Stacey’s combat booster guide: Using combat boosters

Posted: March 5, 2014 in Other eve related things

Combat boosters are the drugs in eve online and very bad for your health. Actually, they are not, but CCP likes you to think that and made things overly complicated for new booster users and booster manufacturers. So I decided to write this guide for you guys to get to know the little pills that can give you the edge or push you over the edge during your pvp encounters.

Pills 2

Using combat boosters

1. Skills
2. Implants
3. Combat booster slots, types and stength
4. Using combat boosters
5. Moving combat boosters
6. Bonus, drawback chance and drawback
7. Which combat boosters should I use?
8. My favorite combat boosters

1. Skills

For everything in eve you need skills and combat boostsers are no exception. These are the basic skills you need to use boosters:

• Science 1 (A must for all the combat boosters)
• Biology 1 (For the use of Synth and Standard combat boosters)
• Biology 2 (For the use of Improved combat boosters)
• Biology 3 (for the use of Strong combat boosters)

Synth combat boosters have no side effects, but if you want to use better combat boosters I suggest training the following skills:

• Science 4 (A must for the Neurotoxin Control and Recovery skill)
• Biology 4 (Improves combat booster duration by 20% per level)
• Neurotoxin Control 4 (Decreases the severity of side effects by 5% per level)
• Neurotoxin Recovery 4 (Decreases the chance to get a side effect by 5% per level)

The Neurotoxin Recovery skill is worth 300 mil on the market because it can only be obtained by running combat gas sites in 0.0. So if you are low on isk and don’t use boosters often the skill isn’t worth it at all.

2. Implants

Slot 8 has 2 implants that help improve your biology skill: Eifyr and Co ‘Alchemist’ Biology BY 805 and 810 which improve your Biology with 5 and 10%.

Slot 9 has 2 implants that improve your Neurotoxin Control skill: Eifyr and Co ‘Alchemist’ Nanite Control NC 903 and 905, which improve your Neutorotoxin Control skill with 3 and 5%

Slot 10 has 2 implants that improve your Neurotoxin Recovery skill: Eifyr and Co ‘Alchemist’ Neurotoxin Recovery NR-1003 and NR-1005, which improve your Neutorxoin Recovery skill with 3 and 5%

Personally I would forget about these implants. They are not only expensive, but there are way better implants that have more effect on your ship in general. For instance a 3 or 5% armor upgrade implant gives your ship a bonus during the whole fight. While an implant to improve your Biology will only improve the booster you might be using during the fight.

3. Combat booster slots, types and strength

Every character has 3 booster slots below the implant slots, which are only visible when you use a combat booster. They can be filled with 32 types of boosters. 8 different kinds with 4 strengths. Do you still get it?


Ok here goes. On the market they can be found under the Implants & Boosters tab hidden away way below under boosters.

Slot 1 on your character is for general combat boosters, which are:

• Blue Pill (Shield Boost bonus)
• Exile (Armor Repair bonus)
• Mindflood (Capacitor Capacity bonus)
• X-Instinct (Ship Signature Radius reduction)

Slot 2 on your character is for gun combat boosters, which are:

• Drop (Turret Tracking bonus)
• Frentix (Turret Optimal range bonus)
• Sooth Sayer (Turret Falloff bonus)

And the last slot, slot 3 is for

• Crash (Missile Explosion Radius reduction)

Each of these 8 boosters are availlable in 4 different strenghts. The strength of a combat booster determines how much bonus and drawbacks you get and if they are legal in highsec or not.

• Synth combat boosters. These small combat boosters give a tiny bonus without any side effects. They are cheap, easy to make and can be carried around in highsec without any troubles.
• Standard combat boosters. These give a big bonus with a 20% chance to gain side effects. They are about 3 million isk each, are harder to make and illegal in highsec.
• Improved combat boosters. Even better, they give a bigger bonus, but also a bigger chance to gain side effects. They are about 10 million isk each, are even harder to make and also very illegal in highsec.
• Strong combat boosters. These are the best boosters around with a huge bonus. Problem is that they also come with huge drawbacks, are twice as expensive as Improved boosters and hard to make. Also don’t let the customs police catch you with these, else you have to say good bye to your precious iskies.

It is possible to use multiple combat boosters of different types and strengths as long as they don’t share a slot together. For example, you can use a Standard Blue Pill and a Strong Frentix at the same time, because they use slot 1 and 2. But an Improved Drop and a Synth Frentix are not done, because those both use slot 2.

4. Using combat boosters

So you bought a combat booster and want to use it. Put the combat booster in your cargo and left click on the booster. You will get the option consume. When you consume the combat booster the booster will appear under your character implants (if you have any) in the Augmentations slot with a timer displaying how long the booster and her effects will last.

Multiple boosters will all appear there with their separate timers. If you found out you popped the wrong booster there is no way back. You can’t cancel the process or use another booster, you’ll have to wait for the booster to wear off before you can use that slot again.

Changing ships also won’t do a thing, because the boosters act like implants. The only way to get rid off the booster without letting her wear off is being podded. Like the implants you had inserted the booster will be gone.

5. Moving combat boosters

Synth boosters can be moved throughout all of New Eden, but Standard, Improved and Strong boosters are considered illegal by all of the highsec factions. It doesn’t matter if your ship is super fast and cloaky, because the customs officers have a random chance of locking you up with their epic instant lock uber range warp disruptor, no matter in what type of ship you are in. Fortunately they only dwell around gates, so you are pretty safe when undocking with combat boosters. If you consume your booster you are also ok, they can’t scan your belly.

When you get caught a little message pops op that you have lost some standings and that a small fine has been drawn from your wallet. Also, if you hand over your illegal goods they will let you go. For example I moved 5 improved boosters and the fine was 230,000 isk with a standings loss of -0.02. Depending on what type of boosters and how many you are carrying this will be different of course.

If you want to keep your boosters select no when they ask you to hand them over. The customs officers will start attacking you and you’ll get flagged criminal for a short time. My advice is to burn back to the gate, jump trough and back and hope that they are blind again. Just beware of highsec members that like to shoot you, so transport in something fast, tanky and cloaky.

Of course you can move the boosters trough wormholes no problem, but the best way to move combat boosters is not moving them at all. Buy them in lowsec or have an alliance member like me produce them for the alliance instead.

Also nice to know is that you can’t contract any illegal combat boosters. People can only set up a buy order for them. So be careful not to put your illegal combat boosters in a container you want to contract to your alt or an alliance member in 0.0 while you are doing some trading in Jita.

6. Bonus, drawback chance and drawback

Each combat booster gives a bonus to a certain attribute. For example a Blue Pill gives a bonus to Shield Boost Amount. This bonus is a solid bonus, which means that even if you have 3 tracking enhancers, a Frentix booster will still have a full range bonus on top of all your turret range penalties.

Besides the Synth combat booster all other types have drawbacks. For each drawback there is a drawback chance which is low or high depending on your booster strength and skills.

For example the Improved Exile booster has a 25% Armor Repair bonus, but a 30% chance to get a 25% Armor Hitpoint penalty, a 25% Turret Tracking penalty a 25% more Missile Explosion Radius and a 20% Capcitor Capcity penalty. That means that with just your biology level 2 skill you will get the following bonuses:

Slot 1 Improved Exile, all bonusses and drawbacks last 36 minutes.

• 100% chance to get the 25% Armor Repair Bonus.
• 30% chance to get 25% less Armor Hitpoints
• 30% chance to get 25% less Turret Tracking on all turrets
• 30% chance to get 25% more Missile Explosion Radius on all missiles
• 30% chance to get 25% less Capacitor Capacity

Lets say we have the Biology skill trained to level 4. The duration of the booster will now become 36 minutes + (2 levels) 40% = 56 minutes. If we have the Neurotoxin Recovery skill to level 4 the drawback chance will decrease to 30% – 4 * 5% = 24%. And the severity of the drawbacks will decrease to 25% – 4 * 5% = 20% if we have the Neurotoxin Control skill trained to level 4.

Slot 1 Improved Exile, all bonusses and drawbacks last 56 minutes.

• 100% chance to get the 25% Armor Repair Bonus.
• 24% chance to get 20% less Armor Hitpoints
• 24% chance to get 20% less Turret Tracking on all turrets
• 24% chance to get 20% more Missile Explosion Radius on all missiles
• 24% chance to get 20% less Capacitor Capacity

But Stacey, that is still a lot of drawbacks! Well, not so much actually. Each drawback will be individually calculated, which means that for each drawback your chance got from about 1/3 to 1/4 th. This means that the chance that you will end up with 0 drawbacks is way bigger than you ending up with all drawbacks, even though you still have the chance of getting all the drawbacks.

7. Which combat boosters should I use?

Before using a combat booster check which ship you are flying and what type of weapons you are using. If you are flying a turret based shield ship and 2 of your drawbacks are armor and missiles it is probably a good idea to use the booster. But if you are using an active shield tanked Vagabond and are thinking about bringing Frentix boosters for more range, you might want to check the drawbacks and try another one.

Also a big mistake I made in the past was thinking that the Exile and Blue Pill combat boosters worked on remote armor and shield repairers. They don’t, so forget about bringing those when in a logistics ship.

8. My favorite combat boosters

Synth X-instinct for all types of frigates and destroyers.

Standard Exile for the Vengeance or Vexor and Standard Mindflood for the Curse, Scimitar or Oneiros.

Improved Blue Pills for the Vagabond, Sleipnir or Maelstrom.

Improved Exile for the Deimos, Sacrilege, Myrmidon, Dominix and Archon.

Improved Mindflood for the Archon and Dreadnought.


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