Battlereport 30: Capital Kills

Posted: April 28, 2014 in Battle Reports

*** Apr 5 ***


The biggest and nastiest strategic cruiser fleet Stacey had ever seen was flying right next to her Guardian, while it made its way towards one of the wormholes which had an exit in lowsec. It was about to get even more scary when we would join an alliance called Blackstar Privateers inside their wormhole. There we would start roling wormholes until juicy targets would show up for us to kill.

Do we have a logi anchor for our Guardians and who will take leadership for them? I volunteered. Stacey, being an old logi pilot had excellent leadership skills to take on a wing of Guardians and I also had experience being an anchor for Nyan fleets, even though those were a little bit smaller of course.


We had 75 guys and girls in over 50 bilion isk worth of ships. Oh boy, don’t you dare mess this up Stacey! But the op started out great. The first wormhole we rolled had a pos with a couple of ships inside. But wait! There is also a ship outside the tower! A large Archon, fully fitted and with ships inside, so we heard afterwards, was probed down and with some hostiles still inside the wormhole we had stolen the carrier and brought it back home in one piece. Thank you’s were put in local and big laughs were had!

Op success, but we had so much time left. Lets role another wormhole! One by one the wormholes got rolled, but without success. Time flew by and even I got bored sitting at 0 with 10 friendly Guardians around me orbitting me at 500 meters. Sometimes things got exited when one of the Guardian pilots accidently burned away from me and I had to put her back into place by saying on Teamspeak that he or she was leaving the invisibility device. It is something new and it prevents enemies from scanning the fleet, which is awesome for getting fights in wormholes where you can’t see local.

‘Bro, can you do the chocobo run for me?’ Sure thing. I am the best at Final Fantasy X chocobo running and my sis hated it. While I was gone running with Tidus and his chocobo, sis was having fun repairing after some stealth bombers had tried getting revenge for Agrippa, who had lost my new Interdictor.

‘It was awesome bro, those silly bomber pilots had bombed themselves and with that our entire fleet by accident. I had to actually do something!’ Well, at least my sister had her fun and so was I by getting Tidus his ultimate weapon. After a big hug from sis I took over again as logi leader and anchor, but our fleet got smaller and smaller. More people left and eventually someone decided to take on a tower that some people were putting up. It was fun reinforcing it while spreading my repairers, but the tower was of course stronted and with wormholes not lasting very long they would just repair it up with us back inside our home system. Tired I left the wormholes and went to highsec to prepare Stacey for a highsec war.

*** Apr 7 ***

Our highsec wartargets were a bunch of Russians that had nothing better to do but to roam around with 6 or more guys in T3 cruisers or sitting at safespots within the range of the station to snipe down any small ships passing by. When I undocked Stacey I was met in by a whole fleet and docked back up. Obviously these guys didn’t want to play at all and once a highsec mercenary myself I knew the tricks and they never killed Stacey during the war.

*** Apr 16 ***


On April 12 separatists of the Caldari Navy calling themselves the Provists had attacked a border region facility in Otsasai and stolen several capital ships including a Wyvern mothership. On a second release that day wing commander Hikemi Korrado gave all capsuleers and non capsuleers throughout new eden the assignment to hunt down and kill these separatists responsible for almost killing an entire station filled with personnel.

I wasn’t around that day to join the CCP event. Being in a wormhole has taught me to take things really slow and real life has creped onto me like a little octopus holding me down and preventing my hands from touching the computer mouse. But maybe it was for the best. Resent reports had shown that Pandemic Legion had already taken all of the first bounties, which were plex for certain achievements like top damage, pod killer, best battleship or cruiser damage and many more.

Maybe it was a friend that pointed me towards the event or maybe it was me reading it in local, I don’t know. One thing was for sure, little Stacey was jumping up and down, eyes glistering and she had changed her white pajama covered with pink cats and bones for something more assassin like. A tight black outfit covered her whole body and didn’t made any attempt hiding her female curves. She had proven herself to be a mercenary and with such a huge price it was her job to hunt down these separatists and claim those juicy rewards.

I had no idea what to expect and wondered how many people would be in local when I read the first message CCP had put up on their live-events tweeter account. But I just had to try and get there and had grabbed a heavy tanked Proteus with some big guns on it. When I arrived it was chaos. Everyone was clustered at the gate and Stacey being a smart girl had locked up all the orange ships right away. One of the carriers was almost down and Stacey had opened fire. More and more people started to join when the first carrier pilotted by Tuohmirasen Oittakko died. Saara Humo died almost right after while the few remaining battleships got locked down. Unfortunately they died so fast, that Stacey only got 2 of them, including one that tried burning away with high speed to leave the battlefield. No luck for him, with the Proteus being faster and equipped with a warpscrambler and a webifier.

As expected people tried smartbombing the pods, which left hilarious suicide killmails. Also, the few Templis Dragonaurs that were present had managed to kill a few capsuleers and of course there were a few wars going on as well, which left a wonderful mess in the system:

*** Apr 17 ***

Gabryella and Stacey sat in Jita while inspecting the killmails. These seperatists like to use active hardeners and shield repairers, even their battleships are equiped with them. ‘We need something to counter those Stacey.’ Gaby whispered to her while dressing up in one of those ‘you touch it, you die’ outfits too. ‘This is going to be fun!’ Stacey replied while asking Scotty to get their ships ready.

In the meanwhile I had told my sister to join me on EVE and together we had set sail towards the Torrinos system. CCP didn’t link the system, just the constellation, but the map showed that was where the sepatists were.

When we arrived at the station there were only two remaining Phoenixes this time. One was at half shields and they were at 130km from the station, so Stacey and Gabryella had to burn a bit to get into range. Luckily the Curses had a microwarpdrive fitted and once we were in range Stacey ordered: ‘Gabryella, put your nosferatu on Ina and all your neutralizers on Aikabinen!’

‘Ay, ma’am!’ And 2 Nosferatus and 8 neutralizers cycled. The Phoenixes and especially the second one died really fast and two more targets were crossed away in Stacey her little black book.

On the forums I had told fellow capuleers and CCP Logibro about our trip and he replied that both Curses had indeed capped out the Phoenixes, which meant that our hunt was a great success:

*** Apr 18 ***

The timing on this op was horrible and afterwards I am happy I had let Stacey sleep trough this one. Apparently it was in lowsec where Pandemic Legion had allowed the separatist to escape. No one knows what their business was or why they were there, but some say that they had stolen valuable information about the Caldari Navy that day. No, I was awaiting the next day, and this time Stacey would get her reward for her hunting troubles.

*** Apr 19 ***

Tight ninja outfit on, console in hand, little blue eyes staring anxiously at the screen hoping for a message from the council of hunters. And yes, there it was! They were spotted the Usi system. On her way Stacey went inside her dps Proteus now.

When I arrived they had 7 carriers and 1 Wyvern ready at one of the customs offices. I didn’t even need to scout them down, I just followed everyone warping off in that direction. Right from the start I locked down Ichonen Aroki in his Chimera, who had locked me up as well and had deployed quite the amount of Dragonfly fighters. For a moment I feared that I had to warp Stacey off to keep the Proteus alive, but he changed target when he found out that I still had over 150k ehp on the thing and it would take longer for him to kill me than we would kill him. One by one the carriers died and I decided to get on some of the mails by deploying my drones or my scrambler and webifier, which I had fitted again just in case.

The main target Kossen Jaikka had burned away from the fight, but some smart capsuleers had brought heavy interdictors to prevent him from warping away. I should have locked him up and put my drones on him for a moment, but I decided to pass this kill for some juicy rewards. My damage was high and I had been shooting my personal primary for way too long to allow the reward to slip trough my hands.

Ichonen Aroki, the target I had been shooting for over half an hour in heavy time delation had finaly died, but Kossen had burned over 270km away and was almost dead by the time I got to 180km. I didn’t make it and the fight was over. The seperatists that had gotten away were all killed together with the main target. All that remained were wrecks and people in local screaming they had won some juicy plex:

*** Apr 20 ***

The killmails weren’t there yet, but I had read that even though I had applied almost all of my dps on the carrier of Ichonen, someone had applied even more and had won the price for most damage applied by a cruiser class vessel. From the seven carriers I got only 4, but one of my corp mates DutchGunner had joined as well and had the Wyvern killmail and the others to make the killboard look juicy for our corporation and alliance.

Stacey cried and had two loving arms around her. ‘If only … ‘ Gaby who had joined the alliance hushed her while gently caressing her back. ‘It is going to be okay luv, at least we got some nice killmails.


*** Apr 23 ***

The ladies made it back into J112417 aka Vallhalla or Home after a failed attempt which had cost Stacey her ship and her pirate pajama. + pod

Being refreshed Stacey had thrown away her new pj covered with tiny wormholes and had grabbed her Guardian from the maintenance bay. ‘I am ready.’ a still slightly upset, but sweet female voice sounded trough the coms.

Suddenly reports came in from her fleet members. ‘We have a Moros Dreadnought tackled!’

It was Jezza who had seen Sofia Kyodai in her heavy Moros jump into her home wormhole from lowsec. Up until now we still have no idea whether Sofia was trying to move a newly bought Moros into her home system or that she was just trying to close the wormhole to prevent strangers from jumping in. One thing is for sure, Jezza had Sofia her Moros tackled and help was on her way trough the many wormholes connecting ours with theirs.

‘We need more Guardians!’, was yelled on coms several times, while Stacey and Gabryella were already on their way with only a few jumps to go. When they arrived I had them orbit Kestrel Hath, who was already at the scene with her Guardian and a capacitor chain was set up. Unfortunately Jezza had already lost her Anathema, but the guy in the Dominix that had killed her got murdered by the many ships that had pored into J233917.

Drones were deployed while a Chimera pilot wanted to help out her friend, but decided not to do such thing. If we had less people pounding on the Moros we probably would have gotten a fight, judging by the Maelstrom staying at 110km range from our fleet and some other ships nearby, waiting inside their tower. But who cares, we got some awesome kills. + 345 mil pod

When the Moros died Stacey and Gabryella cheered. It was their first real Capital Kill owned by a real capsuleer during a fleet op! + 413 mil pod

The wrecks were salvaged and the loots taken. Back home Stacey and Gabryella were drinking an old bottle of rum that said ‘Love you girls forever, Ezeria!’ when suddenly they received a message from an old friend from inside Home. Apparently enterap, who was a member of Disband. and had flown with us back in Delve, had joined the alliance in search for fast isk and juicy kills. It is nice to have friends nearby and with his wormhole experience the girls should be able to get many more capital kills soon!

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