Battlereport 28: The 200 mil interceptor

Posted: March 7, 2014 in Battle Reports

*** Mar 6 ***


Gaby and Stacey were bored and so was I. Now that we moved to KFIE, which is a dead end system, there is almost nothing to do. Yes you can try and kill the belt pirates, but it is a 0.0 system, which means that the belt pirates with the big bounties will stay away for quite some time. Maybe the ladies can run a site? Well, we all know how I think about data and relic sites and the Blood Raider combat sites are just too damn hard with all the neutralizers they are using. On top of that there are always a few guys in system lurking about, wanting to get that juicy ship kill.

No. I wanted to do something special besides just move goods around with the Jumpfreighter and producing drugs for the alliance. So I looked up some contracts to see if they had what I was looking for and there it was. A 30 million Raptor interceptor with juicy guns and some other modules and stuffs like bombs, T2 loot and ammunition, which paid for over half of the contract. It was a good deal. With this I could run some missions for the Blood Raiders to collect the blueprints for Mindflood, which I could use to produce drugs with.

Things seemed quiet, so I decided to jumpclone Stacey in her clone with basic implants and started heading that way with her pod. Z3V was empty, just one jump to go and I’ll dock up to grab the Raptor and head my way back home quickly. Wrong. In 1DH a Flycatcher was waiting on the gate with his warp bubble up. Because pods don’t fly fast and Flycatchers deal a lot of damage I had no where to go. I opened the character sheet and destroyed Stacey her basic implants and watched her die a horrible death.


But … I was in KFIE and I had interdictors myself. Also Gabryella still had one of those horrible Comet frigates I can’t fly. I could jump in with Gaby, make him redbox or jump trough the gate and have Stacey finish him off. I probably lose the Comet, but at least I will have my revenge on the Flycatcher pilot by killing him and his pod.

As Gaby jumped into system he was gone. Probably at the other gate I warped Gaby over and yes, there he was with the bubble up. I tried warping away to get his aggression, but he was red boxing me anyways.

I forgot how horrible I am at flying frigates, let alone flying 2 at the same (yes, everything below cruiser is a frigate in my eyes!) I was so busy trying to figure out how modules work on a frigate I forgot all about orbit and speed and such things, but most of all, I had forgotten about Stacey! The Flycatcher having rockets and webs had nothing to worry about and pounded away. I suddenly remembered I should warp Stacey over and when she landed on grid Gaby was already dead.

Ok, I had this in mind, don’t worry. The Flycatcher is at 30% shields, lets finish him off. While I burned towards him to scramble him he burned away. I went after him and suddenly there were a Sabre, and another Sabre, and an interceptor too. The Flycatcher came back and there was nothing I could do. Stacey was sitting in the station in KFIE again and everything had gone horribly wrong.


Ok, lets do this again. But Gaby, who hadn’t lost a pod yet after our move to KFIE, was cloned in FWST. This sucked, because those guys were still waiting in 1DH. Without her Stacey would just be blobbed again, so quickly I upgraded her clone and started moving her back home. You can guess what happened when I jumped her into 1DH.


I just wouldn’t give up though, I felt frustrated that this interceptor had already cost me 4 ships and 3 pods with a total value of 135 mil. Not to mention all the isk for clone updating, which I think is one of most worthless features in eve and just there to piss players off that have a lot of skill points. It made me want that Raptor so bad now that I tried to get Gabryella home a second time. Fortunately it worked. The guys and their Sabres were busy killing something else on another gate and I had slipped trough and docked up.

Well, if these guys are so busy, I might as well jump Stacey back into 1DH and pick up that interceptor real quick, a perfectly logical thought right? Wrong. The guys had finished killing their targets and instead of being in 1DH now, they had moved to Z3V and Stacey got butchered once more adding more iskies to the Raptor value. There was even a little sorry in local for killing me again and I started to feel sorry for the ladies too. But this was personal now, someone needed to die.


So I grabbed yet another Sabre and had Gabryella put into a Scimitar as backup. When I warped to the Z3V gate in KFIE I was immediately greeted by Devel666. I knew there were other guys on the other side, so I burned away. It didn’t work. I am so horrible at flying frigates that I piloted straight into his scram and web range. I was stuck and opened fire. This time I did everything else right I think. I activated the scrambler and overheated my guns. Wait, no, I forgot to launch a bubble, but he did fortunately.

While Stacey was battling for her life all of the guys jumped in and opened fire as well again. His shields went down though and a bit faster than mine. I can do this! Overheat those guns Stacey, you can do it!

Two explosions flashed at the KFIE gate and 2 Sabre wrecks were left on the scene. Quickly the enemies locked up Stacey her pod, but I didn’t care. Behind the pc I started yelling and screaming and the people in the street must have thought I had won the lottery or something. Of course I had forgotten all about Gaby and her Scimitar, who was silently waiting outside the station, but the Sabres went down so quick I would have just lost the Scimitar afterwards. And on top of that: who cares, I did it, I killed one!


1.000.000!!! – 10

Great work Stacey you might think, but the story isn’t over yet! After the good fights in local they left KFIE and after about 10 minutes I tried getting into 1DH again. Yet again, there they were, but they were on the wrong gate and I was finally able to dock up and grab my Raptor. Yes! It had cost me over 200 mil and she is called ‘The 200 mil Raptor’ for it, but she was the price I won for not giving up and thus worth every single bloody isk.

When I warped to the Z3V gate to take her back home the guy I killed had switched into a Rapier and the other guys were coming after me as well. But the Raptor was just too fast for them and with ease I burned trough their camp and made it back home to refit her.

While I was refitting I saw Lucian and several other Alliance members in local popping up. It reminded me of the old days where I lost a Drake and after that 3 pods to the Ronin to try and get back home. My friends logged on and the Ronin lost a Drake, Myrmidon, Manticore, Heretic and a Rook that same evening. You don’t believe me?, and

I tried inviting them to fleet to explain the situation, but all of them declined immediately. Could they be hunting them as well? I undocked both of the ladies in Ruptures and saw a Bestower on scan at the alliance POS and a blue Buzzard at the station. These are not the old days Stacey, I guess you have to kill them yourself.

So I moved up there with the Ruptures, but the guys had left. All I saw were cruiser wrecks and a large Tempest smartbombing away at 30k range from the gate on my way back home in Z3V. Wait, smarbombing Tempest? I overheated the point and microwarpdrive on Stacey her Rupture, but the Tempest managed to warp away just in time. Oh Well, it probably had warp core stabilizers fitted anyway. Lets go home.

The ladies were laying in bed being tired. Reincarnated twice in one day takes its toll, but that was the least of their problems. They were worrying and whispering at each other about the pirate bar. The bar is still filled with people, but with more and more individual pilots not wanting to talk or not able to talk due to the rum. The pianist, having a large beard hanging over the piano keys and always being drunk, is playing old Pirate songs, but for some reason even those don’t sound like they used to do.

It is probably me, but things just don’t feel right and the little twinkles in the eyes of my ladies are slowly fading away. For a moment the feeling was back when I went on a small Nyan-Yo roam. Old friends joined, we laughed and we were amazing like back in the days.

But it was like the op was showing me a mirror of who I was and what I have become. I love Disband., I really do and maybe I should just join the alliance to chat and be involved more, instead of being in an alt corporation all alone or with just a few guys online. Or maybe it is that time again, the time to step back for a bit and to place yourself in the loving, but snapping claws of the EVE universe when it draws you back in after some time. For now I have no idea what to do, besides staring at an awesome Raptor and watch the ladies close their eyes and let them dream of the old days.


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