Battlereport 26: The fight for tower 8-8

Posted: March 6, 2014 in Battle Reports

*** Dec 7 ***

Tower 8-8

Good morning Stacey. Good morning Gabryella. Are you ladies ready for some action?  ‘No, shut it!’ , they both shouted at their fellow pirates throwing some pillows and teddy bears in their direction.

It was 7 in the morning and I was almost an hour too early for the Initiative pos timer to reach 0. Two days ago we had put it into reinforce mode with a fleet of Ishtars and Scimitars and the pos owner Kurfuerst had warned us that the Initiative alliance would do anything to protect their precious tower and the even more precious moon loot it generated.

Pre 8-8 fights

While the girls freshened up and got dressed (you know how long that takes) some of the Nyan guys under the command of W4r Destined decided to mess around with the locals in K-616, but unfortunately got blobbed at almost every try. But they found a few juicy Tengus at their cyno beacon and tackled one of them as it tried to jump out.

I loved the idea, pure genius. Going to a station with lots of little frigates and kill a target that expects anything but that before the station defenses can do anything about it because it takes way too long to lock anything up. Unfortunately the Tengu was active tanked and the guns bugged instapopping the poor Nyans, but in my opinion it was an awesome try: Emagine what a group of interceptors could do.

Never giving up I could hear them cheering about a bomber kill, while Axel got taken out by a Artillery Vagabond:

Slowly but steady more alliance members woke up and grabbed their ships while the clock on the tower slowly ticked down to 0. 4 Initiative guys were guarding the place and watched us undocking our Black ops battleships and some cloaky T3 cruisers with one or two bombers.

Two ratting Armageddons were reported, but the hotdrop failed as they were very cautious and had aligned out while the covert cyno was on its way towards them. I was surprised we’d almost done it and that we were able to field a covert ops fleet again on such short notice. Ah well, shit happens, back to FWST again, it was time to start mission 8-8: Disband taking Initiative.

8-8 Fight

A cyno went up at their pos and 30 defenders in Rokh battleships and over 8 logistics with some support jumped into our home system. For a moment our FC Ezeria told everyone to be quiet and assessed the situation. Which type of fleet did we have available to make sure they will either die horribly or leave the system with their ships in between their cheeks?

Ishtars was the best we could do at the moment, with 4 Scimitars as support. We all undocked and warped to a tac at the pos. There they were, at least 15 Sniping battleships, 4 Basilisks, 3 Scimitars and 2 Scythes, including an Arazu and some small tackle. Their logistics were repairing the tower and we set up a warp in to make sure they didn’t.

Gaby was watching trough the window of the blood raider station, hoping Stacey would be ok. She had her Rapier ready and her own Scimitar, but only one was allowed to join the fleet and Stacey had pulled the shortest straw. On her comlink she could read that Stacey had ordered everyone to broadcast for repairs, but was shortly broadcasting for repairs herself.

With over 40 drones on her I wished I had a small smartbomb. I was late already and in my rush to refit the ship I had accidently refit the roam Scimitar with her whore gun and without damage control, oops. But things were looking up though. With a bit of overheating the tank held and I slowly orbited the FC looking at the microwarpdrive button. Don’t you dare touch that now Stacey!

The damage went to one of the Ishtars next, but she was repaired up quickly and the dps of our drones was amazing at their battleships. Unfortunately with them owning the station they quickly burned back into invulnerability mode by finding safety within the force field of the tower.

With all of them inside the tower I started to feel big in a small fleet. Especially when EZ ordered to focus on the station itself. This was going great. From time to time they would send out a logistics pilot to make some quick repairs, but our drones made sure they would enter the shields rendering their repairs useless again. 24% shields on the Tower and dropping. They tried to warp to us at range next, but couldn’t leave the tower. Our Sabre pilot kept deploying bubbles outside the force field and our frigate pilots were on their toes as we burned on top of them to make sure they could not hit us.

During one of these maneuvers EZ got sucked into one of these annoying little wormholes that can pop up anywhere and Hamber had to take over. During the confusion the Initiative made a push and Hamber ordered everyone to warp to a tac above the pos to reform and heal up. Dual boxing his Ishtars, he forgot his alt Darth Hamber and with me being late as usual we both ended up being the last two on the grid. I managed to warp back to the fleet shortly after the Ishtar died in Stacey her Scimitars wingy bits, while overheating the repairers.

0-1 for the Initiative.

With our new FC no longer dual boxing things went better. Universalhuntsman hadn’t read my comment about broadcasting for repairs in fleet and died a quick death, but we pushed the defenders back inside the force field once more.

0-2, but we were winning this, be it very slowly.

Right when we warped the fleet back to the tower I reported a Falcon and more and more enemies had joined, including some that came from the station. I am pretty sure they changed the entire fight. Our Interdictor pilot had bubbled the top of the station, where the enemy fleet wanted to make another push. While we went towards them to sit on top of them again one of their Rokhs burned towards us and our drones and started smartbombing everything. He was quickly neuted to oblivion by our Ishtars, but we lost quite some dps, while our Scimitar pilots were repairing everyone up. Their fleet took that opportunity to burn out and attack us while the Falcon and about 40 ECM drones were jamming Stacey again.

Right before the fight I had brought the wrong Scimitar because I had to refit. With the large amount of Kinetic damage the Rokhs can do, we switched the ECCM for a Kinetic hardener. It worked. But with the Falcon jamming us simultaneously we lost a lot of repairing power for a short moment and lost some of our Ishtars almost instantly.

Gaby held her hand in front of her mouth as she saw the little bars of most of our ships go red. Some of the Ishtars were in deep structure when the Falcon was scared away and Stacey her repairs landed. And they were much needed as the fleet made range to get away and the enemy damage increased.

A hero Sabre from the Initiative had us bubbled for awhile and things looked bad. I am so happy now with the new mechanics for interdictors. One of the Scimitars was in deep trouble but the Sabre had ran out of his 3 bubbles and had to reload for a minute. While he did we managed to keep the Scimitar alive long enough to safely warp to our home station together.

The kills and losses were added up in the fleet channel and ended up on the large killboard hanging above the bar. Those that had lost their pod, were quickly revived in the med bay and made ready for combat. In total we had lost 3 Ishtars and 2 pods and killed one enemy Scythe and an annoying bomber pilot giving us a small victory because he kept bombing our drones.

2-7 for the Initiative.

Back in the station Gaby had brought bottles of rum and while the fleet took a lot of sips from them, the Initiative had jumped in a Nidhoggur Carrier with a Triage module that made a lot of little eyes glister. ‘Repair and reship, lets take out that carrier!’, Hamber yelled while being slightly drunk. All the Disband. pirates Yarred and went to their ships, some with bottles in hand, ready to undock again.

It wasn’t the rums fault and it wasn’t my fault either this time. It was unlucky that I disconnected and like EZ previously, Stacey was sucked into one of those small wormholes during her fleet warp towards the tower and their defenders. Gaby reported -1 in fleet, but it was too late.

With now a 3 Scimitar backup for the Ishtars and the Carrier out repairing our dps there was nothing we could do but run. During the fight which turned into an escape Disband. lost another Ishtar and a thin Huginn, but even with the carrier on the field took out another Initiative Scythe and a very juicy Arazu. Stacey came out of the wormhole all dizzy about 2k from the station. ‘We lost you for a bit, are you ok?’, Gaby asked trough the intercom and as Stacey replied yes the FC told her it was safe to warp to the fleet.

The Initiative had called people from their beds, I am pretty sure of that with that many people on the station. Now with Heavy Interdictors and other capitals on standby we could do nothing but call it a good fight and dock back up.

4-9 on the board.

We may not have won this fight over moon 8-8, but we sure as hell have shown that we are not afraid of an alliance with a superior fleet. Keep in mind that we kept them busy for almost 3 hours straight, preventing them from doing their carebear stuff! To all the Disbands that participated: Amazing job! We were outnumbered, we did not have the right ship types to counter a fleet that had almost as much logistics as we had Ishtars, but you were amazing pirates able to grab a few crazy good kills!

Back in the station Stacey told Gabryella who was playing cards with with the bartender, that she was not happy yet. While EZ was out roaming with the Tweed fleet, she undocked the Naga outfitted to shoot from 250km away and killed all the Initiative bubbles on the tower that were strategically placed in between the guns. Now we can safely warp to the tower to reinforce it again!


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