Battlereport 27: Welcome back ladies!

Posted: March 6, 2014 in Battle Reports

*** Jan 23 ***


As we all know the Geminate project turned out to be very short and the order was given to move everything back to our old pirate bay in Delve. Stacey got very rich moving all the stuffs around, but unfortunately like Gabryella couldn’t join the crew in Geminate. Most of the time there were fleets for frigates which they both hate to fly and of course with me being busy in real life getting a job and completing my exams (which I passed, awesomesause!) I couldn’t spend much time with the two ladies.

After moving some stuffs to FWST and completing their contracts, I decided to log off again and watch a movie. Unfortunately both my real life ladies called and one I hadn’t seen or spoken to in almost 6 months, so there was a lot of catching up to do. After all the calling my ear was zooming and I was to cranky for a movie, so I thought I would go for a quick look on EVE.

Stacey and Gaby were sitting at the bar being relaxed, going: ‘Ready for yarring sir!’ Hmm, only 3 of their friends were at the bar all passed out and there were almost 30 enemies zooming around in system. Where could they be? Well, they were on the YZ9 gate killing each other and lots of juicy T2 wrecks were left behind. Unfortunately one of the two sides, probably our new friends from Insidious Empire, who are going to try and punch The Intitiative in the face, was still very active and looted all those juicy wrecks.

So I waited and waited while some of the guys got online and even on voice. And after Gaby provided a cyno for an Archon pilot moving loads of stuffs back home, Stacey probed out some sites. After about 10 minutes a No Value Helios did the same thing and Stacey her eyes started twinkling. At first he was a little skittish, but after some time he uncloaked and I knew exactly where he was. Slowly but steadily I approached him until I was at 10 km from him. I tried to get in closer, but there were big rocks 4 km in front of Stacey her battle Anathema and he was slowly moving towards her. With the cloaking delay on the ship I would never be able to lock him down in time and Gaby can’t fly anything small so I needed help.

Chris was in local and by a miracle also active on voice. So I fleeted him up and he warped towards Stacey and tried pointing the Helios. But the smart pilot had seen it coming even when he was in the middle of looting the juicy cans floating all over the place and burned out to warp away. Darn, so close. Ah well, one more for the Almost killboard.

At the bar Stacey drank some more rum. She hated the Blood Raiders and still does, but the rum was excellent as usual and it loosened her up a bit after the almost kill. Gabryella was checking out the PR gate in FWST in the meanwhile with her evil Rapier when Zee logged on and joined  the fleet. I tried to invite as many as I could during that time, but almost everyone was passed out at the bar or counting loots. Now Zee means fun, lots of fun and he is always up for a fight. A fight which I needed. Stacey had only one kill this month, which was a poor Heron we ganked with 11 guys and Gabryella had not even one. So it was time for some action, which we got.

Interceptors passed trough and even a stabbed Tristan managed to escape Zee his bubbles and Chris his disruptors. But after baiting a Vigilant in G-TT without success it was time for some real action. A Kitsune, Malediction, Sabre and Vigil were reported in system and they stayed on the PR gate. We quickly warped there. Stacey in the Scimitar as backup and Gabryella ready in her Rapier at 50 km from the gate.

I wished I had moved her in closer, because as bad as we are we had no one pointed. Well, we did, but the Kitsune pilot had all the tackling bro’s jammed, so the enemies were able to escape with the Kitsune in structure as Gabryella managed to get a lucky hit with her 650mm Artillery Cannons. In local I said  that we messed up and that the Kitsune pilot did a great job. Lolz were put in local and I hoped they would think they had a chance and would stay for a bit. Which they did, but at a safe.

Gabryella was still keeping an eye out on the gate while Chris was on it hoping they would come in and we’d be able to give them a proper fight. But they wouldn’t come and I had to use Stacey her awesome lvl 4 scanning skills to probe them down. At first I failed horribly like always, but suddenly I had them all in one go.

They were burning away except for the Vigil and the Sabre warped to the gate, straight towards Zee in his Scythe. He aggressed and Zee started defending himself. In the meanwhile I uncloaked Gabryella, but the locking time on the Rapier took ages after the decloak. Fortunately the Kitsune died pretty fast, but so did Zee and he started calling for help repeatedly. But I had warned him about Stacey being in an Anathema now and she was still on her way towards the station.

Dual boxing is pretty hard during a fight and as I switched ships with Stacey I hadn’t paid any attention to Gaby, who was now at 0 from the Sabre and Malediction, doing 0 damage with her guns and only some damage with her drones. Gaby had a tight grip with her 2 webs and point though, but so did they on Zee, who died while Stacey was in warp towards the gate:

Gaby was still fighting the two little buggers and got into 30% shields, but Zee had warped in the illustrious Zaranya with a destroyer to get them away from me. Although it may not look this way, we won the fight with 3 kills worth 125 mil and 1 loss worth 78 mil:

Only 10 minutes after that two Enyo’s were reported by Waffle and Zee. Gabryella was on the gate with the Rapier to give them a warm welcome, when they suddenly started attacking Zee his new Scythe Fleet Issue. While I jumped in Gabryella to provide the much needed help I quickly warped Stacey towards the PR gate to help out Zee, who was already calling for help again. With Stacey still underway Zee lost his second Scythe:

Hurry up Stacey, you slow girl! Zaranya had bubbled up with her interdictor and the first Enyo went down: But suddenly a Rapier decloaked on the field and another Enyo and Wolf warped onto grid to join the fight. Poor Zaranya got raped and when even Waffle had to warp off, there was just one silly girl on the field: Gabryella in a very expensive Rapier!

But Stacey to the rescue, finally!! I decided to hang on in there and just uncloak Stacey right away while setting orbit at a silly 20 km from the gate in a bit of a panic. My fleet members were sad and thought we had lost the fight, but I told them that Gaby was still alive and kicking, fighting for her life. ‘Bring something and kill these guys quick!’, a girls voice begged trough the intercoms.

While Gaby targeted the Wolf and did an amazing amount of damage to it, forcing it to warp off, Stacey started her repairs. Not being able to break Gaby her shields now, they switched to Stacey and she was under heavy fire. 60% shields, shit hardeners on! 40% shields, 20% shields, darn, no more shields!

Bang! Chris and Waffle had returned and saved the day. With their frigates they had pointed the Enyo’s and Gaby her guns smashed trough their armor. The last Enyo desperately tried taking down Stacey, but thank the pirate lords she had a damage control fitted on the Scimitar and the last Enyo popped soon after:

Now the roles were reversed and the enemy Rapier was all by himself. He was still shooting Stacey who I had to warp to safely. I tried burning Gaby out to him as fast as possible, but Waffle was taking heavy damage and I ordered him to let go and warp off.

We had lost the fight and even though we killed 3 assault frigates worth 115 mil, we had lost yet another Scythe and a Heretic worth 129 mil.

I checked out Gaby and her Rapier and almost all her high and medium slots were overheated. The guns were 75% damaged, 1 Webifier was burned out and the other one and the disruptor were almost dead as well. While I decided to warp back to the station the Wolf came back and landed on the gate at 15 km. I almost shouted to point it. Waffle was taking heavy damage, but had him tackled and with Gaby in range and Chris providing a scram he could do nothing else but die. Even Zee got on the kill:

I warped Gaby to the station in PR for repairs and Stacey was now safely at the FWST gate while the guys looted as much as they could for our poor Zee who had lost 3 ships now. Suddenly a Talos was spotted and we waited patiently. Apparently one of the Enyo pilots had hopped into a Talos to get even with us, but Stacey was orbiting at 40 km while Gaby and my two awesome tacklers were at the gate all ready for some payback time. There she is! Zee was waiting in FWST with the interdictor, while we were stuck on the gate. But instead of jumping trough she burned away from the gate, a huge mistake.

I immediately activated the disruptor and two webifiers on Gabryella her Rapier and with Chris scrambling him soon after she was stuck. For a minute I thought she would still try to deagress while approaching the gate, but she knew she had no chance at all and opened fire. Stacey her repairs landed on Gaby her Rapier and after that she herself took a bit of damage. Orbit at 70 km set, good luck hitting her now Miss Talos. The last repairs went to Zaranya and Chris after a desperate attempt to take one of us down:

Both kills added another 173 mil to our killboard and after looting and salvaging all the wrecks we gave almost everything to Zee for his losses.

Things weren’t over yet though. Grann was online now together with Val and I had put the fleet in Grann’s hands. A lost Kryos wanted to jump into FWST, but we were waiting for him and while he was waiting we went for him. After a little warp around trough PR we found him at an asteroid belt and with some effort we managed to tackle the poor industrial pilot and shortly after his pod. Unfortunately he had no goodies, but he did have a nice pod: + 41 mil pod.

For a moment we took a little break, but I had Stacey warp on and off around FWST and nearby systems in search for juicy targets. After awhile I spotted a Caracal running missions in 0N-3RO. We didn’t get him, but we got two Mobile Tracktor Units instead. While we were killing those, Grann reported that there was a fleet in FWST ready to engage us for a third run. This time they had a Sabre, Oracle, Loki, Kitsune and several other support ships like Bombers and Interceptors. While gathering this important Intel for us he unfortunately lost his Helios:

Grann was out for blood and undocked his big bad Megathron. I had Gaby in a Rapier docked up, but Stacey was in her Scimitar again to provide some repairs when needed and the gang took the bait. The Oracle and Kitsune were primary and had to warp off because of Val providing awesome sniping support in his Tornado.

The fight was decided in few swift seconds and there was nothing that could stop us. They cleverly bailed, but jocaid in his Loki got pointed and had no where to go. I tried to get in range to get on the kill with the whore gun, but with 3 angry battlecruisers pounding on its hull he went down quickly:

Big hugs were shared at the station. We had an awesome fleet, one where everyone and every ship was equally important to its success. In their bedroom, Gaby and Stacey smiled at each other wearing their pink pirate skulls and bones covered PJ’s.

Suddenly a big explosion outside the station lighted up the room and what looked like a million pieces collided with the station window and bounced off into the depts of space. Outside Grann his battleship had exploded. ‘No way, how?’ Stacey asked while touching the glass and watching a Talos warp off after killing the pod. ‘Oh, don’t worry Stacey and get back to bed. Typically Grann, he probably fell asleep behind the wheel again.’

Old fashioned awesome evening guys, thanks!

  1. good writeup Stacey, making me wanna undock ‘;..;’

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