Action Report 4: We got to go

Posted: March 26, 2014 in Action Reports

Gabryella was running trough the hallways of the KFIE station almost pushing into the wall some of the large Blood Raider Pirates that were just hanging out there like they always do. This was serious, very serious and it involved old friends from forgotten times. She had smashed open the bedroom door to see a very hung over Stacey pulling her blanket over her head and rolling over. ‘Gaby, go away!

Forgotten Times




2008 Valor Inc.

For those that don’t know, Stacey Starwolf used to be a Stacy Starwolf without the e in her name. The young Stacy, not knowing the dangers of eve, was recruited by a small corporation called Valor inc. They had only a handful of members back then and were led by Zealot Nagah, a very religious man that had the black heart of a pirate.

With a few other guys Stacy learned how to scan, how to tackle and how to kill poor CVA gang members and their pets that were mining or running missions in Providence. Many losses were had, but also some great kills.

Unfortunately Valor inc. grew and some of its members were against the strict regulations and wanted to try a different path, the path of becoming some of the best highsec mercenaries in the game.


2009 Minos inc.

Together with our masters and teachers from Psychotic Society a small group of 12 members led by Jonas Sheppard embarked on this epic journey. We had war with everyone, from small Mining corporations to experienced mercenary corporations that were hired by large alliances. There wasn’t a week where we didn’t have a war to fight and during our best days we had like ten at the same time. It was a lot of fun!


2009 Legion..

Our killboard grew, our reputation spread and we were growing while led by our awesome leader Heather B. Unfortunately great highsec wars were becoming rare and we were drawn to one of the large alliances in 0.0. With some friends from Jonas the corporation Legion.. was formed and being one of the biggest in the Tactical Narcotics Team alliance she had over 200 members of which little Stacy was sneakily second in command!

Unfortunately the inevitable happened and Stacy got poisoned a few days later. None the less by her own friend and sister Mox Masumi who was one of the 12 and had become jealous of Stacy her power and had found and destroyed all of her clones. When the news got out the remaining members of Legion.. found and killed all Mox her clones in return and a special assassin called Steelrattty was hired to kill her and had done so in EC-P8R.

Like Stacy she was never heard of again.


2010 Minos inc. again

But this is New Eden, a place where anything can happen, even the impossible. What Mox Masumi didn’t know was that Stacy had send some of her DNA to Daque2, who was also one of the 12 and conducting secret experiments (something with green tubes) in Caldari highsec. Banned from Legion.. he had gone his own way with Gehenna, a guy who was there when the eve gateway collapsed, and together they made a new Stacey possible one year later.

She was greeted by her old friends who had left the corrupt Tactical Narcotics Team and joined their old corporations. To her surprise she was taken in straight away, but things weren’t the same though. From the 12 members that had seen the picture of my sister in a sexy tiger outfit, there were only a few left. Legion.. had gone downhill. Corruption and distrust had spread and Jonas presumably had been tricked out of most of his assets. No one heard of him again, but some say you can see a Brutix passing by in the distance when you roam trough TNT space and kill one of its members.

3 Other members created their own corporation and were one of the first ones to successfully occupy a C6 wormhole. They produced some of the first T3 cruisers in game and made tons of isk that way. Unfortunately wormholes are dangerous and I have never seen them again. So I was left with Rebirth, who had joined Psychotic Society, Steve, Cool, Frank and Reev.


2011 The Star Crusaders

Together with these guys and some of the best pvp’ers eve has we took a stand in Outer Ring and made their old inhabitants leave with ease. We fought against Privateers of Virtue and Damned Nation next, who were becoming bigger and bigger. To train new members for Minos Inc. and Psychotic Society sis decided to join again and Gabryella Grey was born. We created our own corporation called The Star Crusaders and had some nice members of which some are still my friends today.

Unfortunately the Caldari Navy had caught Daque2 and Gehenna running experiments on people within the Empire. Both escaped to Etherium Reach where they were abducted and probably abused by hundreds of Russian members from the Red Alliance claiming those parts of space. No one has ever seen them since.


2012 The Dominium

But The Star Crusaders joined the Dominium, a new alliance with a horrible leader. They had high hopes with new adventures in Outer Ring in mind and were big enough to take on another alliance. But unfortunately the Dominium wouldn’t blue our friends, so me and sis got caught in the middle and chose for our friends of course. Heavy losses were had for the alliance and the Dominium disbanded and left.


2012 Damned Nation

Psychotic Society and their friends were getting more annoying in Outer Ring and Damned Nation needed someone with insight about them. In the meanwhile Jordan informed me about juicy ships in A2V and his idea of stealing at least a carrier or two or killing a super. The corp was invited and I gave up some names while Jordan tried working his way into the towers. After a few roams and gate camps I found out that the Damned Nation members were horrible at pvp. But they had blued every alliance close by, including Eternal Syndicate who had settled in NM-OEA. And after a huge fight that involved a lot of allies they had won Outer Ring from the Privateers of Virtue and the Ronin. And yes, I was there fighting with them in a silly Falcon.

But our little plan worked. While I was out roaming, mining barges got stolen every so now and then and after 4 months the big price, a Rorqual and her fittings, were ready for the taking. Unfortunately one of the Psycho members had gone greedy and had stolen a 2 billion isk Tengu from one of the directors from Damned Nation, Alujari Corvus. A warning was given throughout the alliance, passwords were reset and unfortunately only 5 corporations were kicked for being distrustful.

They suspected me for stealing the ships, which was part of the plan. Prior to the grand theft barges I had made Jordan Zhuge the corp leader and told him that I was not to be trusted. Even though the corporation was banned he still had great ties with Alujari Corvus who was the alliance diplomat and some other high members in Damned Nation and had gained their trust by telling them I was responsible for the thefts. He kicked me out of the corp to make it believable and they bought it.


2012 The Nyan Cat Pirates

That’s when I met the amazing Nyan Cat Pirates after I tried killing Kai Jax his interceptor. At first I thought they were friends with Damned Nation, but after a little chat I found out they weren’t, but were asked to be.

With me being red, Nyanpire joined Damned Nation causing unrest within their alliance and it didn’t take long for Nyan to be threatened to be set red if they didn’t remove me from their alliance. What Nyanpire didn’t know was that I still got inside information from Jordan which was coming from Alujari herself. Apparently the Alliance was in a bad state with a fight between the directors. On top of ‘me’ stealing ships, someone with director access had stolen a large amount of isk and they had blamed it on her.

I decided to play open cards with Nyanpire and explained everything. To my surprise Nyan ceased the opportunity by refusing to kick me from their alliance and having me join the fleets they were having with Damned Nation members. I loved it! The directors were so pissed that the big guy himself, 2skulls, had planned an assassination attempt on me. It was reckless and they never got me and my bomber when I joined their fleet. I even gave them a little tour when suddenly a Nyan member contacted me and confirmed me that they wanted me dead.

A mail was send to Nyan and Nyan had send a mail to Damned Nation, spreading the word that they were shooting blues. Within hours several alliances had set Damned Nation neutral or red and an emergency meeting was held about having spies in the alliances. Being enraged 2skulls and his friends made a fool out of themselves. They said that they were allowed to kick or shoot any blues if they wanted to.

The chaos was huge and Alujari Corvus was being bombarded with angry and confused mails from allies. Jordan and Nyan informed her about the assassination attempt and hooked me up with her. I was angry with her alliance, she was angry with her alliance and our words made love. All she wanted to know was who stole her Tengu, which I knew.

The next day a shadow meeting was organized between Psychotic Society, The Star Crusaders, Nyanpire, Rote Kapelle and of course Alujari herself and some of her most trusted friends. It was called the purple coalition and it had only one thing in mind: Damned Nation had to die.

During the next few months we all worked together. While in fleet with my bomber, I had the pleasure of watching Nyanpire drawing first blood by bombing their great leader 2skulls.

The days after a huge amount of juicy killmails colored the Psychotic Society and Nyanpire killboards green, while Rote started reinforcing key towers.

But the best part was played by Alujari Corvus. She was the one that had kept Damned Nation together for all this time with her diplomacy and hard work and she was paid for it by her directors with distrust. Even when they found out it wasn’t her who stole the alliance isk, they never apologized and she was done with them. We had provided the stage and she simply exited left with almost half of the alliance with her.

In reply they had placed a bounty on her head to show their love. It caused even more alliance members to leave and towers that were still owned by Damned Nation were no longer defended. Most of their members had fled to highsec and were happily hunted down during our final stage, the wardecs, which lasted several weeks. The final few that remained were hiding with Vega for awhile, which were made blue for money. But eventually even they said good bye and the beast that was once the largest coalition in Outer Ring twitched its legs one more time and lay still to be dead forever. Our colors were spread, our love was shared, Outer Ring was ours!


Stacey sat up straight inside her bed with Gaby next to her with a fresh glass of water. ‘Don’t cry, we need to go and you know it, I already had Scotty repackage all the ships and modules and have dropped our corporation roles.’ Stacey swept away a small tear rolling across her cheek with the sleeve of her in pink cats and bones covered pajama. Softly she mumbled: ‘But I don’t want to leave.’

‘Don’t be childish now, come on. Lets say good bye to the bartender and our friends. Get dressed, we got to go! Stacey mumbled back: ‘You are right, but no goodbye to the bartender, I don’t like him.’

*** Mar 26 ***

I am sorry to announce that I have moved all my assets to highsec and that both ladies will be leaving Stare-Roids after their 24 hour stasis period is over, which should be tomorrow. I have no idea which corporation they are going to join yet, but a few of my old friends have returned and Cool has contacted me with disturbing news that an alliance called Company Company took a wormhole of some of our old friends and destroyed over 7 billion worth of assets. We are going to try and set things straight.

Every corporation I have been in stood for something, they had a goal. Valor was an awesome pirate training corp, Minos was an awesome mercenary corp. The Star Crusaders were our kids, who are flying with the large alliances now. And of course there was The Nyan Cat Pirates. Ah yes, The Nyan Cat Pirates, they weren’t just amazing pirates, they were pirates with the amazing skill to lvl 5! They conquered Outer Ring, showed bitter 401K Muninn pilots what real fun was in simple Enyo’s and made Delve a safer place with their Police Comets and hotdrops.

However, I have got the feeling that Disband. is still desperately trying to find her way. She stands for religion as Nyan stood for rainbows but she is not spreading it like Nyan did so colorfully. Hopefully with the new move that will all change and the alliance can show what she is meant to be.

Good luck and I will love you guys forever!

  1. Ling says:

    I haven’t played in ages but I still enjoy reading your reports, have fun with whatever you do and I hope to fly with you again in the future.


  2. Kinis Deren says:

    Always a pleasure to read your posts Stacey. Don’t forget to let us know how things go on your next adventure O7

  3. Brockmist says:

    I remember those 4C days….FUN times, good luck with the future and who knows, you may see UFOOL in a wormhole sometime. Lol…you almost made me register on the Disband forums to post a comment anyhow have fun and fly safe, well safe ish, hell just fly dangerous and please keep up the battle reports.


    Remember is all just Foolish Intentions… BLAAAARGH 😛

  4. Alujari Corvus says:

    I miss the days of 4C as well!! Great memories to be had and awsum friendships made ❤ I think there is definitely a future for Disband. and quite possibly a need to revisit OR again.. with friends.. just for ole times sake!

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