Action Report 3: Grand Theft POS

Posted: March 5, 2014 in Action Reports

The girls were having fun in Huola, but were a bit on edge. The sun was nice and warm and all, but they had received a message from the Alliance that they were moving to a new system called KFIE-Z. And because the ladies had so much stuffs in FWST, they had no idea how they should move everything up. Oh well, lets just forget about it and enjoy the vacation some more.

But the next day Stacey got a new message on the comlink. She spew out what she had sipped from her drink and a loud ‘What, we are no longer alliance members? Bastards!’ sounded trough the bar making the other tourists raise up their head, which in response made Gaby her head turn red. ‘Hush Stacey, don’t worry about it. Things will be ok, we can fix this.’ she replied softly trying to cool things down. ‘Here, have another drink.’

The fellow tourists went back to their relaxing routine, but the bar tender sensing things weren’t going well for the ladies whispered to Stacey if she wanted to buy some drugs of him for a more relaxed holiday. Stacey freaked out: ‘You see this cat and bones tattooed on my ass! It stands for piracy and everything that comes with it, including drug manufacturing. If I wanted a fix I can get my own proper boosters. I bet you can’t even make Synth you litt …’ Gaby took Stacey by the arm, pulled her away from the bar and together they went back to the hotel leaving everyone staring at the bartender.

‘The EVE gods are against us, I swear Gaby.’ Gaby gently caressed Stacey across her back while the screen in the room reported another victory for the CFC. ‘Don’t worry about it love, I also received the news that some guys from Jihad might join us with their capital ships and the bartender just gave me a crazy idea, lets go.’

*** Feb 17 ***



The idea was a modest one, but one that would calm Stacey down for sure. A full Jumpfreighter filled with a control tower, defensive modules, ammunition, silo’s and most importantly a drug lab and all the stuffs that are needed to make juicy improved boosters had set sail to the new system KFIE-Z. Once there the system wasn’t as nice as FWST. The sun is a small red one within a dark scene where FWST was a bit more bright yellow. But the station itself had nice soft beds, a beautiful large window with a nice view across the system and the pirates here seemed to be more relaxed due to less traffic coming trough.

Time to move the ships. Over 3 mil m3 worth of ships and items all repackaged made a full Jumpfreighter and I was left with around 12 T2 fitted and rigged ships. Fortunately the members of Red Galaxy were sweet enough to protect the cyno’s and lending me a carrier. Within a few jumps everything was moved and I could start assembling the ships for the ladies.

While Gaby was having a blast with Crispy: + 22 mil pod, Stacey went out on a search for a nice spot for the tower. While she was looking for one she noticed someone left tons of pos modules like lasers, disruptors and hardeners out in space ready to be unanchored and brought to the station for selling. Overall it fetched a nice 150 mil worth of pos modules which all magically disappeared into the hangar. That should pay for the tower when we lose it in some silly way.

*** Feb 18 ***

Grand Theft POS

Unable to set up the tower due to issues between UFOOL and Disband. I went out to check on some sites instead. It didn’t take long for me to find a class 3 wormhole with a single large domination control tower in it. Normally it wouldn’t be such a big issue and I would have left, were it not that there was also a corp hangar on scan in the same direction and the shields were down. I launched my probes and with nothing on scan besides the tower and modules I warped over. Someone had unanchored the modules and the tower had only 25 minutes left on the timer. Awesome!

Now I could have kept the tower for myself, but not knowing how many people were in system cloaked up and just for the fun of it, I contacted the guys online, which were mostly HOS. On Teamspeak I told them about the tower and it didn’t take long to set up a fleet. Bombers got into position, but some got decloaked by the modules. We probably lost a kill because of that, but it was a nice opportunity to check what was in a can above the tower. It has a juicy Golem blueprint and being pirates we quickly took it back to base to hug it.

30 Seconds left on the tower guys, warp in the Sabre and cloaky haulers! (we had 3 just in case) The tower was scooped and a little bet went down in fleet chat with how much it was worth. In Jita they are selling for over 2500 million isk, which made this all worth it, quick and easy iskies for the alliance fund:


It’s a Test!

Immediately after the scoop we had to move though. A Test alliance fleet was reported in A-E and needed to be murdered by our mighty Ishtar / Scimitar fleet. Stacey joined up and warped to the Titan, but not being in alliance the tower opened fire. Fortunately everything was set right after that (don’t forget to set it back when I am back in the alliance!) and BLAAARG! we went straight into A-E.

After a quick warp we waited on the No Value tower where No Value had been busy fending off the hostiles and repairing modules. Check scan, they are at belt V guys. Ok, just hang on, wait for orders. Personally I would have just jumped the entire fleet there at 50k range, but we waited and waited and even switched fleets to join the No Value guys. The Test alliance members being less stupid than they appear had probed us down and warped at 5 km from us with their heavy dps shield Brutixes. Our kite fleet was in trouble.

Everyone burn to Station! I align and burn, but get tackled by one of the Interceptors and redboxed by almost the entire Test alliance fleet. While I see my microwarpdrive go offline our fleet warps away and everyone got confused asking who was warping who and where.

So there I was still being tackled and shot at by the hostile fleet who all made it on the kill because I had burned out a bit. While I died I didn’t care about Stacey her pod, I just cared about who initiated the warp and realized I was in a No Value fleet. Those dirty bastards at it again I thought while hearing EZ screaming orders on voice.

I left fleet and after grabbing a drink and something to eat I saw Stacey in a new clone mumbling on the coms with Gaby: ‘The Gods of EVE I tell you.’ Gaby shook her head: ‘Relax Stacey, all the Scimitar pilots died. The Ishtars owned the enemy fleet and won the fight:’

‘We should sell the Scimitars … buy Ishtars instead.’ Stacey mumbled some more, but Gaby shushed her: ‘We be joining the alliance soon and set up our booster production. Now get over here in your pod and I will put you in pj’s and fix you a hot coco.’


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