Battlereport 20: The Nyan Cat Pirates are going wild!

Posted: March 5, 2014 in Battle Reports

After a short nights sleep I grabbed some food and checked out our killboard like I always do. I suddenly had a huge smile on my face. Some kills are unexpected and just do that to me, like this one: For those that haven’t seen the killboard yet, go check it out right now and smile too. After today the Nyan Cat Pirates are now a phenomenon within the small Blood Raider region of Delve.

*** Aug 31 ***


It all started with a Hurricane that was trapped inside the station after the Nyan bro’s killed some of his friends this morning: pod and + pod. He undocked from time to time to dock back up, which was a smart move, because we were first with 5 and within 10 minutes with 16! Nyan pirates in local representing the Australian / European pvp squad.

A Customs Office was being shot at in I3Q-II and the guys all undocked in Execucats with Silver in a Sabre, Rebirth in a Stabber, Gudius in a Talos and me and Brock in Scimitars to back the whole thing up. We hadn’t even left system or the first guy died to our mighty blasters: + pod. On the other side a couple of interceptors and assault cruisers were on their way towards us and got caught in the bubbles placed next to the gate in YZ9-F6.

Most interceptors and bombers managed to get out, but Joe in his Slasher: died quickly and Mzenon in his Wolf made a piloting error, stopped and got one hit by Gudius: + pod. We stayed a bit as more people jumped into local, but unfortunately they were on their way home in pods. We helped them to reach it a bit faster and local emptied, while our killboard filled up.

The Customs Office was still being shot at, even when Silver jumped into system and by accident warped to the wrong office. While he warped to the right one we jumped in and warped after him. Bubbles went up and the repairs were spread. Unfortunately some of the guys managed to get away, but we snatched a couple of nice kills and finished off the poco: Unfortunately Rebirth was busy killing stuffs on his own and told us to get ready and warp to him. But what he didn’t know was that we were still on the Office. As he reported he was shot I arrived on the gate, but he told us it was too late: He was pissed and left back to our home base while we tried killing things.

It didn’t work and we went back home. Foot Foot had snatched a Venture killmail in the meanwhile though: and I gave Rebirth a Nyan-Yo to join us on our next op, killing a gate camp in 1DH-SX. He took the ship, but didn’t want to join, which was his own loss, because we were epic. At first our targets got away and we only managed to grab a Thrasher: + 198 mil! pod: We chased after a Proteus that had jumped trough a couple of times as they would reform a fleet. He was cloaky, but we managed to decloak him in PR about 15km from the gate. Blasters blasted as fast as they could before he would reach the gate to jump out again, but unfortunately we had no webs and he was fast enough to reach the gate at 50% armor. Ah too bad, but we did kill a TEST Kestrel and his 90 mil! pod:, when suddenly an Armageddon was reported jumping into us.

Scramblers went off while Xazier tried reapproaching the gate at a velocity of 80 m/s. We had learned from our failure to not bump the Proteus, so this time we had to do it right. At first we failed again, but when he almost reached the gate a few good bumps made sure he could never reach the gate again. Without deploying his drones he died a slow death: + 46 mil pod.

On the other side a small fleet had warped to the gate and Smelly and Silver were engaged. I jumped trough and applied the much needed repairs. A Talwar and Caracal were primary and for a moment I had burned away from the fleet at 50km range to sit back and relax and enjoy the onslaught. Suddenly I was being locked by a Stabber Fleet Issue and shot at at close range. Brock repaired my shields, while with their Microwarpdrives on, my Enyo friends tackled the Stabber and showed him who the new bosses of Delve are. A Harpy got into the fight as well while 2 bombers decloaked to launch bombs. They were shot at before they could even harm us and a Hound died while a Purifier left in low Armor. It was an epic fight on which over 800 Milion isk was destroyed and the precious loots were taken back home of course:

We had no time to celebrate though. Rebirth, who had realized he had missed out on some pretty sweet kills, had joined the fun again and reported that a small Jokers cruiser gang was camping the FWST-8 gate in YZ9-F6. Unfortunately the guys warped out right when Smelly put up his bubble, so we had to do with just a few kills : + 50 mil pod,, 3 Caracals decided to play with us inside the system and we tried catching those instead. But all they did was warp in at range and when we finally had them bubbled, our tackler Silver died before we could reach him to apply repairs and them to apply secondary tackle:

In the meanwhile our CFC friends had gathered up a fleet again to counter our Enyo fleet and we grabbed our Tweed Fleet to show them who’s boss again. They had many ships now with at least a few battecruisers, 3 Thoraxes, lots of assault frigates and support and even a Scimitar as backup. At first my Nyan bro’s were a little skittish, but with me and Sockey also online to grab Oneirossesses and links we would be ok. The Caracals remained playing with their lives as Rebirth tried catching them, but after awhile we left them alone and went to the 1DH gate in PR-8CA with 1 Zealot, 1 Comet, 6 Deimosses and 3 Oneirossesses.

Warp in at 0 and you will land right inside the bubble and so we did. Foot Foot and Gabryella were primary. Poor Gaby had over 30 drones on her, but I had little EM smartbombs fitted instead of a whore gun and pretty colors took care of all those nasty ECM drones jamming her. One by one our enemies died. First a Talwar and a Sabre: and second a Hurricane and one of the Harpies, putting our kill count at 4 in a matter of seconds.

Greedy eyes went to the poor and lonely Scimitar pilot Desiree now. Having agro for repairing her friends she was pinned at the gate and violated by our many blasters firing their deadly ammo onto her. With her down: the CFC panicked and burned away from us while we grabbed points on anything we could. A Thorax died too and Rtard got a Manticore while Rebirth chased down a Zealot which had warped to planet 6: Miracles do exist or is it just his everlasting will to hunt down someone until he is dead, something Rebirth is famous for. He managed to tackle the Zealot and we warped after him to finish this fight and go home being very happy pirates:

Overall it was an awesome day on which we have shown that The Nyan Cat Pirates are not to be messed with. Especially after downtime when we have a lot of greedy and dedicated pilots online ready to kick some serious ass. YARRR!!!


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