Battlereport 19: A new home with new chances

Posted: March 5, 2014 in Battle Reports


The Nyan Cat Pirates left The Retirement Club Alliance due to the fact that our doctrine fits didn’t fit in with their play style and also the fact that they had no sense of direction what so ever. So we decided to go where the fights were and those were in Delve. Delve, the region that has so much sweet history between BOB and Goons and not to mention the many smaller alliances that fought over it over the past ten years and are fighting over it yet again. Time for us to join in on the action!

Our new base was FWST-8. Owned by the Blood Raider Covenant this system and a small region around it is the perfect place for us pirates to hang out without having the fear of the station being shot or even locked down. Unfortunately both Stacey and Gaby don’t like the local pirates that much. They are big, they don’t say a lot and they look at you like they want your blood for some dark ritual. These ladies have guns and teeth though, so they won’t get any without a fight, but the Guristas Pirates in Venal would at least try and kill you in a more decent and thus more predictable way.

We had our ups and downs at first. Not only did Gabryella have a fight with a big Blood Raider pirate who was put down on the floor drinking his own blood, but Nyan had some epic fights as well with the local capsuleers hanging out around the system: Slowly kills and losses started to poor in and the locals got to know us a bit. Mostly how fail we were, but also not to underestimate the power of Nyan. We also tried figuring out who was red and who were reds or reds being red reds who are red to re … I had set everyone to pink instead, which caused hilarious killmails:

But losing a lot of ships took its toll and the market was bad. To cover some of our losses, isk-week was announced and we weren’t allowed to shoot other capsuleers. It was very boring. Lots of corp mates had locked themselves up in their rooms out of protest and wouldn’t come out until they were allowed to yarrr again. Instead of dong that I made quite a bit of money running missions with my dual remote repair Ishtars. But even that got boring and I broke the rules and tried shooting some locals in FWST-8. Gabryella had to pay the price for it and I bet Ezeria had paid CCP to sneakily disable her cloaking device: + 20 mil pod. Fortunately my old friend Jordan, who has billions of isk and still owes me an Orca, felt sorry for poor Gaby and gave her a brand new Rapier fully fitted and ready to go. Now to get it to Delve, thanks Jordan!

*** Aug 30 ***


Good morning Stacey! I should not be online today, but working on school. But who cares. You know what they say: if you don’t want to play, kills will come your way. And it was true, a poor cyno pilot had to pay the price of cynoing a Jumpfreighter into the system, but knowing how frustrating it is to get your Jumpfreighter into the right place I had let the second one go:

Apparently an op was called at 10:00, but the op caller wasn’t online, so I had to put Stacey on a short leave. I found her back an hour later dragging an angry blood raider behind her across the floor. They are starting to fit in I thought and it was time to undock. Archeras in a nasty Thrasher was spotted and he was a pain in the ass. Lyam was engaged outside of the station and needed help, so I undocked Stacey in a Comet and burned towards him. Unfortunately Lyam exploded and the Trasher managed to get away in deep structure:

Angered by this more Nyan Cat Pirates started undocking in small stuffs and Archeras warped back to the station and docked up. While Stacey was busy finishing unfinished business, he undocked and engaged Sheltark this time. Ready to help out his friend, Chevron undocked in a bomber, but with the high alpha of the Howitzers both died a quick death:, Fortunately Lyam had the right ship pointed now and Stacey helped out with tackling during those last seconds:

Feeling brave Archeras told us that we lost so many over a single Thrasher and I told him that I hadn’t lost anything. Stacey would be next he said and he wasn’t lying. All Nyan-yo’s report to the PR- gate, quick! A Goon Drake had jumped trough and was wondering what to do with all these sirens going off around him. I had warped in Stacey in an Oneiros at 50km range and landed on grid as soon as the drake engaged Foot Foot. Right on time my repairers landed and he got saved while the Drake was turned into scrap metal: But guess who showed up right on top of me? Right, Mr. Thrasher. He opened fire, but when my shields went down 6 angry police comets were ready to punish him for his crimes.

He got away though and I was ordered to head back to the station. Lyam found him at the sun and together with the other comets they warped at different ranges. As he was engaged I knew I would never make it in time. Another Comet died:, but so did the Thrasher again: He did come back again, but we had copied his trick and almost alpha’d him in a Tornado.

Bubbles don’t catch people mid warp I found out. After setting one up local spiked and I could hear the Nyans hissing on coms. A large CFC fleet had jumped in to take revenge on their lost Drake and with at least 4 battlecruisers, 2 Cynabals, 1 Scythe, a Lachesis and support they chased us trough the system and camped us into the station. The great art of smack talk was applied against us in local. I found two ways to counter this and both need skills:

1. You can do it the Ladies way. Smack talk back at your opponent and make them angry enough to do silly things.

In NM-OEA my sister had lost her Scimitar to a Cynabal and a Falcon that jammed my Cerberus while running a site: She was so furious they used a Falcon that she decided to express her frustrations in local towards the guys when they told us we were noobs.

We did not know sis was a pro and neither did these idiots of course. They took the bait. If this was in Jita even spammers would be silent for a moment to enjoy the fun of them being ridiculed for everything they said. Me, Rebirth and Eck wanted to join in, but just couldn’t keep up with her and after a good hour of pure enjoyment reading all her cleverly hidden or prepared insults we witnessed how the guys logged off, most likely out of sheer frustration. Sis won!

2. You can do it the Men’s way. Show them that you are not to be messed with and fight.

The Nyan Cat Pirates are those kind of pirates. I hinted on coms that we should use the Execucats and fortunately we did. We undocked and Stacey and Gabryella were both ready with their Scimitars, me dual boxing like old times.

A bit of doubt crossed our minds with this many against us, but we got over that and one of the Cynabals was primary when Klaseth had a point on him by accidently warping back to the station. It died pretty fast and got us an epic killmail: One by one the enemies started to realize they should actually shoot something back. Gaby was primary and Stacey was dampened by their Lachesis. To no avail though as I had ordered Stacey to repair Gaby and to follow Gaby on her way towards the Execucats while she was repairing fleet members. It was complicated and I had to click a lot, but it worked.

William in his Hurricane was next and died shortly after, the Scythe not being able to repair the crazy amount of dps a bunch of angry Execucats put out: . My repairs held perfectly even when they started rotating trough targets. Realizing they weren’t going to win this fight the FA members started docking up or warping out. Unfortunately for some of the Hurricane pilots they were still aggressed and tackled when the call for spreading points was made:, + pod.

Our last victim was a RRiak. He decided to engage Klaseth, but with 6 shield repairers the Comet never even got into armor and RRiak and his Harpy got their wings clipped: Loots and laughs were spread and the rum flowed rich after the gf’s were put in local. We didn’t even get any replies back, our enemies had left, silenced by our silly faction cruisers. We won, YARRR!!

But Stacey and Gabryella weren’t done yet. One of our corp members was sad and for a good reason. Gudius had missed out on this epic battle and had just logged on when we were looting the wrecks. But a couple of CFC and Initiative guys had put up a small gate camp in PR-8CA consisting out of a Zealot, Caracal, Stiletto, Sabre and a Jaguar. We figured it would be nice to give them a little surprise and with me dual boxing the Oneirossesses to keep Gudius alive we torn them apart swiftly and efficiently: and his friend in the Caracal:, who confirms that they are working together. Reds of reds are blue? No, red plus reds are red of re … screw this, I’ll set them all pink!


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