Action Report 9: Alliance Tournament XII

Posted: September 17, 2014 in Action Reports

It is that time again! The alliances of New Eden are mustering their highly trained fleets and are flying ships out of their own hangars, risking everything for the glory and possible winnings in brutal matches where losses are felt dearly.

*** Aug 24 ***


I was so exited and so was my sister for participating on this alliance tournament. We had seen several of the previous tournaments on youtube and gazed at the players showing off their epic skills. So when we had been given the opportunity to join we ceased it with as many hands as we could muster.

Unfortunately we hadn’t been given a whole lot of time. Due to troubles within the alliance and the hasty retreat of one of her key members, who was also responsible for setting up our alliance fleets, Disavowed. had to improvise and had done so poorly with a tinker setup that was unable to break M.I.F. who had brought a Minmatar rush setup.

No, this had to be done right this time and I had send Poerkie, who was now our alliance tournament leader, several setups with one including Vindicators and other nasty ships capable of taking on a decent setup that wasn’t going to out kite us. While I wanted to fly Vindicators he wanted to go for the active tanked Hyperions and after a short skirmish on the test server we decided to go for the Hyperion, because those active tanks were amazing. I knew they wouldn’t work, but neither would the Vindicators with the setup we encountered.

A few days later sis and I got our fits by mail. Although sis owns Gabryella her account and thus Gabryella herself, she decided to fly with Stacey instead. Logging on on each others accounts was very illegal, but who cares anyways when you both live in the same house and sometimes even share the same computer. It meant that I had to play with Gabryella in her Ishkur filled with repair drones.

Sis was going to fly the only Amarr ship within the setup. One of my favorite ships in the game, especially active tanked and one of the most pretty looking too: the Vengeance. For a moment I doubted that she would still remember how to activate guns and tackle, but I guess you never forget after learning such things. It was like riding a bicycle, going for a swim or having sex. In no time she flew the Vengeance with a vengeance and people on the test server died including me. On top of that, Disavowed. created their very own ad to be shown during the tournament. This would be great!

Gabryella and Stacey were ready at the station close to Jita (just in case we had to switch ships) when suddenly they were teleported to Jove space by the great Gods of eve online. This wasn’t going to be a random mission, this was going to be an epic battle between real capsuleers, considerably the best pilots in the whole universe and both ladies were going to measure up their strengths against them. Alright guys and girls, stay calm, here they are. Wait, what? … Ishtars! How is that possible?

Apparently our FC had banned the Gila at a last notice, which opened up the opportunity for the enemies to bring one of the few ships that could counter our setup, or at least turn the fight into a one sided massacre. As a joke I told our FC to warp in everyone at the zero beacon, but he wanted our Oneiros and our Eos command ship at range from anyone else. Primary would be the enemy Prophecy or the Eos.

Countdown started and I burned out immediately towards the Eos, while the hostile Ishtars deployed their sentry drones. ‘Point on the Eos!’, I yelled and in my excitement I lost point and web for a short moment, but regained control and continued orbiting the command ship at 500 meters with the Ishkur while firing the guns. I also deployed drones and launched them at one of my fellow Ishkur pilots who was taking quite the beating. Little did I know that we had already lost all of our battleships and that HUN was already working on the frigates. Within a second I was pointed by all enemies and within another second Gaby her Ishkur blew up into a thousand pieces.

Sis was still alive though and she had been guarding the Oneiros until the call went out to go for the logistic frigates. In her attempt to kill one of them she had burned away from the Oneiros, who could not repair anyone due to the hero Taranis, and also she died a horrible death as our last hope for victory.

Sis and I stared at each other like we did when we saw the Ishtars on the field. Why did our FC send in the Oneiros at range with the dampeners present, why did he primary the battlecruisers first and why the freaky Isthars when he clearly told us they would be a threat and banned? Shortly after we laughed though. It didn’t matter and another scratch on the large list of to do things on Eve Online was made. Thank you Disavowed. and especially Poerkie and our fellow pilots for allowing us to fly with you during this event. It was short, but it was also a lot of fun. Oh and remember: we got some serious style points for bringing the Hyperions!


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