Battlereport 18: The Nyan Cat Pirates to the rescue!

Posted: March 5, 2014 in Battle Reports

Today was one of those days where I shouldn’t be online playing EVE and after I watched the new episodes of Dexter and Breaking Bad I just wanted to update the skill queue on Stacey and Gabryella. But these are also the days where EVE offers all the goodies it has, the best fleets, the best fights, the best kills. That’s just how the law of conversely proportionality works. So when Ezeria told me I was right on time to get on a Police Comet roam I didn’t want to join, it didn’t take me long to make up my mind about it and joined up anyway.

*** Aug 12 ***


Our Titan pilot stared at us with contempt from the large bridge of his ship, as we warped towards him at range with 9 Federation Navy Comets, 1 Rifter and 1 Sabre. Stacey was ready, the Titan pilot was ready, the fleet was ready and within a few seconds we were at our destination in Sakht, still there at the edge of Delve. Just one jump away into Delve in 1-SMEB we got greeted by Randy Way in a bomber, but we failed to catch him and he cloaked up and awaited his turn. As we warped to our next gate we landed inside one of the bubbles and guess who had warped to us as well, but cloaked and with a bomb armed. As I used my microwarpdrive to get to the gate an em damage bomb went off and got me to 30% armor. Unfortunately for Sockey the bomb went straight for him and he lost our only tackle: The perfect start of a Nyan op.

After I had repaired up my ship an Amarr Navy Slicer decided to play with us and Captain Kanki went straight for it in his interceptor hoping we would warp after him. We did, but the Slicer Pilot managed to burn out of range and killed Captain Kanki his Claw just as we got to him: T-101 got a bit cocky though and got too close to Smelly, who scrambled him and killed the Slicer easily:

More and more people decided to join our little fleet and we moved on. After a few jumps deeper into Delve Smelly spotted our bomber pilot again, but now in a Bellicose. Unfortunately we had no logistics with us and Smelly died:, while we warped to our target with our sirens on and punished him for his crimes: + pod.

We waited a bit for our fleet to gather up and we moved on towards the Renegades Council, who certainly remembered us colorful cats killing a frigate and an interdictor on our yesterdays Nyan-Yo roam. On the YZ9-F6 gate a Legion was spotted sitting on the gate. Warpdrives grinded into gear and we put on our sirens again and sped our way to this very juicy target. If we would manage to kill it, it would turn our now unsuccessful op instantly into a successful one. Hades72, the Legion pilot, jumped trough after taking armor damage from a few of our Comets and we expected him to bait on the other side and he was. But we didn’t care. In YZ9-F6 we had the Legion scrammed and webbed with all of our ships and it was taking heavy damage even when all his friends warped on top of us. Cheers were had as the Legion exploded into tiny little peaces, but Sockey quickly calmed us down and the second broadcast got up: target the Cynabal!

My overview was filled with reds and I got locked by a Flycatcher and decided to engage him instead. At 30% shields he got repairs and I decided to break free to get the Cynabal too. It exploded just as I locked it up, but the Huginn was next. Damage came in, but our Comets got killed one by one. For a moment I thought I’d be next, but I was just shot and tackled by an Ares and he got my drones on him. With lots of trouble the Huginn died and a few Comets got killed in the proces. The Scythe was next, but being tackled again by the Ares I also missed out on his death. I was close to the Manticore though and got top damage on him when Sockey called him as primary. Last was the Thorax, while Sockey asked in fleet which one of us was still alive. I was and burned out of the bubbles to warp to a planet at range. Too bad though, because together with Smelly I could have killed the Sabre. It was still an awesome battle, one that pissed off the Renegades for sure. Not only did they lose an expensive Legion, but 10 frigates destroyed their bigger, better and more expensive fleet:

There was just one problem now. Sheltark decided to jump out of the system to move on, but got killed by what was left of the enemy fleet and they also had reinforcements now:, so little Stacey was stuck inside the system and a rescue team had to be formed. Ezeria decided to form up an emergency Nyan-Yo fleet with Scimitar support and in a record time of 5 minutes the fleet was underway. While I was sitting at my safe spot I could hear Mal saying that he almost had a Tornado tackled. But the fleet couldn’t reach the Battlecruiser and after firing a few shots at Mal he had warped away. ‘They are actually coming for me, that is so sweet’, I thought while a Hurricane was found sitting at the gate praying on frigates. The evil Goon was pushed trough and the fleet obliterated her ship and smashed her pod:

There they were. My beloved friends and friendly ship bumps were had. Me and 1Laertis were the only Nyan Police Comets that had survived the onslaught of this op. Fortunately though, because soon after I managed to get on a Pizza delivery boy kill, who thought that jumping trough a gate with a fleet jumping after him and sitting cloaked for the fleet to make a move was a great idea. My overheated web and scrambler landed fast: + pod.

Back in 1-SMEB we met the Tornado again with a Sabre and Malediction guarding their gatecamp, but we couldn’t catch them in time. So we started killing all of their bubbles and cans instead. Dj Zlo showed up in his Wolf in the meantime and probably had some sweet music on while watching us from 350km away. We kept shooting a medium bubble when Smelly got a point on him. Probably too occupied watching us clean up the system DJ discovered that 0.0 can be as dangerous as it can be funny:

Stacey went back home to Hophib or Hibhop, or whatever and sat behind the bar again, satisfied and sipping from a nice bottle of rum. A few station workers had unloaded her ship, which was stuffed with loots people had left behind on the battlefield and a friendly girl in a green outfit was informing her all was brought to cargobay 6. ‘This will fetch a nice price on the market’, Stacey replied. ‘But as long as the other pirates won’t figure it out. So this is between us ok? Now hush, go.’ The girl nodded and left, while Stacey ordered another bottle and joined her friends singing pirate songs with the occasional wehuwehu sounds in between. Op success!


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