Action Report 6: The invasion of J104921

Posted: May 28, 2014 in Action Reports

I was having doubts about writing this action report for quite some time. There was plenty of action, but so little for poor Stacey. However, having a day off from school meant I had time to write about this little story that was to become my first wormhole invasion ever and actually became a pretty famous one too.

 *** May 1 ***


During the end of April it was the ‘Goons are burning Jita’ week and I thought about joining in to kill those pesky little bees trying to ruin the market by killing all those poor traders who forgot about this yearly event. But on the other hand, just let them have it. 0.0 has become a boring place with nothing but large coalitions owning it. It is even so bad that Disband. lost the few moon mining towers they had in the dead end system of KFIE to almost all of the CFC. Even the little tower on planet 8 moon 8, the moon that was once mine, had to pay the price.

Anyhow, with Disband. now roaming trough lowsec and probably deserving these losses for killing 8 juicy Goon carriers that month, Stacey and Gabryella were happily sitting inside the home wormhole and playing something that looked like chess, but had little spaceships instead. Suddenly someone from the alliance told us that he and his two Naglfar dreadnaughts were spotted inside the J104921 wormhole by a lonely Sabre. The pilot of these dreadnaughts was called LordsServant or in short Lord and this meant that his tactic of killing juicy ratting carriers had gone down the drain, but that a new opportunity presented itself, the one that is called an invasion.

20 Bilion isk in ransom was demanded, but our targets wouldn’t pay up. This while the loots were plenty with several towers and their faction modules and of course their juicy hangars filled with ships and modules. So the invasion was a go and people were ordered to bring heavy armor ships. Stacey was in Jita to grab one, but I had trouble deciding on the ship type. Should I bring an alliance fit Proteus, Guardian or maybe a Devoter? Wait, a Devoter, that is a nice ship to bring, I haven’t used her in ages.

With the Devoter and her two bubble makers, Stacey set sail to the highsec entrance and jumped into J104921. It was the most exiting day of the whole invasion for her. The first towers were put in reinforce mode and inside were a Revelation and an Archon carrier that figured it was time to get out before we were going to cage in the tower. For those that don’t know, ‘caging in a tower’ means putting so many bubbles around the tower that no one can warp in or out without killing some of the bubbles or burning trough them, which meant easy kills for us of course.

Caged in

Keep flying with them Stacey, round and round you go. They may not escape before the large T2 bubbles are anchored. It went great, but unfortunately I had T1 bubble makers fitted. It wasn’t wrong, because it was the alliance fit, but T2 bubble makers will give you bigger bubbles, which is better. Even though I had bubbled up and was bumping the tower shield, the Archon had managed to escape with only 1 or less km away from my bubble. The Revelation however did get stuck and he had to find another way out. He almost managed to do so when I had missinterpreted the fc’s orders and had burned in the opposite direction making Stacey end up on the wrong side of the pos. But as he activated warp, the last T2 bubble went up just in time and he got stuck anyways and logged off.

Lord had made the mistake of closing the highsec entrance and jumping in with his Orca while he had a negative security status. Apparently when you jump into a wormhole someone collapses you are automatically send to a celestial, in his case a stargate! Everyone could shoot him, but before they realized he was a pirate, the police webbed his Orca into warp and he could safely dock her up before grabbing an alt to pick the ship up later on.

The new C3 static was found and this one led to Gallente lowsec. A hostile scout jumped in and started probing for exits and so did we. Nothing happened for awhile until the scout jumped back in. But wait, he wasn’t alone. More scouts jumped in, including some from large wormhole alliances like Whale Girth and Verge of Collapse. A few did not survive. + 146 mil pod + 16 mil pod

It didn’t take long for us to find out that our targets had hired a couple of wormhole alliances to kick us out of their wormhole. A group of 20 strategic cruisers plus support waited in lowsec on the C3 wormhole for us to come for them. We didn’t and Stacey was ordered to bubble up with her Devoter inside the C3 on the J104921 wormhole while everyone else would reduce the mass of the wormhole by jumping in and out with their microwarpdrive on. This was done to have our hostiles collapse the wormhole after they would jump into us and be trapped with our fleet, which consisted out of about 10 strategic cruisers, 2 Vigilants, 2 Devoters, 3 Guardians, 2 Naglfars and a Nidhogger carrier.

‘Are they on scan yet Stacey?’
‘Yes, they are on scan now.’
‘Ok, jump back to join us.’

While I did, the wormhole had become critical by accident and our hostiles that were waiting on the other side didn’t want to risk being stuck on our side. After a nervous wait, on which I told one of my old friends this might be my very first epic wormhole fight, the enemies decided to leave and went back the way they came. Disappointed or maybe relieved, for they had the bigger fleet, we left the wormhole for what it was and started to pound on one of the hostile towers again. I logged off and left the ship inside our staging tower for others to use.

The next few days I logged on to see what was happening there was no action for me. Our targets were broken and didn’t want to put up a fight. Some were even destroying their own ships to prevent us from taking them. And with this as a sign of surrender I sat on the C3 static for as long as possible with the Devoter and her bubble up to prevent enemies from escaping. If not I used her for closing wormholes and lock people out with Lord or HTC Necosino, who had epically brought in a Hyperion 5 jumps trough lowsec.

Stacey, was that a scout from Whale Girth?’
‘Yes it was, the hole is closed, he is locked out.’

The last day we managed to kill all the towers and player owned customs offices and steal over 50 bilion isk worth of ships and modules of which I flew a lot back to our staging tower. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to keep any of them, so I was left with 0 isk and 0 killmails due to the fact that I was not online or sitting on the static with the Devoter to guard it. Guess I had to bring another ship to apply some dps, but in the end I was happy I had brought her and had fitted T1 bubble makers, because she was used a lot by others as well when I was gone.

Some ships were hilariously killed or stolen and an extended report about them and the invasion can be found here:

 *** May 26 ***


The Devoter is now sitting safe and sound back in our home system for people to use while Stacey has trained up Cynosural Field Theory to level 5 and Gabryella has trained up her probing and hacking skills to level 4. Unfortunately I have exams on June the 17 and 18th, so I was and am not ‘allowed’ to play with the ladies for too long. It disturbs me though, because I only got one kill this month and it is even one that couldn’t shoot back.

Also some of my old friends decided to play again and figured they can take back NM-OEA from several large alliances that use the system as a staging system for mining and other pve heresy. With the Jumpfreighter (poor Adriana hadn’t been used in ages and was getting dusty) we moved tons of pvp ships and modules that way and of course I was invited to tag along any time I want to.

I must say, it is very tempting, but I have other stuffs to tackle at the moment and perhaps it is for the best this way anyways. A few days after I had moved the stuffs, my friends owned the system already with just 2 or 3 guys actively killing heaps of ships and locking up 30+ capsuleers inside the stations. Peace for isk requests were already received and kindly refused.

‘We don’t want peace, we want pvp!’

No, maybe in July I will hug the ladies and give them the kills they need again by joining my friends or Viper for some delicious pvp. In the meanwhile, fly risky guys and girls!

  1. Bloem says:

    so I was left with 0 isk and 0 killmails due to the fact that I was not online or sitting on the static with the Devoter to guard it

    Actually, loot is still being sold and therefor payouts have not yet been made to people present. You should get a share once it’s done.

  2. aaa says:

    Excellent way of describing, and pleasant article to take data
    concerning my presentation subject, which i am going to deliver in college.

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