Battlereport 22: A few good kills

Posted: March 5, 2014 in Battle Reports

Like you guys all know, the holidays are over, work and school are lurking, the misses are getting annoyed and EVE online is pushed aside a bit. It isn’t bad at all of course, after all it is just a game. But I see less and less people online to kick some CFC asses after downtime and less and less people online in the evening when running missions with my two ladies in their Mishtars.

Fortunately the few guys that are online and facing a huge force manage to get some epic kills, often just by being bold enough to engage.

*** Sep 10 ***



Stacey was trapped. Trapped as in trapped inside a station with over a hundred angry CFC guys ready to plug all her ships holes with a major blobfest. At first Brock got online and together with Yoh Ling, Fifth and Mal we tried rescuing her and her freshly bought 80 mil Scimitar. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to safe poor Stacey, there were just too many evil guys outside the station and we went back home. But Mal was eager, eager to kill something and he undocked with his Hawk to check out a small gang coming trough FWST-8. They were in a Rupture, Myrmidon, Caracal and a Firetail and with Stacey away we would have no chance to engage them with just an Enyo, a single Execucat and a Scimitar.

So they moved along and I could see them pop up in 1DH-SX with their gang. The Myrmidon and Firetail were killed easily by the many CFC camping the gate and for a moment I thought about escaping. Unfortunately a few smart CFC members were still outside camping and I decided to focus on Gabryella her Scimitar while Mal jumped into PR-8CA when a Stabber got reported. At first the Stabber pilot was a bit shy (nyans are dangerous), but eventually Mal caught it at around 70 from the gate and we jumped into the system. Gaby her repairs landed, but weren’t really needed as the Stabber dropped fast. Maybe Mal should have solo’d this kill, so we don’t look like pussies always needing support on the killboard. On the other hand, they use the same tactics, so what the hell: + pod.

The few guys in 1DH decided to return back home after losing their leader to the big red blob and the Caracal and Rupture warped straight to FWST-8 where we were waiting for them. The Rupture managed to get away in time, but the Caracal decloaked inside our lock range and was locked up and killed easy, his rockets doing damage to Brock his Nyan-Yo, but not enough for my repairers to handle: Eventually nothing but a Rupture remained of the once fearsome 4 man fleet that had passed trough our home system in search for some small gang pvp.

We camped a bit in PR-8CA and almost got a few kills, like a Malediction that managed to get away just in time. Unfortunately we couldn’t catch anything else and went home. There Mal logged and it was just a few guys left when the CFC decided to take a look with 6 assault frigates, a Gnosis, Loki and a cloaky guy, probably in a Falcon or Bomber. Of course we called it a night. It was a little op, really short, maybe 1 hour or so. But it was a nice op on which we got a few cruiser kills. Nothing big, nothing fancy, but it was fun, especially luring the CFC out for nothing. And hang on in there Stacey, we will get you out!

*** Sep 11 ***


Welcome back Stacey! She had locked herself inside her ship with all these nasty looking figures in the bar and inside the station. Today would be a great day and perhaps she would be able to get out. At first she didn’t when an Ares and a Cynabal were outside camping. I decided to get into PR-8CA with Gabryella instead and spotted a Stabber Fleet Issue on the 1DH gate messing around with the rats. He was a good 150km away and there weren’t many people in the station or nearby, so a perfect opportunity to catch an expensive ship by surprise.

Slowly I got in closer with the Rapier while I asked Brock, who was very tired and was just changing skills, to get into fleet and Jim who had nothing else but a Huginn. It would be perfect, we didn’t even need repairs with the Rapier and Huginn holding him down and Brock dealing the much needed hurt. It would be fast, quick and painful for the unsuspected pilot. We got really unlucky though. Just as we were ready to execute our plan the SFI warped away while I was at 40km range and he jumped back into 1DH-SX and went home. Damn!

It took a few minutes for him to get back and with a good reason. They were moving expensive PVE fitted Navy Battleships around and needed all the help they could get. It was the perfect opportunity for Stacey. When she undocked there was just an Ares, but he warped away and the undock was free. Freedom at last as Stacey warped to a tactical safe at the PR- gate and waved good bye at the Cynabal pilot. She hopped into system with just a few reds around. At first I was scared that a bomber, that decloaked right beside her, would lock her up. But he was smart enough not to with Gaby nearby and after a short warp Stacey was happily sitting on the station in PR-8CA, away from all these nasty reds.

A large Megathron Navy Issue had jumped in together with a 10 man support gang and with just a few guys in fleet we just couldn’t take on such an overwhelming force. But, the gate was clear and Stacey had made it home with her cheap Scimitar and was quickly hugged by her best friends. Welcome back luv!

Taking out the escorts

It was boring. Boring, boring and again boring. Gaby was asleep and Stacey needed action. Now with Yoh online as well and Fifth in system it was still really quiet, but fun on TS. For a moment I scanned down a wormhole and things seemed bright when I spotted some POS’s without shields, but some other force had already taken care of all the juicy modules that they probably had. So Brock logged and I started ratting. +1 in local, bomber. +1 in local, Helios. +1 in local, shuttle. +1 in local, Apocalypse Navy Issue. Wait, what!

Quickly I told Yoh Ling to undock in something to kill it and as fast as I could I warped to the PR gate in FWST-8 with my Vagabond. Again unlucky. The Battleship had warped to a tactical safe and was unable to be tackled by us, but it was certain that he wanted to get out of the system when a Claw jumped in. Graf, who had joined at the perfect time, reported more ships warping to the gate. We formed a fleet and I managed to warp Stacey out with her Vagabond right when an enemy Stabber Fleet Issue and a Rapier jumped in. They sat there for a bit, while two Moa’s, a Heretic and some Assault ships guarded the other side.

The Apocalypse Navy Issue had docked and now all of his friends jumped into system to show themselves. The big guy undocked while I docked, but we were ready. He is warping to the gate, lets do this! With the two ladies back in business able to dual box the logistics, Yoh and Fifth undocked in their Execucats and warped to the PR gate at zero. But they weren’t engaged! Our big target jumped out together with half of the fleet instead. The Rapier didn’t though and he got killed quite fast. He was probably very new to this game, a few km away from the gate or just baffled by two crazy Execucats jumping into a 9 man gang:

Stacey and Gaby hadn’t even arrived yet and when they did they saw two Execucats desperately bumping the gate to try and jump trough. The aggression timer was being a bitch though and instead we went to a tac above the gate while the Apocalypse Navy Issue attacked Graf on the other side. The battleship was sniper fit and Graf had to warp off his Tornado which was in structure with two volleys of the beast. Oh well, no expensive battleship kill for us.

We were patient though and hoping for revenge and silly mistakes. And we were right, some of the reds weren’t done yet. When we had eyes on the gate again the two Moa’s and Stabber Fleet Issue were still there, but at various ranges being very afraid, judging by the way they moved. We quickly jumped in and got a hold onto the closest ship. I kept Stacey and Gaby hidden, hoping the others would help their friend in distress, but they all warped away instead. Vinia, the poor Moa pilot was raped right under the noses of 10 of her friends in local and more in the systems close by:

We were astounded by our success and decided to go for some more. But even after camping the PR station for over half an hour begging for fights, the scared guys and our Battleship target remained inside the station. The Stabber Fleet Issue showed himself once or twice, but quickly docked up again before we could aggress it. We even invited them to fight us in local chat, but there were only false promises when someone said they would. So we went back home to FWST-8 with happy thoughts about mice killing David or was it Goliath killing elephants? Anyways, we had some precious loot to take home and some rum to share.

Be brave pilots, because as you can see all it takes is to keep your heads cool and your guns hot! Yarr!


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