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Wednesday, Feburary 6, 2013 20:00 Eve Time
Teens With Jeans
Muninns > Scimis > Huginn/Lach > Dictors > Rest
Zealots > Guardians > Dictors > Rest
Big fight to be had. Need MAX Numbers.

OP1 Watching a Mov … Shooting a POS

I was ready for some battle and decided to hop on at 20:00 eve time only to see no one being there. Apparently the OP had been postponed and this was communicated trough Jabber. Unfortunately me not having Jabber, because it is way to complicated for me, I hopped onto eve anyways and decided to continue watching Blade Trinity for a bit. As Wesley made his moves, slicing the living hell out of vampires, a sudden op was called to reinforce a Tactical Narcotics Team tower in LHJ-2G. X-ing up for logistics was hard, but eventually we pulled a fleet together with about 40 Tier 3 battlecruisers, 7 Scimitars and several tacklers.

Shooting the tower went great, but took ages. Fortunately Wesley wasn’t done yet and Jessica Biel popped up, making things even more interesting. Gaby, get to your anchor! Ah, I was so distracted that I forgot about that, but when we had the tower at about 35% a small fleet was forming up several systems away to try and defend their POS. At their Titan a nice amount of Assault Frigates and several Assault Cruisers with support grew in numbers while our FC told the battlecruisers to load faction ammunition and the logistics pilots to be awake. He also linked the anchors … in local! Oops, guess I wasn’t the only one being distracted, but fortunately everyone corrected the mistake by spamming local with all the names we had in our fleet. In the meanwhile more pilots were ready to take on the Assault Frigate fleet and waited in 6NJ8-V space ready to be jumped into our system. All to no avail though, because weirdly enough the enemy fleet had split up and moved away into another direction not caring about us at all and allowing us to reinforce the tower. Or did they?

Finally at 25% the large tower with its many hardeners and dampeners went into reinforce mode with a 23 hour timer, ideal for us. And we headed out with our little Tier 3 fleet, back to EK2-ET to jump back home with the Titan. On the way Lucifer managed to catch a cyno Kestrel: which was weirdly enough on it’s way to us. But why? Then I heard the FC saying CFC had formed up a 70 man fleet made to counter our tier 3 battlecruiser fleet. We had reinforced their tower just in time and probably killed their cyno in the process. Such a waste of time for them to form up a fleet to counter us and grins were had as we jumped back home.

OP 2 EVEian Roulette

Yes I have seen the Blade movies quite a lot, but I just can’t get enough of the slicing and dicing. Jessica was now shooting a bunch of vampires and Blade was facing his big opponent when the new op went up and people were told to grab their Muninns, Scimitars, Lachesis, Huginns, Dictors and small tackle. It all went a bit slow again, but eventually we had formed up a nice Muninn fleet again, ready to kick some ass. 3 Minmatar carriers and a small FCON support fleet of around 30 Tornado’s with support were spotted and ready to be wiped from space by our alpha fleet.

Orders were given to undock and as I warped to one of the fleet members at zero I ended up somewhere in between the Titan and our home station. Guess he hadn’t made it to the Titan too yet, but as I warped towards the POS I hear the FC saying bridge is up to EIV-1W. ‘Oh dear, I’m going to miss it’, I thought to myself and as I spot the Titan I activated my microwarpdrive hoping I don’t bump the Titan as I select jump. I made it and it was havoc straight away. Repairs were broadcasted, but easily taken care of by our many Scimitar pilots and I activated my hardeners and deployed my drones on an enemy Sabre that flew around a little too close for comfort. As I see him going into armor I rejoined the Anchor (which was our FC, he was feeling down a bit and needed our love) and looked at the broadcasts. There were none. It was a massacre and even Wesley had more difficulties killing vampires then we did killing this little Cruiser fleet from Get off my Lawn. In a last attempt to get on the killboard myself, I deployed my drones on a random Rupture and just watched the pretty explosions.

But wait, this was not the fleet we were looking for was it? This was a small cruiser fleet and not a battlecruiser fleet. The FC told us to loot the field and align towards the enemy POS. He was going to get us a warp in at a decent enough range, so we could tear them apart. “Take fleet warp!”, our FC said and he warned us that we weren’t at the right spot, so we had to use the microwarpdrive a bit. As we jumped in we had to move towards them and broadcasts were up, people needed shields. Looking at the watchlist I could see RoseDNA in her Sabre and lt blacklotus, one of my fellow Scimitar Pilots, die almost instantly. Because of the huge signature radius we got from microwarpdriving towards the Tornado’s, they had no trouble tracking us and they were hitting us for full damage. Fortunately it took just a few seconds to reach them and as I was repairing another Scimitar pilot, who was taking heavy damage, we gained control over the fight. With the Microwarpdrives now off we had tiny signature radiuses and the Tornado’s could hardly hit us, while our Muninns pewed for full damage and just turned the battlecruisers into sweet wrecks one by one.

The enemies warped away or ran back behind the safety of the pos shields. Some dared trying to take a peek outside, but got killed for it quickly by our Muninns. As the FC ordered to shoot the tower, I thought about our Scimitar loss. There was no way we could have repaired lt blacklotus in time and I was thinking how lucky I was that it wasn’t me. Chances are 1-7, join up for EVEian Roulette Gabryella!

Wesley had done his job by killing the master vampire and we had done ours: As the space dust cleared we stopped shooting the tower and grabbed all that juicy loot from the field. I hope our two Sabre pilots and our unlucky Scimitar pilot got some of that, because they deserved it.

BLAAARG! And we were back at the Guristas Logistic Support. For a moment we were waiting there to see what the 3 Nidhoggurs would do, but they stayed too close to the POS to be a valid target for us. So we all settled down and bottles of scotch were opened and cigars passed along at the bar. Gaby was happy, she had survived and even made it on a Rupture kill showing she was there during this great fight. Thanks to all for an awesome fight again!


Battle report 15: Hello Bees!

Posted: February 4, 2013 in Battle Reports

***  Feb 2  ***

I was somewhat busy, more busy and even more busy on top of that, but I managed to find a small hole in my somewhat busy schedule for a Nyan Fun Roam on Saturday 13:00 hours. I was late because of an incapacitate Bora pos Guns Zealot roam the day before which made me sleep till 12:00.

But so was Ezeria Mistanta our FC, because, together with the Scrap Iron Flotilla guys, The Retirement Club managed to safe a POS and get revenge on a Goon Drake fleet in the process: Which FC said that Legions were bad again?

Anyhow, we set sail with a small group of Nyan and to my joy also a lot of Retirement guys from different corporations had joined, all lured in by some sweet music and all silly enough to rely on Sockey, Laylissa and Gaby for logistics in their flimsy Enyo’s and Sabres. Our goal: to kill as much Bees as possible while all dying in an horrible fire. X-es went up in fleet and with 11 Angry Enyo’s, 3 Scimitars, 2 Sabres, 1 Wolf and Loki and Tengu links we all sailed towards K-8SQS and I ordered everyone to link their best blonde exotic dancers in chat during the boring times.

Yes, it was 22 jumps and yes it was far, but with an Enyo fleet and the Scimitars the slowest ships (but one of the fastest cruisers to align) in fleet, we just killed the distance and it only took us as small 10 minutes to find ourselves a small Against All Anomalies gang which had a Cynabal, Retribution and a Sabre. They were all to eager to engage us, because when one of our Sabres bubbled them up, their guns did pewpew, but as our fleet jumped in to safe our poor tackler, we pewpewed the Sabre back while her friends quickly ran or jumped back trough the gate to escape: + Pod

Yarrs were had and we set sail again to kill some Bees, hopefully big fat juicy Golems Bees and we were even asking ourselves if we could take down a ratting Carrier Bee with our fleet setup in time before reinforcements would arrive. But first we had to go trough Get Off My Lawn and FCON space to reach them. Dangerous territory? No. Both alliances didn’t want to play with us, even when we were sitting at their station looking at them with puss in boots eyes and making little nyans like cats do against birds when they can’t reach them. I think it is because people have no idea what to bring against an Enyo fleet. They are small, they are fast, they have little blasters so they do a lot of dps, they all have a small drone and on top of that, they are green and these had a Loki link and a Tengu link with Scimitar support making them even faster and tankier. Being frustrated probably, a bomber tried bombing us, but he failed miserably. He wasn’t at the right range and one bomb can’t hurt frigate sized ships with their microwarpdrives off, so our Scimitars repaired everyone in no time again.

Bored we headed on in search for an enemy FC that would try and take us and while listening to some relaxed music I found on youtube ( I enjoyed all the lovely stuffs in fleet chat. Judge for yourselves again guys:
Yoh Ling Goa:
Amos Chentchard:
Ezeria Mistanta, who had FC rights:
And ocahexx Charante, who had the hottest babe of us all:

But the hunger for ship kills grew and the pictures of blonde girls took place for some more exclusive nude pictures of brown and black haired girls linked by Bnizzle and Tarinmon mostly. For those that have missed the op, too bad, that’s a rare privilege only Enyo pilots on a semi suicide mission get. Don’t be sad, you can contact Bnizzle and Tarinmon if you have enough iskies to spend.

We headed on trough fade while bugging ratters and after snatching a Test Sabre: + Pod we had set our eyes on ZOYW-O, where for some reason a Helios undocked straight into one of our bubbles. Probably doing something else in the meanwhile he just flew out of the station range and right into our loving claws. Our first little serious Bee kill of the day was born after killing one of their probers:

Throughout fade Goons now knew a lot of angry Nyan Cats and Retirement guys were coming to get them now and more and more Bees just hid inside their little hives. After looking for a Chimera, who had also ran to a POS and killing a cyno Probe belonging to a Titan pilot we hoped they would do something against us roaming in their space. An unfortunate Myrmidon wanted to play in 2O9G-D though and was sitting at the gate as we landed on top of him with the entire fleet. While he tried figuring out if he should jump trough or just stay and yell for help we gently gave him a hand with his decision by bumping him away from the gate and giving him a few targets that kept him scrambled. At about 10 /15 km away from the gate there was no way back for him and he finally engaged us with his drones out and turned the engagement into a feeding frenzy for our pvp hunger with his action. I deployed my Warrior II’s, but even before I could press the F key our little fleet had turned the battlecruiser Bee into scrap metal already: + 22 mil Isk Pod

Feeling confident we moved on trough Goon space hoping they would form up a fleet, but all they did was set up a bombing trap in VFK-IV which we simply escaped by warping away and leaving the poor Naga at 100 km from the gate wishing he had brought a Heavy Interdictor instead. On the station there, also the Goons were having doubts about what to bring against us and after awhile they started undocking two Tengus, a Scimitar and some tier 3 battlecruisers with a Blackbird as backup. But very uncertain weather they should attack such smart pirates in such tiny but deadly ships they docked everyone up again and we left being sad kitties.

People were tired, had enough of handsome lady pictures and started browsing for handsome man pictures on their own or had to go for some other reason and our little fleet got somewhat smaller. Fortunately for us there are always some guy in EVE that are a little bit dumb or just plain unlucky, because after snatching a FCON Rifter: we encountered Die Kutte. (translated: the Habit) in his Sabre. And a sweet Habit he has. As he jumped trough he was quite hard to kill. Extremely fast he burned out of our bubbles and away from our little Enyo’s. But with our links up and some awesome piloting we managed to snatch him anyways at a whooping 90! km from the gate. At first we thought it was a simple Thrasher killmail, but we all went Yeeh! as we spotted the faction mod in his cargo bay, turning our OP into a decently successful one: + 5 mil Isk Pod

Overall it was a typical Nyan Fun OP again and it was too bad that the Goons or any other CFC alliance members wouldn’t give us a proper fight. I’m afraid they have no clue what to bring and next time we will be heading to Solar space again, because they will hopefully try and take us on in battlecruiser sized ships again. I also hope more alliance members will give the little but awesome shield Enyo a chance and come with our little fail fleet for some uber yarrage, because together with all the guys that were there, it was a lot of fun!