Battlereport 23: Domi Demolition

Posted: March 5, 2014 in Battle Reports

Gabryella Grey was back after a quick wake up call from the nurse after they revived her in the sickbay. The bed was cozy, but being podded again made her head spin. Again she had lost it due to a two second delay or perhaps it were the 10 Interceptors with instant lock that were on the killmail she received from her best friend Stacey. A 2v2 that had turned bad: + 19 mil pod and had turned into a 2v30 when I was too busy manually flying. I checked Stacey her overview just a second too late when the blob warped in.

Oh well, shit happens, at least Rebirth got out due to me screaming: Warp off now! Unfortunately he got killed later on, when due to time dilation I was unable to enter the PR-8CA system for a whole 5 minutes. When I arrived I saw nothing but a wreck and some Nyan members looting the wreck in slow motion: What a terrible night this was.

But I stayed and Stacey got some nice kills that evening. I am glad my solo fit Flycatcher could finally make a difference compared with the normal bubble Interdictors by scramming, webbing and destroying drones or the target itself: + 6 mil pod and + 64 mil pod. Two very close fights on which Destined almost died on the first one and Rebirth on the second one when my ship refused to warp for a few seconds. Stacey her Flycatcher was a good ship no matter what people say about Sabres being better or fitting a dual bubble.

*** Sep 14 ***


Domi Demolition

Domi 1

But Gabryella didn’t want to know that, she was hurt. She had died and raged at the CFC that night and needed some well deserved love from her friends. Those silly Vagabonds are nothing for her. Just like Stacey she is a support pilot and not a damage dealer in any way. Rebirth was back and so was Sockey and Brockmist. Rtard and Shel were there as well and she could hear them scream on local comms. They were overjoyed and said that they were now even for the loss of an interceptor. Probably this one:

They had caught and butchered a Dominix hunting down some Blood Raiders that were lurking in the asteroid fields. The Domi pilot wasn’t careful enough and the Nyans had shown why they are called pirates and taken some precious loot back home:

Domi 2

Too late I thought, but it wouldn’t take long for Rebirth to report in another Dominix. Apparently these Jokers. guys hated Blood Raiders just as much as my ladies and another Domi pilot was spotted in a 10/10 Blood Raider plex. Unfortunately for us we needed probes to find the plex and Speedball was careful enough to warp away in time when he saw them. Of course we continued probing. With the coordinates known to us we would be able to warp in when he would be tempted enough to kill those Blood bastards again and claim their delicious loot.

So we waited patiently like cats waiting for a mouse to drop by. And yes, there he was, back inside the plex with his Curator II’s out. But we got a warning, we had 15 minutes left before the server would shut down, so we had to be quick.

We warped to Rebirth as fast as we could when he called point on the battleship. But first of all, it was a long warp. Second, there were 3 rooms I had to cover and third: Gabryella got a very strange message about her not having the necessary warp drive skills to enter the site? Oh dear, this was one of those rare plexes where you need skills to enter and Gabryella did not have Warp Drive Operation lvl 5 yet. Frustrated she pounded on the ships console while secondary point was called and Rebirth had to warp out. Fortunately Stacey was able to enter the room and managed to repair Sockey in the Vagabond who was almost reaching armor. Slowly I burned away from the Dominix when he launched his drones on me. I launched mine and gave them the order to attack the enemy drones. Brockmist warped in with his Execucat to help out Sockey, but our target didn’t give up so easily and repaired the damage dealt by us with his faction repairers while switching to sentry drones. Now Stacey was taking heavy damage while I could do nothing but switch of the microwarpdrive and try to avoid as many sentry damage as possible. It didn’t work. His tracking and range was too great and with 5 minutes left on the clock I had to warp off leaving Sockey and Brockmist all alone.

In the station I repaired up Stacey while Gaby was still in the first room to repair anyone that needed it. Quickly I warped back when I heard Brockmist saying he was getting armor damage. Our target was nearly dead though and with a few volleys Brock should be ok. But it was too late, the seconds had ticked away and the timer stopped. The cluster had shut down.

During the break we were discussing where the Dominix would be when we would log back on. Would he still be in space or would he just vanish after the cluster shutdown? Would he have aggression and would he warp to the first gate instead of the room of the plex? Would the plex vanish instead leaving him alone in space in a safe? Would he kill us if he would log on first? We didn’t know. The only way to find out was to log on in time. We waited and counted. 30 seconds, 15 seconds, go go go!

I could hear the voices of Sockey and Brock, screaming out loud: He is here! And of course I was the last one to log on again, but I had logged off inside the plex and could just see the Dominix turn into a big red ball of flames when I entered grid to apply the much loved repairs:

Domi 3

With the loot in my cargo hold we travelled back home being happy pirates. For a moment I thought about keeping it, but I was just joking when I said I would and traded everything to Sockey so he could put it safely away in the corp hangar. While he did two more Dominixes showed up together with a Vigilant. With the 3 of them they were sitting on the FWST-8 gate waiting for us to jump trough. They almost caught one of our corp mates that got online a bit late and he told us they were not Jokers, but Initiative this time.

We decided to give them what they wanted, but had to juggle with our fleet setup a bit. There weren’t many Nyan Cats online and those that were, were unable to fly battleships or had none. The only great ships that could deal some really nice damage were the Deimosses and so we undocked them with Stacey and Gabryella as their backup in the Oneirossesses. We all warped to the gate, 3 Deimos, 2 Oneiros, 1 Ashimmu, 1 Zealot, 1 Algos and a Nyan police Comet were all that we had against the Vigilant and 2 Dominixes.

For a moment they didn’t engage and we were thinking about jumping trough, when suddenly one by one they webbed and scrambled Stacey in her Oneiros. Immediately our Deimosses opened fire and the Ashimmu started webbing while I started orbiting the gate with my afterburner on while repairing Sockey who was next on the list. The repairs landed but so did theirs. Unable to break the two Domi’s we had to call in the help of one of our Falcon pilots and for a moment I worried about little Stacey who was taking all the beating of the 3 ships now that they knew that we couldn’t handle their tank. Gabryella was out of cap (bloody microwarpdrives) and I had to be creative, switching off her active hardener and afterburner and overheating one repairer and cycle the next. It worked and Stacey kept remaining at 10% armor while slowly moving due to the webifiers of the Vigilant. ‘Come on, die already Dominixes’, I thought when one got to low armor and even structure. Bits of debris flew across the field and our falcon pilot had done his work:

Domi 4

Fortunately Rebirth being smart had deaggressed in time and so had Stacey, who had repaired only Sockey and for a short moment Foot Foot during the whole fight. Quickly I jumped after Rebirth who asked for repairs. He had caught the second Dominix and without his buddy he had no one to repair him anymore. Gaby and Stacey had put their drones on him and the few repairs that were needed on their friends. A large ball of fire filled space once more and precious loots revealed itself as the flames cleared: Good fight was put into the local channel and it was a close call. Stacey was hanging in there with her overheated tank and Gaby was repairing just enough with her overheated repairers. But we had done it and filled with joy we went to our home base with our precious loots.

Walk in the park

Our enemies came back though. Now with not two, but four angry Dominixes. Unfortunately with so few people online and no battleships to fly we could do nothing but sit in the station a bit until they would leave again. The Dominix counter was at 4 now and we were enjoying our spoils at the bar when Sockey decided to hop into a Nyan-Yo and order us to do the same. Gabryella, still tired and confused by her resent podding needed a well deserved nap and so I took just Stacey out for a spin in her Scimitar with Brockmist as my backup in his 80% resist active tank monster Scimi.

The op went great. The warps were long and the space was overall empty, but we enjoyed being away from FWST-8 and all the shooting. It was like a day out, a little walk trough the park called Delve and Fountain, while we watched the many planets and gates flashing by. Smelly had joined us and had warped to the wrong gate and we got attacked by a Gangbang Muninn and Arbitrator that had no chance but to warp away when we got close to them. Miners docked up, ratters docked up, entire alliances docked up. The whole park was taken by a small gang of Nyan pirates and we kicked over trashcans and sprayed graffiti all over the place hoping someone would be foolish enough to say something about it or even better engage us in a fight. No such thing though and we went home disappointed.


Eventually we decided to stop and camp the FWST-8 gate in PR-8CA when Rebirth told us there was a Zealot trying to go home to 1DH, for which he had to move trough our system. Patiently we waited while the Zealot was at a tac. Rebirth decided to give it a go and burned towards him, but as he asked us for repairs we were unable to warp to him, because he was within 150km from the gate. Brockmist tried burning towards him, but it was too late and Rebirth his Sabre popped and the Zealot pilot warped away with a smile on his face:

Gabryella was awake and I undocked her with her Rapier to try and get the revenge Rebirth needed. Slowly I moved towards the Zealot, who was at his tac again, when suddenly a CO2 Arazu warped to the gate and jumped. I told my fellow corp mates to bubble up. 11 Little kitties purred and wiggled their tails ready to strike and with this many frigates it was almost impossible not to decloak the poor Recon ship. Many tiny blasters unleashed their deadly spray of pain and the Arazu took a lot of damage. A bit too much actually, even when in armor and for a moment we thought about a trap. There was even a little panic when Aquarelliste lighted one of her Cynos, but we were way to committed to the fight to back away and far too eager to get this delicious kill. The Arazu went down and so did her Cynosural Field:

While we were discussing whether she had friends on the other side of that beacon the Zealot pilot had warped to the gate and jumped trough. A big ‘oh yeah’ went trough the comms and of course he was met by us angry Nyans wanting revenge for what he had done to our friend. He got scrambled and realizing he was in deep trouble now, he quickly he burned back to the gate and jumped. It would be a long fight to kill him with the Nyan-Yo’s, who have no webifiers fitted. But I had one of my smart moments and had warped Gabryella to the gate on the other side while he was burning back. As he decloaked he was disrupted and double webbed by her Rapier. After a few seconds he was also scrambled and after a few bumps there was no way he could reach the gate again. While more and more Nyan-Yo’s jumped in to get on the kill we completed our sweet revenge: + pod.

We decided to stay in PR-8CA for a few more minutes after that and even caught a FCON bomber on the 1DH gate: + pod, making it a day worth while. And we learned an important lesson: There is no need to roam, the best kills are often those that are inside our home system or in the systems close by.


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