Action Report 1: The Nyan Cat Pirates making dreams come true!

Posted: March 5, 2014 in Action Reports

Ever since Stacey was born she was fascinated by a little mission showing you that you can mine gas and make contraband for other players with it and she dreamed about being a major drug dealer for pirates and alliances alike. Unfortunately her friends showed her this movie:

She knew that if she was ever going to proceed with such a thing, she would need to have lots of friends. But an eve life is a strange thing and she ended up being in a highsec wardec mercenary corporation killing easy pickings and completing contracts. Life was good, the money was good and there was plenty of time helping other agents who required capsuleers to kill pirates. Especially when the Sansha introduced their attack on the four great powers, Stacey felt the urge to commit and help defend the helpless.

Time went on and the mercenary corporation fell for the easy isk and juicy targets in outer ring, the mining and ratting heaven. A lot of money was made, at least 250 mil isk an hour and with her old friends and the new Nyan Cat Pirates she had loads of fun. The idea of owning a station and producing things for the black market faded away within the dark corners of her mind when she was stationed in Venal and saw our new allies from the Retirement Club lose one station after another against the CFC.

It didn’t matter. Even when 401K fell apart she had found new friends. Friends that were a little crazy like her and successful and awesome with their small gang roams. Roams she was used doing in the past, roams she loved. Part pilot and part doctrine measure success and The Nyan Cat Pirates were awesome at finding the right combination.

The new patch introduced and a new alliance was formed which demanded new setups. The Brutix Navy Issue, a beast of a ship, was needed for more dps against our heavier targets in FWST and the new Ishtar, which was already awesome, to kite those we can’t fight up close. The Scimitar is fast enough to keep up with the Ishtars, but the Ishtars lack capacitor when her neutralizers are demanded and we had to use the not so ideal slow Basilisks to supply the Ishtars with capacitor. A problem.

But when W4r Destined asked me to move Improved Mindflood boosters along, Stacey was suddenly jumping up and down telling me to wait while grabbing old papers. She had this great idea lurking there for all these years. Yes, Boosters are awesome for our Ishtar fit and the Blue Pill Boosters are nice for the logistic guys and yes, the X-instinct boosters make the small Nyan-Yo’s and Comets even smaller.

When I had put her idea up on the forum my fellow Nyan bro’s were actually quite positive about it, so I started to go ahead with the plan and move the 1.5 Bilion isk of pos modules and drug materials to set things up. Setting things up wasn’t easy though. Stacey had never owned a station, let alone a reaction link with a production link and I was worried.


*** Okt 19 ***


Setting up

7 PM

Everything was ready, she was ready and I was ready. Put the station into the Prorator and lets go Stacey, don’t be scared. The large station took 30 minutes to anchor and after that another 30 minutes to online. It needed fuel and Strontium and when that was inside the bay the shields went up. I had set up the password, standings to 0.0 and there I was anchoring the modules.

8 PM

It was lots of fun. You can place your modules anywhere and so I did at first. You can even put the hardeners outside the shields! But then I realized I had to put the guns and scramblers at strategic positions and so I spread them around as symmetrical as possible for the good looks and max coverage. Alright, everything is anchored, lets set up my reaction first. Stacey was in her lab coat with gas mask, but couldn’t figure out why the silo’s did not work? Everything was done right according to the guide. It is saying you need silo’s.

But after looking it up on the forum it is quite a common mistake rookie drug producers make. It has to be a General Storage. It is a silo, but does not have silo in its name and can not be found on the market under the silo tab. Nice CCP, well done. I went on putting the guns online and loading them up with ammo by flying to them one by one. It took a lot of time but at least the station was well defended.

11 PM

I want to set up the link as soon as possible, a large player owned station eats a lot of fuel. So I took the Prorator to pick them up from Amarr. A whooping run of 70 jumps trough enemy space times two!

2 AM

Finaly. After escaping 8! gatecamps with instant lock Lokies, Arazu’s with Rapiers, Heavy Interdictors and other nasty pirates leaving drones all over the place, I had brought some more ammo for the guns and of course the right silo’s. Ok, put in the reaction Stacey and be careful, we don’t want a huge explosion. Managing the computer she select the item to go from one Silo to the Reactor and another item from the Reactor to another Silo. From the Silo to … you get the point. It was complicated, but the reaction was put in. Only to find out that after 10 minutes it would reset! Why?

4 AM

The Lab also didn’t work. I had no roles assigned to access it, so Sockey would fix that for me. Unfortunately after trying everything it still didn’t work. He took a look at the lab and approved of its defenses. I had to put the standings to 0.1 though and he told me I was able to put ammo in the guns remotely from the station. Apparently they changed that after the patch and it sure made things a lot easier.

5 AM

The reactions don’t work, the lab doesn’t work. Stacey was tired and sitting in her ship like a wet towel thrown in the corner of the bathroom. I gave up and needed sleeps.


*** Okt 20 ***


POS in Production

The next morning EZ had to give me director roles for lab access after trying many many options. Director roles to run a station with a drug lab? Oh dear CCP! And for a moment I was afraid I had to put down the station or leave it to a director. Fortunately The Nyan Cat Pirates didn’t made such a fuzz about it, so I was able to access the Drug lab looking like a corp hangar as a new Nyan director! For a moment I thought the lab was a corp hanger and I wanted to petition CCP, but Brockmist the elite manufacturer, was send in to help me out. You have to put the blueprints into the main hangar inside the lab and access the lab from the station to produce things. I kept trying, but couldn’t find it.

I had already placed everything closer together this morning and tried it myself, when Brock entered the reaction. For me it didn’t work. All I saw was the same reset after 10 minutes, but it was close to downtime, so we had to check after that.

Hell yes! Stacey looked at the monitor and pointed while jumping a few times after making a little dance out of pure joy. The reaction was running, but nothing was happening yet. But she knew it takes an hour to start up and another hour to produce one batch of pills. So while waiting for that she went on a little roam where a few nice kills were had: + 80 mil pod and + pod. Again Rebirth was not so lucky:

I was tired but went back to my drug lab after the op was over and discovered that there were 15 pills in the Hazardous Silos. Stacey went trough the little pills and checked them out. So much trouble for such little things. It may not be finished yet, but it is the real deal. Nyan Cat Pirates, I don’t care if this station dies to a CFC, Jokers or renter blob in the next few days, you guys made my dream come true!!


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