Battlereport 24: Playing our cards right

Posted: March 5, 2014 in Battle Reports

It was a beautiful morning and Stacey and Gabryella were shopping in Jita for themselves and the alliance. Anyone ordered Sabres? Stacey bought 5 of them only to find out she could sell them again when she found 10 on alliance contracts Sockey had put up only a few hours after. Ah well, at least I have 6 Ruptures, 2 new Oneirossesses and 2 fully fitted Scimitars ready to be shipped out and sold or flown with to their beautiful and colorful deaths. And the girls were enjoying the market and its many delicious flavors. New clothes maybe or new guns ladies? What ever it would be, it had to wait because Rebirth and a fleet of Nyan pirates in their Execucats had problems back home in 0.0. TerranNight in his Vagabond was baited into engaging the fleet and caught, but he had destroyed Zee Azzar his Sabre: Brock had jumped into the system, but could not repair the damage dealt even when he had overheated his repairers.

The Vagabond got killed though and a good trade was made:, but the fleet needed that little bit of extra backup. Or maybe it was Rebirth that needed that extra bit of backup. Both ladies, and especially Stacey, have flown with him for a long time and for some reason they bring peace, some extra security and of course a little experience with them. So I decided to jump clone Gabryella to FWST-8 and left Stacey to buy some more things she would need out there, like implants and even a real life female exotic dancer she promised Rebirth for his birthday.

*** Sep 15 ***


Playing our cards right

The Jack


Right from the start things seemed promising. While the fleet was in YZ9-F6, I warped Gaby to the gate and she got followed by Luke in his Rifter hoping for an easy kill. As I jumped in so did he and he was awaited by a bunch of Execucats. Just as quick as our Zealot pilot yesterday, he jumped back and escaped. For now.

Rebirth was our FC and scout at the same time and he ordered us to get to the ON-3RO gate where the Rifter was spotted again. He burned to the gate again, but this time we were ready on the other side. Perhaps he made a slight mistake burning back or Rebirth was now closer to him to apply the damage. Either way, his shields were no match for the firepower of our fleet and he got dispatched easily:

The Queens


The Jokers now knew we were active in the system and decided to form up. Patiently we waited like only cats can do when hunting prey and it didn’t take long for a Stabber Fleet Issue to jump into YZ9-F6. He got tackled by Rebirth and he ordered us to warp to him as soon as possible. While the Stabber died: and I got onto the grid to repair Rebirth his Sabre all hell broke lose. Rebirth had warped away not knowing I had him locked up already, but as he did a Cormorant jumped in and a whole fleet jumped on top of us or jumped in with him. A Falcon, Hurricane, Harbinger Navy Issue, Enyo, Ferox, Claymore, Caracal and a Talos were suddenly on the field now and we were in great danger.

The Talos was called primary, for he was the big damage dealer, and we were ordered to deploy our drones on the Falcon trying to jam us from 50km away. A smart move, because with Brockmist being jammed out I was the only one on the field repairing the entire fleet. The Falcon did try to jam me as well, but with my ECCM fitted he had a rough time and I deployed my drones on him and even found a split second to press the button of my little whore gun while repairing a few Execucats that were taking damage:

Overheated shield repairers burned, but kept the fleet alive. In between cycles I had locked up the Cormorant, who died pretty quick:, but Brock was taking heavy damage now and so was I. My drones on aggression mode engaged the enemy Hurricane and Talos and when the last one finally blew up: things got a lot easier. Brock said he was out of trouble now and I quickly switched to one of the Execucats which had slowly dipped into armor. With its shield almost instantly repaired, the enemy fleet decided to bail out and deaggress to jump trough the gate. The Hurricane died:  and the Harbinger Navy Issue was next to be turned into a nice mail for our killboard. I bet the pilot was in panic mode when he got into structure, but he got really lucky when he was able to jump out with only 50% structure left. It was a short, heavy and awesome fight, which was won by the awesome target calling of Rebirth and of course Brock and me keeping everyone alive.

The Kings


Amazed by our success, we looted the field and waited for a bit while Nanites fixed our damaged modules. We hoped they would come back for some revenge. After all, we only had two Scimitars to repair the fleet, so if you bring enough guns onto the field you can out damage those and take the fleet apart.

A single Hurricane was back on the YZ9-F6 gate in ON-3RO and we were ready for him. A couple of us jumped into system to push him trough and as he burned back to the gate all of his friends gathered on the other side. This time it was a Hurricane, Oracle, Tornado, Ferox, Dominix, Tempest, Scythe and a Thorax that wanted to give us hell. We all jumped in and I burned away from the gate at 60km from the fleet and all the enemies and locked up Biff, who was taking so much damage that I had to overheat all my repairers to try and get him out of armor. For a moment his shields were holding when the Hurricane died by our mighty cats doing their thing: But the Oracle and Tornado showed up and started firing away. Slowly the poor Execucat got into structure, while I deployed my ecm drones onto the Ferox. Rebirth and some of the cats started to chase away the flimsy tier 3 battlecruisers and eventually they had to warp away, making sure our repairers caught up with the damage dealt and giving us the fight. Shields were repaired and the Thorax, who was our next target, warped away in low armor.

Now there were just the Ferox (who still had my ecm-300’s on him), the Dominix and the Tempest left on the field. The last one was taking heavy damage and being webbed and neuted down by our Ashimmu pilot he was sure to die unless his friends would bring something to kill us all. They did in the form of a Naga, but he warped away quickly after Svara his Tempest blew up into a million little pieces:

The field was ours and there was only the Dominix left. It was the second Dominix of Speedball that would die to the mighty Nyan Cat Pirates claws. For a moment we kept it alive and I had to laugh when some of the corp members thought it was a bright idea. It is one of the oldest tricks in the book. A long time ago I killed a faction fit Scorpion that way after he tried saving his ratting Harbinger: +

Unfortunately his friends didn’t show up and Rebirth told us to finish off Domi 5: + 19 mil pod.

The Jokers


Feeling like professional pvp’ers we looted the field being greedy pirates and decided to secure the goodies at our homebase when a Naga got reported warping to the YZ9-F6 gate from FWST-8. We warped over and finished it off like greedy pirates being professional pvp’ers, with half the fleet engaging on one side of the gate and the other half jumping trough to make sure he could never escape: + pod.

Fortunately he wasn’t the only Initiative member in the system. More Initiative guys were found in ON-3RO, some even with motherships and we decided to camp the gate hoping some of them would come trough. They did and with large numbers. Rebirth ordered us to get away from the gate and for a moment I wondered where to? It were those seconds that made people hesitate and Bif and I had to pay the price for it. Scary moments when a 30 man gang with all sorts of nasty faction cruisers and Interceptors are on top of you while you are at 0km from the gate. The only thing you can do is wait, wait for them to engage and so I did.

One by one they opened fire on Gaby her poor Scimitar and she even got neuted and target painted. At 50% armor I jumped trough only to find a Vagabond and a Flycatcher on the other side. While I heard that Biff was being tackled I decided to make a run for it. While overheating my microwarpdrive I picked a celestial and burned in that direction. For a moment the Flycatcher and Vagabond went after me, but for some weird reason they turned around and approached the gate. I was in warp, I was sa … hang on, wait a couple of seconds. No sneaky tackle on me while in warp, no? Awesome, I had survived!

But Bif hadn’t. An Ares had caught up with him while he burned away and he lost his Execucat while fighting to the death: + 62 mil pod. Fortunately we had accumulated so much loots from the previous fight that he should be able to buy a new Execucat and implants for his new clone.

Back home we unlocked bottles of rum and started singing pirate songs while drinking, but Rebirth told us to clear coms and to warp to the PR- gate right away. An FCON Scythe Fleet Issue was trying to get to his home in 1DH. We warped as fast as we could with a bit of swerving to the left and right and arrived in time, but he was at a tac. Probably to try and lure us away from the gate, he warped to planet 3 and it worked. We warped right after him and Rebirth got him tackled. There we waited for the rest of the fleet to arrive, including Mal who had missed all the fun but had brought his special gay Drake. + 31 mil pod. It was the cherry on the huge cake we build this wekend. It was fun flying with Rebirth and I had a great time. I hope you guys did too. Now that I have seen some of the Psycho boys and old Minos guys playing again, I seriously hope they will consider joining us Nyan Cat Pirates for some epic pvp ops.


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