Battle report 17: The Nyan Cat Pirates do whatever they like to do!

Posted: March 5, 2014 in Battle Reports

Stacey and Gabryella were back after spending 6 months on Huola III. It was a well deserved vacation they needed after killing hundreds of pilots and repairing even more during their three years of non stop roaming troughout highsec, lowsec and 0.0 space. But the holydays were over and the girls felt like doing business again. A transport was arranged and a few days later the two ladies were standing in a new station in Hobhip, or is it Hophib … no wait … oh whatever.

In the bar lots of old friends gave them a warm welcome with a bunch load of pirate hugs and kissing on the wrong places. Fortunately their hearts were at the right places and Sockey even had a special bottle of rum preserved which he looted from an FCON Titan pilot that had died an epic death in QPO-WI. It had a deliciously dark aftertaste, but gave them a nasty headache the next morning.

***  Aug 2  ***


I got a nasty headache too when the first messages of ops were pumped into the alliance channel. Get on NC TS, get on Nulli TS, get into this intel channel, get into that intel channel, prepare Dominix, prepare T1 cruisers, move, talk, undock, target everything, somebody fire! So after a short break again I started to join the first few alliance ops. Unfortunately their battles didn’t go so well. Most of my logistics bros had died and as the little pussy I am I had warped out my Scimitar as soon as I got red boxed by tons of enemies. At a deep safe I waited for the screams to stop and it didn’t take long for the fleet commander to warp his fleet to me and safe whatever was left of the fleet.

Unfortunately I got stuck inside the system because of a disconnect and got camped in by a Rupture that decided to engage my Scimitar. If he had a friend on the other side of the gate he would have gotten me, but fortunately for me he didn’t and quietly I waited for an opportunity in BYXF-Q. Eventually Grann Thefauto had to safe me and together with Captpoopypants from Mildly Intoxicated (thanks for pushing the Ruppy trough kind sir) we killed the annoying Goon and his pod: + pod. Yes ladies and gentlemen, my first kill after six months is an annoying little bee. Stacey is back on the killboard!


***  Aug 7  ***

After drinking a good sip of my vodka I bought in Poland I joined my first Nyan ops after 6 months. We had a superb fleet concept, one I hadn’t seen before and probably our enemies neither. We had 9 Execucats (Execuror Navy Issue Cruisers), 3 Scimitars, 3 Linking ships and 3 tacklers, all perfectly balanced, a dangerous fleet for sure as our first victim discovered while trying to reproach the gate in her Transport ship: + pod

We felt confident and moved all over the place knocking on doors throughout Delve and Fountain. Unfortunately no one would answer our mews and cute staring, not even the 90 goons that would just undock a Devoter and Abaddon to try and hope we would suicide our awesome setup by the sheer sight of those ships. Of course we didn’t and disappointed we went back home. During the whole op I only had to repair a few shields because a silly Goon had dropped a bomb on us which did laughable little damage. Another bomber was less fortunate for running into us though: + pod.

After that I joined another few ops with our new coalition members in a Scythe repair cruiser. But unlike the Scimitar she doesn’t repair well and has no gun to get any kills with. But the op went great and we had an awesome fleet commander who knew what he was doing even when facing a superior CFC HAC fleet that tried to ambush us. Sockey got some nice kills during that op while I had him on my watch list the whole time:, and


***  Aug 9  ***

Our alliance was at war with the TAXU alliance and loving high sec wars I had transferred Stacey and Gabryella to the enemy home system of Madirmilire. But with the Nyancat Pirates and the alliance far away in Hophib, I found myself all alone today against 3 red blinky enemies, all too eager to kill a little girl in a Harbinger. Luckily Sockey said we were going on an op and that he needed logistics again. I decided to move Stacey back, but unfortunately she was still stuck in her jump clone, so I had to use Gabryella this time. Ah well, she has the same logistics skills as Stacey and she needed a day out of her comfort zone she had created in her mission Ishtar anyway.

It was a bit used to with all the tape and scrap metal, but back inside her faithful Scimitar Gabryella headed towards our Titan pilot, who told us that he would take all our rum if we kept bumping him. It wouldn’t take long before we had a nice simple Nyan-Yo fleet at the Titan with some tacklers: 1 Vexor, 1 Hurricane and 2 Scimitars and of course several link ships as backup. BLAAARG! we went.

Our op started off great when a new pilot, who was probably just exploring this game and its many dangerious pitfalls, jumped into the system and warped straight towards our gate. As he jumped trough so did we and a few swift seconds later we had shown the poor pilot the true power of EVE: + pod. After I had repaired our friend Cowok in his Jaguar, we set sail towards one of the most dangerous regions of EVE: Syndicate!

Ah syndicate. A region of which they say is filled with all sorts pirates and carebears trying to test their firepower onto one another. The ideal ground for pirates like us. It didn’t take long before we discovered a black ops gang with 4 Redeemers and a few Panther black ops ships in TXW-EI. We feared they would just cloak up unless they were smart bomb fit, which these weren’t. And even then they wouldn’t be a match for our fleet with the two logistics and links making our frigates able to get out of smart bomb range in a jiffy. Too bad.

But Sockey ordered us to get on the gate anyway inside the system and with the whole fleet we waited for a bit wondering what the Rote Kapelle guys would do. Suddenly a Nemesis bomber showed up right in between our fleet and by accident decloaked a Panther which was now caught inside our bubble. Sockey immediately told us to get into our optimal ranges and open fire at will. Guns were blazing and for a moment I thought the Panther pilot would use smartbombs, but he had none and his friends didn’t show up either. In fact, he died really fast and I remembered just in time to lock him up and activate the only gun on my ship to make it on the killmail: + 23 mil pod.

The Nemesis got away, but we cheered and yarrs echoed trough the systems comlinks. For a moment I even had to repair our own members when our joy made some fingers slip and minor skirmishes were had over the precious loot. Eventually all went well when we decided to give it all to our fleet booster, simply because he was the only one with a cloak and most likely the only one that would made it back home in one piece. We waited, hoping Phatstabley his friends would be foolish enough to try and see what was going on or to take revenge, but unfortunately they were smart enough to stay at their pos or stay cloaked until we would leave. Which we did.

Best speed towards our new destination was ordered and with an incredible speed we ran trough Syndicate making people dock, cloak or run in fear. We didn’t have to wait long for a new fight though, because in VLGD-R a couple of Battleships with Battlecruiser support were reported in the system doing something. While some of us entered system, we thought they had ran to a pos or towards their station, but suddenly Gudius yelled on TS that they were shooting a customs office at planet 6. Mal immediately warped over and launched a bubble right in the middle of them, while our entire fleet jumped in and warped towards our tacklers which one by one started calling points on several targets.

As I entered the field I landed right inside Mal his bubble, but burned out straight away and started my repairs. Drones were deployed and assigned and for a moment Gudius and reaTh got into trouble, but were repaired quickly with a few repair cycles of Bnizzles’ Scimitar and of course mine as well. One of the Drakes started burning towards me and locked me while the first Drake died a slow death. I had to burn away a bit leaving the fleet to fight it out, but with a speedy run straight trough our fleet I had my damaged buddies locked up again and had spread the so much loved shield repairs. The enemy fleet was in deep trouble and a Cyclone responded to his friends distress signal by warping onto the field. He was primary right away, but probably stabbed or aligned he quickly left the field again. The Typhoon dipped into structure and a Manticore died as now a Dominix decided to help them out. But unlike the Cyclone pilot he did get locked up and while I repaired Crispyskin and Bnizzle, he died a slow and painful death. The two remaining drake pilots were doomed and I can only imagine the begging and screaming and eventually sudden silence their helpless buddies had to endure. Yarr!

Precious loots were taken and we played a bit with our targets at the station hoping to satisfy our hunger for more loot. A harbinger, Cynabal and Vexor decided to take a peek, but wouldn’t engage us. Sockey ordered us to move on and back at the gate they got into Battleships, so we waited for a bit again. Unfortunately they didn’t commit and we left the field hoping to find other targets. Overall it was an amazing fight in which no one died and the Nyancat Pirates even did something they normally never do, they got tackle on almost all of the ships on the field!

On our way home we managed to decloak a cloaky Tengu, but failed to capture it by a mere second of lock speed and back home someone reported one of the ships that is new to me, a Gnosis battlecruiser.  He and his friends never showed their faces though, which was a wise thing to do. Not only did we manage to get awesome kills which made us epic pirates with morale +5, but we also had precious loots to defend.

Back in the station Gaby threw herself on the couch with some fries, while the other pirates bought some of the pretty women at the bar, sipped some rum or stashed away their loots to go on another roam led by Ezeria. People say that the Nyancat Pirates and friends are becoming legendary with their weird doctrines and epic tails of epic battles in epic ships sound throughout Aridia. Whatever those stories may be, our killboard doesn’t lie. We are the Nyancat Pirates and we are awesome pirates!


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