Battlereport 25: The Dance of Death

Posted: March 5, 2014 in Battle Reports

*** Okt 16 ***


After transporting over 12 contracts this week for her fellow Nyan pirates and friends it was time for a bit of action. As you know we are doing something new. It involves wormholes and sneak attacks in systems that can usually not be reached by anyone without the targets knowing about your arrival. Successes were had:, + pod, so we would do it again.

At first it was all a bit scary. I arrived late as usual and Stacey was still in her highsec clone worth 500 mil. But still. Training her up for drug production and planning ahead for a drug pos and lab in FWST or nearby got me tired. The Lachesis works so well with the Basilisks and the Brutix Navy doctrine or Ishtar doctrine, but only on paper. So I wanted to try her out really bad despite the risks and undocked her.

The wormhole was creepy, but a way out was found in Arzad. EZ went to Amarr to buy Ishtars together with half our fleet, which gave me enough time to gather with the fleet in Kamela and finally we moved to stir up the locals in the Providence region.

Things went great at first, but knowing Providence has eyes all over the place and will form up a fleet made me very wary. And I was right, most of our targets were already docked up or watching us from inside their pos when we arrived. A couple of jumps later we were convoed by wowyouareacow from Nulli teaching Sergej Stonikov from Brave the art of pvp. We had an awesome fleet and they wanted in. At first we thought they were spies and they were. Sergej Stolnikov was with the Jokers for 6 months before he joined the Brave Collective just a couple of days ago. I felt sorry for not checking the killboard properly and killing him myself today.

Our fleet consisted out of 4 Ishtars, 2 Basilisks, 1 Thorax, 1 Flycatcher and me in the Lachesis. The other guys were in a Talos and Imperial Navy Slicer.

Khanid Spy in his Executioner was watching us the whole time, but our tactic worked exactly as I hoped it would. As Foot Foot in his Flycatcher jumped into IWZ3-C he warped to the station and bubbled up while I jumped in after and deployed by combat scanner probes to scare the poor ratters into the station. This poor guy fell for it and never had a chance: + 1 mil pod.

We moved on and I tackled one of the bombers that loved harassing us for no reason. I bet they threw away almost 7 mil isk worth of bombs at us. But the coward was stabbed and a Firetail managed to burn out while I tackled him at 70km. After some more jumps wow left us with his spy, who was learning from the best at this point. We knocked on doors, but the ratters had been warned and I bet our names were in the CVA channel already big in bold and red letters with lots of exclamation marks.

In one mining system I had to wrestle trough 80 warp disrupt bubbles to warp to the ore site where there was nothing left but a few cans. After a bit of scanning we also discovered that the Raven had warped to his pos. If only I had launched my probes right away.

So again we had to move on and as we killed a shuttle I started wondering when the big CVA blob would strike. Foot Foot told us he had a Drake tackled on the 9UY4-H gate in Shintaht and was engaged, so EZ ordered us to warp over and neut him as fast as possible. While our neuts cycled and drones were deployed Foot Foot jumped trough and told us to warp away as fast as possible. A huge fleet was sitting on the other side and all jumped trough to us while the Drake tackled EZ. I had the Drake tackled with my Lachesis when suddenly dozens of ships uncloaked around me at ranges varying from 5 to 12km. A Claw was right on top of me and I decided to warp away.

Not only is the Lachesis a flimsy ship, it is also a support ship that needs to be at range to deploy her warp disruptors and for a moment I thought about warping back to EZ at range. But the warp was long and while in warp I could hear EZ going down and ordering the Nyans to warp off. I stopped my ship and heard one after another telling us they were being jammed and killed on TS.

‘So who survived?’ Ez asked and just 2 meager X’s went up. Me in the Lachesis and Brock in his Ishtar had warped away in time, while Foot Foot and our Brave spy had died on the other side of the gate. Good for him, not so much for Foot Foot.

We waited while the enemy fleet tried to probe us down, which reminded me of my old days in Valor where I and Cool4nd were the only survivors after our little Assault Frigate gang was killed by a 40 man assorted gang hired by CVA to hunt us down. After warping and safespotting the guys gave up and warped off and knowing these guys don’t give up I told Brockmist to log off and back on after a couple of minutes.

We looked at the killboard and the onslaught. Good fights were put in local, but in the end it really wasn’t. Not only were we outnumbered 4 to 1, they had a fleet that countered our long range kiting Ishtars as well. We had overstayed our welcome in Providence:,,

Brock and I came back online and moved back to Arzad and her creepy wormhole. Unfortunately for us we jumped straight into a Sev3rance / CVA gatecamp 1 jump from highsec. I jumped in first and thought I would be the one taking the beating, but Brockmist had jumped right after me and uncloaked making him the primary target. While he battled for his life I managed to sneakily pass the gatecamp and warped to the highsec gate. For a second I thought I would die there when I saw the bubble up and even more guys camping the gate on scan, but I landed right in the middle of their gang and jumped back into highsec. Apologies were made to poor Brockmist losing the last Ishtar we had left. But it was either him or me: + Pod.

Back trough the wormhole I came back in G-TT and jumped into FWST where I docked up safely. Stacey was the only one that had made it trough all of this safe and sound. Disappointed the Nyan Cats logged off one by one and while Stacey was all alone in the bar, she ordered the strongest thing the bartender had and hoped to get drunk and pass out on her bed real quick.

I started calculating how much setting up a drug lab would cost me when Graf got online and patted Stacey on her shoulder. He was going to pick a fight with the Jokers. On voice he told me he was engaged by Cpt Pipo in his Cruor and as fast as I could I sped my way towards the gate. I asked Graf  if he could get me a fleet invite, but I never got one and when he told me to warp to the station I landed on the dock instead of the undock. There cpt Pipo was and he was only 50k from me. Knowing I would have a 6 second delay when docking I decided to burn over to him with the MWD overheated. As I locked him up he started to regenerate armor. So he was local rep fit, but it was no good though as our combined dps was too great. Unfortunately Graf told me he was going to die now and two small explosions filled the sky while I bubbled up.

Probably very focused on Graf and disappointed by his loss Cpt Pippo didn’t dock his pod and it got quickly locked and finished by me: I got a bit disappointed that Graf died, but in the end Cpt Pipo his ships was twice as expensive and he lost his pod too, so all was good. We found out that I was still in our old fleet and that Graf had missed the message that I was still in fleet. But we looted the field with stuffs that was almost worth Graf his Dramiel and brought it to the station.

Cpt Pipo got back into the system with a Reaper and he was really angry. Apparently we are dishonoring him by going 1v2 and he undocked his Gnosis and later on an Amarr Battleship when Graf decided to play with it in his Hurricane. Cpt Pipo was not happy:

Cpt Pipo > Pfff come on 2vs1?
Stacey Starwolf > FALCONS!!!
Cpt Pipo > F U
Stacey Starwolf > fu
Cpt Pipo > Coward
Cpt Pipo > I cant believe it
Stacey Starwolf > Or how about those Kitsunes
Stacey Starwolf > Where were those?
Cpt Pipo > I thought you have balls
Cpt Pipo > Now I know that you don’t
Stacey Starwolf > You just pissed you lost a ship
Cpt Pipo > Pfff you too ….but I was first
Cpt Pipo > who killed you
Cpt Pipo > damn… Im realy shocked… You are so filthy dude. No honor, you have nothng to be proud of.
Stacey Starwolf > You guys should not use ECM so much
Graf ZEPPELlN > honor? in eve? lol
Stacey Starwolf > fly safe o7

He got into FWST and had hopped into a Merlin:
Cpt Pipo > COWARDS Come to fight!

But we were tired. Graf needed to go and I needed some foods, while Stacey needed her rest. All those poor Nyan cats that had died today while she lived trough it all made her dizzy. Of course it is the risk of being a pirate, but for some reason she keeps avoiding the dance of death, making her believe that death is saving her for a special dance. Who knows …


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