our agro timers to run out. As soon as it did we made our way to 9-266Q, where our hero tackler Patsakos was ordered to point an enemy Talos when the neutral fleet started warping to the 9-266Q gate and jumped trough. By accident he pointed the wrong ship, a Stabber Fleet Issue and our tacklers were in danger, but only for a short moment as we all jumped in: + 31 mil pod. Funny fact, I use exactly the same fit.

But … the SpaceMonkeys were still messing around and our FC decided to take a look with his alt in an Industrial ship. As soon as he jumped into systems all the Dreadnaughts warped off, so no capital kills for us in our whelp cane fleet. But the Space Monkeys being Space Monkeys started playing with our tower with even more stupidity. Instead of using dreadnaughts they discovered that pve fitted ships are perfectly suited for shooting at Towers. Hey, it is just like running a site or ratting in belts right? So our FC told us to grab some bombers with a warp scrambler instead of a warp disruptor (he thought SMA was being pro and that their battleships had the new microjumpdrive modules fitted) and some Rapiers and Falcons to do a covert ops hot drop. After hugging the Redeemer with over 30 bombers, we jumped into the first system and after jumping into the second system we were all ready for combat.

BLAAARG! and we all jumped on grid as we right clicked on the Redeemer and selected jump. Our FC told us to point anything, but I was at 17-30 km away from most of the fleet and as I locked up the closest thing to me being a drake, I overheated my microwarpdrive and T2 scrambler which was just a few kilometers too short.

Thinking they were clever they were aligned and warped off, but the target for which we came, mister red leader3, was scrambled and I opened fire. In the meanwhile a point was called on Fathom Enigma in her Dominix and both died extremely fast due to the massive amount of damage our Bomber fleet was pushing out. About 10.000 damage per second, if not more, try and repair that with your C-Type Shield booster: + 45 mil pod and + 50 mil pod

Overall it was a busy day for Gabryella and Stacey. Gaby even managed to snatch a Harpy killmail from a small legion of xXDEATHXx gang that took a peek in our home system (nice intel Mal): I enjoyed today, perhaps even a bit too much, but at least I can look back at a nice row of kills on the Nyan killboard now. Thanks to all for some awesome pvp and for the bomber fleet. It was my first run on such a large scale and it was great!


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