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Ganking is the process in which a group of characters gang up on one or more players that do not have a chance to defend themselves

The Urban Dictonary

 *** Jul 24 ***


Some of the station crew of the Caldari navy assembly plant at planet 4 moon 4 looked in awe as Stacey and Gabryella made their way across the market. ‘Goods for sale, new Amarr spices and specialty goods from the Aridia region, come and taste them!’, an older lady yelled after scooping some of it out of a large basket and showing it to the girls. Stacey wasn’t interested, she had something else in mind, something that was a bit more sinister than just spices.

‘This should be it.’, Stacey replied when Gabryella asked her if this was the right section of the market. The walls seemed darker and more erratic and the characters walking around most certainly had a past that involved theft or hurting people. They were glancing at the ladies with a suspicious look in their eyes, but again Stacey didn’t mind. She was a chosen one, an immortal being. And the only real threats were other chosen ones. Those who weren’t and were foolish enough to try and hurt her would die for good.

The locks squeaked and clicked and the door opened after Stacey had pounded on it. The man was old, at least in his sixties, but he was big and invited the ladies in without saying a word. Stacey watched him and tried determining if she could take him down or not when things would go south. Judging by the size of his arms he could probably punch her out in one blow, but she knew Gabryella was fast and would probably evade the next ones to slowly wither him down.

Not that they had to right now and sweeping aside the thought, Stacey followed the man trough the narrow corridor filled with orders from what seemed other capsuleers. She knew some of them were even wanted. At the end of the hallway more locks squeaked and clicked and several armed men and women ordered them to stand against the wall and spread their legs. ‘No weapons, the girls are clean.’

Being drug ladies themselves they recognized the large amounts of narcotics that were being fabricated. Half naked girls stared at them for a moment, but quickly went back to work and probably saw quite some capsuleers looking for the same items Stacey and Gabryella desired. The woman that had searched them opened up the safe and 8 very old, but gorgeous glass plates came out. ‘Feel free to inspect the reactions’, the women said and gave one to Gabryella. ‘Strong Frentix Booster Reaction … these are the ones we ordered Stace, lets take them home.’


*** Jul 25 ***


Gabryella had fallen asleep with one of the plates under her arm when Stacey got a message from Mal and Bnizzle with the question if she wanted to roam around in lowsec to mess around with the local pirates. Of course she wanted to and after asking what type of ship to bring she went on her way to meet them in her Myrmidon.

Now I haven’t flown the Myrmidon a lot and I might try her a few more times in the future, because I had forgotten all about the war and poor Stacey got caught in Hatakani by a small gang of wartargets. All repairers overheated, but at 5km from the gate she still went boom without ever firing a single shot. A nice start for lowsec mayhem day 1.

BC kills 0 – 1

Wrong place at the wrong time apparently, because these guys were actually hunting for this guy who was yelling in local that they had been waiting for him all along and had finally got him.

Oh well, lets head back to Jita and buy Stacey a new ship, this time I think I will go for a Brutix. Bnizzle, not yet part of Disavowed., had moved the Brutix to the Stacmon system for me and together with my friends I undocked her. 2 Scythe Fleet Issues and 3 battlecruisers roamed trough the lowsec systems of Blackrise looking for juicy targets. It didn’t take long for us to find one hiding in one of the plexes and Mal warped his Harbinger there while we waited in the other system on the gate.

‘I am tackled by a Stiletto and a Nereus transport. Warp to me, I am going for the Stiletto!’

Our little fleet warped over when Mal told us to cancel warp. Unfortunately we were all in warp already and with the warp being 60 AU long, there was nothing we could do but anxiously wait what we would encounter. It wasn’t pretty. Stacey was greeted by a whole fleet of Caracals and even when she got one of the Caracals to half shields while overheating the Ancillary repairer, the Brutix still died a horrible death.

BC kills 0 – 2

Mal did get the interceptor though, but we got ganked with a capital g.

I didn’t feel like sending Stacey all the way back to Jita, so I asked Mal if I could borrow one of his cruisers and I could. He had a spare Omen laying around and after tweaking it a bit to provide a little bit more damage we set sail again, but this time in 4 cruiser type ships and Mal in his Crucifier. Not only were they cheaper, but they would provide us fights instead of ganks.

It didn’t take long for us to get a fight. In Ostingele Mal had tackled a Harpy which had an Osprey as backup. When we arrived Mal died, but so did the 30 million isk Osprey. I overheated the pulse lasers and fired at the Harpy, but the assault frigate was too fast and managed to warp off in low shields. We did get all the loots though and gave everything to Mal, who had hopped into another Crucifier. A small victory for us.

In Agoze on the Loes gate things got intersting again. A pirate Myrmidon jumped trough the gate together with a neutral Myrmidon and we were there for them. Both Myrmidon pilots waited while hoping we would engage the neutral Myrmidon and take on the gate guns. We didn’t and instead we focussed on the hostile Myrmidon and pushed it trough the gate back into Agoze.

The neutral Myrmidon warped away and knowing he could not escape the hostile Myrmidon pilot engaged and we opened fire. My fit didn’t have an armor repairer, so I had Stacey orbit the ship at 15km away and spew at it with Scorch crystals in the lasers. Slowly our target went down without any help from his friend. One of my battlecruiser losses got avenged.

BC kills 1 – 2

Hungry for more we went on, when shortly after another member from the Overload Everything corporation jumped in with his Myrmidon. For a moment we thought it was the same guy, but he was not and we pulled the same trick on him. But unlike the fight with the first Myrmidon a big Hyperion battleship from the same corporation had warped in to help out his friend. Projectiles collided with the hull of the poor Myrmidon pilot and lasers slowly carved their way into its structure. I got a bit happier.

BC kills 2 – 2

Mal was our FC and of course we went for the Hyperion next. I figured it was a trap when he repaired his armor at the very last moment, like I have seen in so many pvp video’s, but we didn’t care. We were in cruisers anyway and when a hostile Federation Navy Comet showed up I made him my primary right away. I had to cycle the disruptor from the battleship and by the time I could use it on the frigate he had warped away in deep structure from the firepower of the blue Worm pilot and my drones and lasers hitting him.

The Hyperion had deployed sentry drones and was shooting at me now, but Mal had tracking disruptors fitted on his Crucifier and instead of locking up the Hyperion I focused on the Garde II sentry drones and took a few out. With my armor at 60% and the reactive hardener doing her job by giving the Omen a huge thermal resist against the remaining drones, the Hyperion could do nothing but target someone else.

Things went great and the Hyperion would have died if Minmetaro hadn’t warped in with his Hyperion filled with neutralizers to help out his friend. They wanted me off the field first. Not only was I dealing a lot of EM damage, I had a long point fitted and could kite their damage forever. Even with the capacitor booster fitted I knew Stacey was no match for heavy neutralizers and after aligning towards the station warp was initiated and I told everyone in chat that they should try and get out as soon as possible. Most didn’t and we had lost the fight.

Disappointed some of the fleet members left and it was almost time for me to leave too when Mal wanted to take our fleet for a last spin. A Drake battlecruiser with an Osprey as support were killing Federation ships inside a plex and probably thinking that we were not together we were able to catch them. Mal had pointed the Osprey, who was trying to burn away, while I managed to activate the warp disruptor to prevent the Drake from warping away.

Mal had killed the Osprey, but killing the Drake wasn’t that easy. Not only was it tanked better and shooting us, but the Federation ships he wanted to kill thought we were there to kill them too and had turned their guns against us as well! Bnizzle and Mal had to warp off and while they made their way back even Brock had to warp off, leaving poor Stacey all alone with the Drake pilot, who was spamming missiles at her Omen. The disruptor almost deactivated when the Drake pilot suddenly burned away, but Stacey reacted quickly, approached him, switched the crystals to Multifrequency and turned the battlecruiser into scrap metal. I was finally happy now.

BC kills 3 – 2

After that Mal thought it was a good idea to try and kill a pirate Thorax on a station with his Vexor. But it was a long warp again and with a hostile Ishtar next to us and tons of ships that could undock we hesitated to kill the Thorax pilot, who was burning away rapidly. Eventually I burned over and decided to try and kill him, but it was too late and the Thorax pilot docked up just in time.


*** Jul 26 ***


Day 2 of the lowsec mayhem went crazy bad again. We had found a couple of frigates inside a plex and while I was on my way towards the plex my friends had killed FilerX his Rifter.

A crow and Wolf were left at range and I told the guys to warp in at range. Apparently you can’t and when Bnizzle went for them we landed at the plex instead, together with a dozen angry guys that wanted revenge for their Rifter pilot. Stacey wanted to warp away, but she got tackled by a Crow straight away. Needless to say we died a horrible death again and had lost 3 of the 4 cruisers.

But it was just a cruiser loss now and the next thing you know Stacey was ganking a poor industrial pilot and my friends thought it would be good idea to gather some kill rights by killing Abraham Asques his pod. + 134 mil pod

On top of that a hostile Daredevil with Mey Xing in her Auguror as support thought it would be a good idea to engage us at the gate. Of course not being able to tank the gate guns for long he jumped, leaving poor Mey at 30km from the gate. Stacey being quick at her feet had overheated the microwarpdrive and the disruptor and quickly tackled her while bumping her even further away from the gate. It took awhile to take her down even with the 4 of us, but the gank was smooth.

Seeing how well we did, the two Hyperion pilots thought it would be a good idea to visit us again. At first there was one and Mal ordered us to warp and engage him. But Stacey had that bad feeling again and waited at the station for the inevitable to happen. And yes. Only seconds later Mal ordered everyone to warp off or jump trough the gate, because the second Hyperion had arrived and started neutralizing everyone. Brock however had been caught several kilometers away from the gate and being warp scrambled and webbed had no chance of surviving the onslaught.

In the end we killed way less ships than we lost, but the fun we had in return was great. Sometimes it is good to get away from the wormhole life and especially now that I heard Disavowed. is going to find a new wormhole again, which involves lots of moving around with ships and items. I am so happy I never found the time to move anything into Redrum, but I promise that I will move some ships into the new wormhole and maybe if Stacey or Gabryella, who are both expert drug manufacturers, get the right roles I might even set up my drug lab again.


*** Apr 5 ***


The biggest and nastiest strategic cruiser fleet Stacey had ever seen was flying right next to her Guardian, while it made its way towards one of the wormholes which had an exit in lowsec. It was about to get even more scary when we would join an alliance called Blackstar Privateers inside their wormhole. There we would start roling wormholes until juicy targets would show up for us to kill.

Do we have a logi anchor for our Guardians and who will take leadership for them? I volunteered. Stacey, being an old logi pilot had excellent leadership skills to take on a wing of Guardians and I also had experience being an anchor for Nyan fleets, even though those were a little bit smaller of course.


We had 75 guys and girls in over 50 bilion isk worth of ships. Oh boy, don’t you dare mess this up Stacey! But the op started out great. The first wormhole we rolled had a pos with a couple of ships inside. But wait! There is also a ship outside the tower! A large Archon, fully fitted and with ships inside, so we heard afterwards, was probed down and with some hostiles still inside the wormhole we had stolen the carrier and brought it back home in one piece. Thank you’s were put in local and big laughs were had!

Op success, but we had so much time left. Lets role another wormhole! One by one the wormholes got rolled, but without success. Time flew by and even I got bored sitting at 0 with 10 friendly Guardians around me orbitting me at 500 meters. Sometimes things got exited when one of the Guardian pilots accidently burned away from me and I had to put her back into place by saying on Teamspeak that he or she was leaving the invisibility device. It is something new and it prevents enemies from scanning the fleet, which is awesome for getting fights in wormholes where you can’t see local.

‘Bro, can you do the chocobo run for me?’ Sure thing. I am the best at Final Fantasy X chocobo running and my sis hated it. While I was gone running with Tidus and his chocobo, sis was having fun repairing after some stealth bombers had tried getting revenge for Agrippa, who had lost my new Interdictor.

‘It was awesome bro, those silly bomber pilots had bombed themselves and with that our entire fleet by accident. I had to actually do something!’ Well, at least my sister had her fun and so was I by getting Tidus his ultimate weapon. After a big hug from sis I took over again as logi leader and anchor, but our fleet got smaller and smaller. More people left and eventually someone decided to take on a tower that some people were putting up. It was fun reinforcing it while spreading my repairers, but the tower was of course stronted and with wormholes not lasting very long they would just repair it up with us back inside our home system. Tired I left the wormholes and went to highsec to prepare Stacey for a highsec war.

*** Apr 7 ***

Our highsec wartargets were a bunch of Russians that had nothing better to do but to roam around with 6 or more guys in T3 cruisers or sitting at safespots within the range of the station to snipe down any small ships passing by. When I undocked Stacey I was met in by a whole fleet and docked back up. Obviously these guys didn’t want to play at all and once a highsec mercenary myself I knew the tricks and they never killed Stacey during the war.

*** Apr 16 ***


On April 12 separatists of the Caldari Navy calling themselves the Provists had attacked a border region facility in Otsasai and stolen several capital ships including a Wyvern mothership. On a second release that day wing commander Hikemi Korrado gave all capsuleers and non capsuleers throughout new eden the assignment to hunt down and kill these separatists responsible for almost killing an entire station filled with personnel.

I wasn’t around that day to join the CCP event. Being in a wormhole has taught me to take things really slow and real life has creped onto me like a little octopus holding me down and preventing my hands from touching the computer mouse. But maybe it was for the best. Resent reports had shown that Pandemic Legion had already taken all of the first bounties, which were plex for certain achievements like top damage, pod killer, best battleship or cruiser damage and many more.

Maybe it was a friend that pointed me towards the event or maybe it was me reading it in local, I don’t know. One thing was for sure, little Stacey was jumping up and down, eyes glistering and she had changed her white pajama covered with pink cats and bones for something more assassin like. A tight black outfit covered her whole body and didn’t made any attempt hiding her female curves. She had proven herself to be a mercenary and with such a huge price it was her job to hunt down these separatists and claim those juicy rewards.

I had no idea what to expect and wondered how many people would be in local when I read the first message CCP had put up on their live-events tweeter account. But I just had to try and get there and had grabbed a heavy tanked Proteus with some big guns on it. When I arrived it was chaos. Everyone was clustered at the gate and Stacey being a smart girl had locked up all the orange ships right away. One of the carriers was almost down and Stacey had opened fire. More and more people started to join when the first carrier pilotted by Tuohmirasen Oittakko died. Saara Humo died almost right after while the few remaining battleships got locked down. Unfortunately they died so fast, that Stacey only got 2 of them, including one that tried burning away with high speed to leave the battlefield. No luck for him, with the Proteus being faster and equipped with a warpscrambler and a webifier.

As expected people tried smartbombing the pods, which left hilarious suicide killmails. Also, the few Templis Dragonaurs that were present had managed to kill a few capsuleers and of course there were a few wars going on as well, which left a wonderful mess in the system:

*** Apr 17 ***

Gabryella and Stacey sat in Jita while inspecting the killmails. These seperatists like to use active hardeners and shield repairers, even their battleships are equiped with them. ‘We need something to counter those Stacey.’ Gaby whispered to her while dressing up in one of those ‘you touch it, you die’ outfits too. ‘This is going to be fun!’ Stacey replied while asking Scotty to get their ships ready.

In the meanwhile I had told my sister to join me on EVE and together we had set sail towards the Torrinos system. CCP didn’t link the system, just the constellation, but the map showed that was where the sepatists were.

When we arrived at the station there were only two remaining Phoenixes this time. One was at half shields and they were at 130km from the station, so Stacey and Gabryella had to burn a bit to get into range. Luckily the Curses had a microwarpdrive fitted and once we were in range Stacey ordered: ‘Gabryella, put your nosferatu on Ina and all your neutralizers on Aikabinen!’

‘Ay, ma’am!’ And 2 Nosferatus and 8 neutralizers cycled. The Phoenixes and especially the second one died really fast and two more targets were crossed away in Stacey her little black book.

On the forums I had told fellow capuleers and CCP Logibro about our trip and he replied that both Curses had indeed capped out the Phoenixes, which meant that our hunt was a great success:

*** Apr 18 ***

The timing on this op was horrible and afterwards I am happy I had let Stacey sleep trough this one. Apparently it was in lowsec where Pandemic Legion had allowed the separatist to escape. No one knows what their business was or why they were there, but some say that they had stolen valuable information about the Caldari Navy that day. No, I was awaiting the next day, and this time Stacey would get her reward for her hunting troubles.

*** Apr 19 ***

Tight ninja outfit on, console in hand, little blue eyes staring anxiously at the screen hoping for a message from the council of hunters. And yes, there it was! They were spotted the Usi system. On her way Stacey went inside her dps Proteus now.

When I arrived they had 7 carriers and 1 Wyvern ready at one of the customs offices. I didn’t even need to scout them down, I just followed everyone warping off in that direction. Right from the start I locked down Ichonen Aroki in his Chimera, who had locked me up as well and had deployed quite the amount of Dragonfly fighters. For a moment I feared that I had to warp Stacey off to keep the Proteus alive, but he changed target when he found out that I still had over 150k ehp on the thing and it would take longer for him to kill me than we would kill him. One by one the carriers died and I decided to get on some of the mails by deploying my drones or my scrambler and webifier, which I had fitted again just in case.

The main target Kossen Jaikka had burned away from the fight, but some smart capsuleers had brought heavy interdictors to prevent him from warping away. I should have locked him up and put my drones on him for a moment, but I decided to pass this kill for some juicy rewards. My damage was high and I had been shooting my personal primary for way too long to allow the reward to slip trough my hands.

Ichonen Aroki, the target I had been shooting for over half an hour in heavy time delation had finaly died, but Kossen had burned over 270km away and was almost dead by the time I got to 180km. I didn’t make it and the fight was over. The seperatists that had gotten away were all killed together with the main target. All that remained were wrecks and people in local screaming they had won some juicy plex:

*** Apr 20 ***

The killmails weren’t there yet, but I had read that even though I had applied almost all of my dps on the carrier of Ichonen, someone had applied even more and had won the price for most damage applied by a cruiser class vessel. From the seven carriers I got only 4, but one of my corp mates DutchGunner had joined as well and had the Wyvern killmail and the others to make the killboard look juicy for our corporation and alliance.

Stacey cried and had two loving arms around her. ‘If only … ‘ Gaby who had joined the alliance hushed her while gently caressing her back. ‘It is going to be okay luv, at least we got some nice killmails.


*** Apr 23 ***

The ladies made it back into J112417 aka Vallhalla or Home after a failed attempt which had cost Stacey her ship and her pirate pajama. + pod

Being refreshed Stacey had thrown away her new pj covered with tiny wormholes and had grabbed her Guardian from the maintenance bay. ‘I am ready.’ a still slightly upset, but sweet female voice sounded trough the coms.

Suddenly reports came in from her fleet members. ‘We have a Moros Dreadnought tackled!’

It was Jezza who had seen Sofia Kyodai in her heavy Moros jump into her home wormhole from lowsec. Up until now we still have no idea whether Sofia was trying to move a newly bought Moros into her home system or that she was just trying to close the wormhole to prevent strangers from jumping in. One thing is for sure, Jezza had Sofia her Moros tackled and help was on her way trough the many wormholes connecting ours with theirs.

‘We need more Guardians!’, was yelled on coms several times, while Stacey and Gabryella were already on their way with only a few jumps to go. When they arrived I had them orbit Kestrel Hath, who was already at the scene with her Guardian and a capacitor chain was set up. Unfortunately Jezza had already lost her Anathema, but the guy in the Dominix that had killed her got murdered by the many ships that had pored into J233917.

Drones were deployed while a Chimera pilot wanted to help out her friend, but decided not to do such thing. If we had less people pounding on the Moros we probably would have gotten a fight, judging by the Maelstrom staying at 110km range from our fleet and some other ships nearby, waiting inside their tower. But who cares, we got some awesome kills. + 345 mil pod

When the Moros died Stacey and Gabryella cheered. It was their first real Capital Kill owned by a real capsuleer during a fleet op! + 413 mil pod

The wrecks were salvaged and the loots taken. Back home Stacey and Gabryella were drinking an old bottle of rum that said ‘Love you girls forever, Ezeria!’ when suddenly they received a message from an old friend from inside Home. Apparently enterap, who was a member of Disband. and had flown with us back in Delve, had joined the alliance in search for fast isk and juicy kills. It is nice to have friends nearby and with his wormhole experience the girls should be able to get many more capital kills soon!

Because wormholes are so distant and not even part of real space, or as wormhole people say known space or in short K-space, messages could not be received trough regular transmissions. Stacey was missing Gabryella, so it didn’t take long for her to leave the Proteus in the large hangar and go back to highsec. She was awaited and hugged by Gaby and one of her dearest friends, Jordan Zhuge, who wanted to know what the girls were up to. And while running some much needed missions for the Republic Security Services to increase Gaby’s standings even more, Stacey explained the riches and few, but awesome kills you can get in wormhole space.


*** Apr 2 ***


Our wormhole J112417 is a C6 wormhole space with a C5 static and chosen for a reason. It means that you will always have a wormhole that leads to a C5 wormhole space. For many years Stacey has looked at dreadnoughts and carriers jumping in and out of lowsec and 0.0 trough cynocural fields, but apparently they are being used in wormholes a lot too and guess what, especially in C5 wormhole space! They aren’t even combat fit, but often ratting fit to kill the wormhole inhabitants called Sleepers. Stacey is scared to death for them and I never looked into Sleepers, but I heard they are very dangerous and best to be left alone unless you got one of those capital ships and a nice fleet to back you up.

Stacey got her first kill by accident and although it wasn’t a capital ship yet it was most certainly very juicy. After carefully playing with the Proteus and her probe launcher I decided enough is enough and sat at the station for a bit to relax. While I did I noticed there was a fleet up and I joined it just for fun. Two members only. Oh well, they haven’t kicked me out or ignored me, so all is good I think.

Suddenly I heard someone saying: ‘Bomber tackled, warp to me to kill it!’ Alright, here we go! Lets help and get my first kill for the alliance! The lazy Proteus geared into warp, but when I finaly arrived the Bomber had burned 50 km away already and died before I could get in range. Apparently we had killed a Deep Space Walkers fleet commander who was maybe in search for his fleet he thought was hiding inside our home system. Anyhow, I webbed his pod just in time and got on the killmail.

But we weren’t done yet. Right after the pod popped, dragora yelled that we needed to go to another wormhole, one leading to highsec. An enemy Proteus with Guardian support had been spotted on the other side and they were ready to jump into system. With the wormhole at a critical state it had the chance of collapsing and it would trap the poor Proteus pilot and her Guardian buddy right into our hands.

Hey, but wait, that is a brilliant idea! One of our Orca pilots had to go to highsec anyway and warped towards the wormhole when the Proteus pilot decided to take a peek. The Orca pilot jumped trough as fast as he could and Agrippa in his Broadsword activated his bubble maker. One of my biggest fears unfolded in front of my eyes. The wormhole collapsed and was gone and phr0zengurl in her Proteus was trapped inside our bubble with dragora, IAmSeannn and of course Stacey ready. The Proteus appeared and being cloaky fit cloaked just as fast, but our interceptor pilot could decloak her and me and dragora burned over to scram and web her down.

She went down slowly, really slowly and Agrippa in his Broadsword was taking damage. However, the word got out that we had phr0zengurl captured and more people warped over to bring the much needed dps. Orders were given to kill the pod as soon as possible and at that point I had no idea why. Later on I found out that wormhole people have expensive implants and that they will destroy them when tackled before getting killed. So there are no good fights in local and this also meant that even though Stacey locked up the pod and the webifier started its cycle, she didn’t get on the killmail due to time delay.


Perhaps we should have waited for the Guardian pilot to jump trough, but according to our Orca pilot the look on the pilots face was worth the missed killmail when the wormhole collapsed.


*** Apr 4 ***

So this wormhole thing is actually just as cool as 0.0, but the kills are found and put on the killboard slowly. Yet, a Proteus as a first real kill for the alliance is not bad. I needed something else inside this wormhole besides a probing Proteus though. Maybe something like an Interdictor to move around fast and catch those juicy pods.

I got lucky. Today was one of those days where we had a nice exit and I managed to get an Anathema and a Guardian inside. But the guys were a bit nervous when Stacey was on her way back to highsec to pick up her Sabre. Apparently they had found someone in a hauler that was thinking the same as we were, but for his own wormhole linked to ours. Unfortunately he had jumped out into highsec too and searches were made to see where he was going.

I jumped back into the wormhole with my brand new Sabre and discovered we had set up a little wormhole camp with a few guys to catch the hauler. There was even a Proteus, but no one with a bubble maker and what if the hauler was stabbed? I decided to join the group and wait. I can’t stress this enough, wormholes are all about waiting and being patient, but if you are patient enough you will get rewarded (most of the time). And so did we when he came back in a Noctis now. It is a somewhat less juicy target, but who cares, a kill is a kill. And when his scout in the Magnate jumped trough I deployed my bubble.

Shahni died a quick death while Kib3rOk in his Noctis jumped trough and jumped back again. I did not know we had the Broadsword on standby, so I had jumped after him missing the Magnate and his pod for the killboard looks.

On the other side I had scrammed and webbed the Noctis though and deployed an extra bubble while he tried to move out of the bubble made by the Broadsword. It had nowhere to go and everyone jumped to whore on the kill. Little Stacey had top damage on yet another juicy mail, but the pod was missed due to the cloak I had fitted on the Sabre, a must have for interdictors inside wormholes I was told.

Not bad for a first week with the new alliance I thought to myself while I went back to our home wormhole again.

We closed the wormhole behind us with an Orca for other juicy wormholes to appear, which is called chain collapsing or rolling. It worked, the old C5 closed and a new one appeared magically. Strangely enough no one wanted to scout it down and I waited. Is this a test? Is scouting something bad and annoying? I know it can be, but I had an Anathema now which should make the job a lot easier.

After awhile people were asked to start scanning and of course being new I volunteered straight away. If only they had asked us sooner, then I wouldn’t have to wait again. But little Stacey was on her way, probes were launched and a wormhole was found. My first wormhole for the alliance popped up on the scanners, woohoo! But I had forgotten something essential, always check if the wormhole is critical, you might get stuck!

Leave that wormhole alone Stacey, it is dangerous! Ok, lesson learned. Another lesson was bookmarks. Apparently each wormhole and wormhole system has a number which should be in the bookmark. Also always bookmark both sides (except for critical ones of course) so people can go in and out without any problems. It isn’t that hard I thought to myself while jumping back. Oops, I wasn’t supposed to do that, but when I wanted to jump in again I got a nice timer. Ah yes, also don’t forget the wormhole polarization timer silly Stacey!

Hostile Anathema spotted called Stacey! Oh dear, couldn’t they guess it was me? In my rush to try and probe out these wormholes I had forgotten all about my ship tag. Ship tags are very important in wormholes, because you can not guess how many people are in local and what they are flying. On top of that, a lot of guys fly the same ships in wormholes, so it is crucial to have a tag in the name of your ship and show that you are part of a team. Only in a few rare cases the FC will tell you to rename your ship when he wants to confuse enemies.

It was a lot to take in, but I slowly got the hang of it. I had renamed my ship with the right initials and after trying a few times I had found my second wormhole and bookmarked it properly. Suddenly one of our friends was yelling on comms that she needed help. While I was scouting in one wormhole system Miriam had found another wormhole leading to a 0.0 system in Delve, my old home, and she was under attack when she found some juicy ships to shoot. I went back trough one wormhole after another to get back into our home system where I changed my Anathema for my Sabre to try and help her out. Unfortunately I had to make a few more jumps to reach the 0.0 system and Miriam was fighting on a gate, which meant even more warping.

While being on my way I heard her say she died. But wait, where are the others? We had 30 people in fleet and I saw only a few of them trying to help and they were in a kitchen sink fleet definitely not designed to take out the hostiles. The order was given to stand down and disappointed we went back home with a frustrated Miriam.

Stacey sat in her ship with a nice view across the wormhole and had opened her little notebook in which she wrote down some of her new experiences:

Wormhole things that I learned
– Always name your ship properly
– Don’t forget wormhole timers
– Plated ships can kill wormholes
– A C6 is hard to reach

Wormhole things that need work
– Leave critical wormholes alone
– Make proper bookmarks
– Just bring your 80% Scimitar and a few Ventures
– Tell Gaby to train probing, she is going to need it

Wormhole things that are going great
– Unlike some lazy alliance members I am actually scanning for wormholes
– Active in fleet and and on comms when in wormhole space
– The alliance killboard is showing my name and strangely enough on the right side
– Some of the guys are awesome

She was tired and pressed her pencil against her nose while staring at the force field displaying her many rings. ‘I wonder if the shield makes a humming sound’, she thought and gently put away the pencil and her notebook before pressing a button that made her seat go flat. A big fluffy rainbow blanket she got from Brockmist a long time ago was pulled over her body and Stacey closed her eyes. ‘Sweet dreams everyone!’

*** Mar 6 ***


Gaby and Stacey were bored and so was I. Now that we moved to KFIE, which is a dead end system, there is almost nothing to do. Yes you can try and kill the belt pirates, but it is a 0.0 system, which means that the belt pirates with the big bounties will stay away for quite some time. Maybe the ladies can run a site? Well, we all know how I think about data and relic sites and the Blood Raider combat sites are just too damn hard with all the neutralizers they are using. On top of that there are always a few guys in system lurking about, wanting to get that juicy ship kill.

No. I wanted to do something special besides just move goods around with the Jumpfreighter and producing drugs for the alliance. So I looked up some contracts to see if they had what I was looking for and there it was. A 30 million Raptor interceptor with juicy guns and some other modules and stuffs like bombs, T2 loot and ammunition, which paid for over half of the contract. It was a good deal. With this I could run some missions for the Blood Raiders to collect the blueprints for Mindflood, which I could use to produce drugs with.

Things seemed quiet, so I decided to jumpclone Stacey in her clone with basic implants and started heading that way with her pod. Z3V was empty, just one jump to go and I’ll dock up to grab the Raptor and head my way back home quickly. Wrong. In 1DH a Flycatcher was waiting on the gate with his warp bubble up. Because pods don’t fly fast and Flycatchers deal a lot of damage I had no where to go. I opened the character sheet and destroyed Stacey her basic implants and watched her die a horrible death.


But … I was in KFIE and I had interdictors myself. Also Gabryella still had one of those horrible Comet frigates I can’t fly. I could jump in with Gaby, make him redbox or jump trough the gate and have Stacey finish him off. I probably lose the Comet, but at least I will have my revenge on the Flycatcher pilot by killing him and his pod.

As Gaby jumped into system he was gone. Probably at the other gate I warped Gaby over and yes, there he was with the bubble up. I tried warping away to get his aggression, but he was red boxing me anyways.

I forgot how horrible I am at flying frigates, let alone flying 2 at the same (yes, everything below cruiser is a frigate in my eyes!) I was so busy trying to figure out how modules work on a frigate I forgot all about orbit and speed and such things, but most of all, I had forgotten about Stacey! The Flycatcher having rockets and webs had nothing to worry about and pounded away. I suddenly remembered I should warp Stacey over and when she landed on grid Gaby was already dead.

Ok, I had this in mind, don’t worry. The Flycatcher is at 30% shields, lets finish him off. While I burned towards him to scramble him he burned away. I went after him and suddenly there were a Sabre, and another Sabre, and an interceptor too. The Flycatcher came back and there was nothing I could do. Stacey was sitting in the station in KFIE again and everything had gone horribly wrong.


Ok, lets do this again. But Gaby, who hadn’t lost a pod yet after our move to KFIE, was cloned in FWST. This sucked, because those guys were still waiting in 1DH. Without her Stacey would just be blobbed again, so quickly I upgraded her clone and started moving her back home. You can guess what happened when I jumped her into 1DH.


I just wouldn’t give up though, I felt frustrated that this interceptor had already cost me 4 ships and 3 pods with a total value of 135 mil. Not to mention all the isk for clone updating, which I think is one of most worthless features in eve and just there to piss players off that have a lot of skill points. It made me want that Raptor so bad now that I tried to get Gabryella home a second time. Fortunately it worked. The guys and their Sabres were busy killing something else on another gate and I had slipped trough and docked up.

Well, if these guys are so busy, I might as well jump Stacey back into 1DH and pick up that interceptor real quick, a perfectly logical thought right? Wrong. The guys had finished killing their targets and instead of being in 1DH now, they had moved to Z3V and Stacey got butchered once more adding more iskies to the Raptor value. There was even a little sorry in local for killing me again and I started to feel sorry for the ladies too. But this was personal now, someone needed to die.


So I grabbed yet another Sabre and had Gabryella put into a Scimitar as backup. When I warped to the Z3V gate in KFIE I was immediately greeted by Devel666. I knew there were other guys on the other side, so I burned away. It didn’t work. I am so horrible at flying frigates that I piloted straight into his scram and web range. I was stuck and opened fire. This time I did everything else right I think. I activated the scrambler and overheated my guns. Wait, no, I forgot to launch a bubble, but he did fortunately.

While Stacey was battling for her life all of the guys jumped in and opened fire as well again. His shields went down though and a bit faster than mine. I can do this! Overheat those guns Stacey, you can do it!

Two explosions flashed at the KFIE gate and 2 Sabre wrecks were left on the scene. Quickly the enemies locked up Stacey her pod, but I didn’t care. Behind the pc I started yelling and screaming and the people in the street must have thought I had won the lottery or something. Of course I had forgotten all about Gaby and her Scimitar, who was silently waiting outside the station, but the Sabres went down so quick I would have just lost the Scimitar afterwards. And on top of that: who cares, I did it, I killed one!


1.000.000!!! – 10

Great work Stacey you might think, but the story isn’t over yet! After the good fights in local they left KFIE and after about 10 minutes I tried getting into 1DH again. Yet again, there they were, but they were on the wrong gate and I was finally able to dock up and grab my Raptor. Yes! It had cost me over 200 mil and she is called ‘The 200 mil Raptor’ for it, but she was the price I won for not giving up and thus worth every single bloody isk.

When I warped to the Z3V gate to take her back home the guy I killed had switched into a Rapier and the other guys were coming after me as well. But the Raptor was just too fast for them and with ease I burned trough their camp and made it back home to refit her.

While I was refitting I saw Lucian and several other Alliance members in local popping up. It reminded me of the old days where I lost a Drake and after that 3 pods to the Ronin to try and get back home. My friends logged on and the Ronin lost a Drake, Myrmidon, Manticore, Heretic and a Rook that same evening. You don’t believe me?, and

I tried inviting them to fleet to explain the situation, but all of them declined immediately. Could they be hunting them as well? I undocked both of the ladies in Ruptures and saw a Bestower on scan at the alliance POS and a blue Buzzard at the station. These are not the old days Stacey, I guess you have to kill them yourself.

So I moved up there with the Ruptures, but the guys had left. All I saw were cruiser wrecks and a large Tempest smartbombing away at 30k range from the gate on my way back home in Z3V. Wait, smarbombing Tempest? I overheated the point and microwarpdrive on Stacey her Rupture, but the Tempest managed to warp away just in time. Oh Well, it probably had warp core stabilizers fitted anyway. Lets go home.

The ladies were laying in bed being tired. Reincarnated twice in one day takes its toll, but that was the least of their problems. They were worrying and whispering at each other about the pirate bar. The bar is still filled with people, but with more and more individual pilots not wanting to talk or not able to talk due to the rum. The pianist, having a large beard hanging over the piano keys and always being drunk, is playing old Pirate songs, but for some reason even those don’t sound like they used to do.

It is probably me, but things just don’t feel right and the little twinkles in the eyes of my ladies are slowly fading away. For a moment the feeling was back when I went on a small Nyan-Yo roam. Old friends joined, we laughed and we were amazing like back in the days.

But it was like the op was showing me a mirror of who I was and what I have become. I love Disband., I really do and maybe I should just join the alliance to chat and be involved more, instead of being in an alt corporation all alone or with just a few guys online. Or maybe it is that time again, the time to step back for a bit and to place yourself in the loving, but snapping claws of the EVE universe when it draws you back in after some time. For now I have no idea what to do, besides staring at an awesome Raptor and watch the ladies close their eyes and let them dream of the old days.

*** Jan 23 ***


As we all know the Geminate project turned out to be very short and the order was given to move everything back to our old pirate bay in Delve. Stacey got very rich moving all the stuffs around, but unfortunately like Gabryella couldn’t join the crew in Geminate. Most of the time there were fleets for frigates which they both hate to fly and of course with me being busy in real life getting a job and completing my exams (which I passed, awesomesause!) I couldn’t spend much time with the two ladies.

After moving some stuffs to FWST and completing their contracts, I decided to log off again and watch a movie. Unfortunately both my real life ladies called and one I hadn’t seen or spoken to in almost 6 months, so there was a lot of catching up to do. After all the calling my ear was zooming and I was to cranky for a movie, so I thought I would go for a quick look on EVE.

Stacey and Gaby were sitting at the bar being relaxed, going: ‘Ready for yarring sir!’ Hmm, only 3 of their friends were at the bar all passed out and there were almost 30 enemies zooming around in system. Where could they be? Well, they were on the YZ9 gate killing each other and lots of juicy T2 wrecks were left behind. Unfortunately one of the two sides, probably our new friends from Insidious Empire, who are going to try and punch The Intitiative in the face, was still very active and looted all those juicy wrecks.

So I waited and waited while some of the guys got online and even on voice. And after Gaby provided a cyno for an Archon pilot moving loads of stuffs back home, Stacey probed out some sites. After about 10 minutes a No Value Helios did the same thing and Stacey her eyes started twinkling. At first he was a little skittish, but after some time he uncloaked and I knew exactly where he was. Slowly but steadily I approached him until I was at 10 km from him. I tried to get in closer, but there were big rocks 4 km in front of Stacey her battle Anathema and he was slowly moving towards her. With the cloaking delay on the ship I would never be able to lock him down in time and Gaby can’t fly anything small so I needed help.

Chris was in local and by a miracle also active on voice. So I fleeted him up and he warped towards Stacey and tried pointing the Helios. But the smart pilot had seen it coming even when he was in the middle of looting the juicy cans floating all over the place and burned out to warp away. Darn, so close. Ah well, one more for the Almost killboard.

At the bar Stacey drank some more rum. She hated the Blood Raiders and still does, but the rum was excellent as usual and it loosened her up a bit after the almost kill. Gabryella was checking out the PR gate in FWST in the meanwhile with her evil Rapier when Zee logged on and joined  the fleet. I tried to invite as many as I could during that time, but almost everyone was passed out at the bar or counting loots. Now Zee means fun, lots of fun and he is always up for a fight. A fight which I needed. Stacey had only one kill this month, which was a poor Heron we ganked with 11 guys and Gabryella had not even one. So it was time for some action, which we got.

Interceptors passed trough and even a stabbed Tristan managed to escape Zee his bubbles and Chris his disruptors. But after baiting a Vigilant in G-TT without success it was time for some real action. A Kitsune, Malediction, Sabre and Vigil were reported in system and they stayed on the PR gate. We quickly warped there. Stacey in the Scimitar as backup and Gabryella ready in her Rapier at 50 km from the gate.

I wished I had moved her in closer, because as bad as we are we had no one pointed. Well, we did, but the Kitsune pilot had all the tackling bro’s jammed, so the enemies were able to escape with the Kitsune in structure as Gabryella managed to get a lucky hit with her 650mm Artillery Cannons. In local I said  that we messed up and that the Kitsune pilot did a great job. Lolz were put in local and I hoped they would think they had a chance and would stay for a bit. Which they did, but at a safe.

Gabryella was still keeping an eye out on the gate while Chris was on it hoping they would come in and we’d be able to give them a proper fight. But they wouldn’t come and I had to use Stacey her awesome lvl 4 scanning skills to probe them down. At first I failed horribly like always, but suddenly I had them all in one go.

They were burning away except for the Vigil and the Sabre warped to the gate, straight towards Zee in his Scythe. He aggressed and Zee started defending himself. In the meanwhile I uncloaked Gabryella, but the locking time on the Rapier took ages after the decloak. Fortunately the Kitsune died pretty fast, but so did Zee and he started calling for help repeatedly. But I had warned him about Stacey being in an Anathema now and she was still on her way towards the station.

Dual boxing is pretty hard during a fight and as I switched ships with Stacey I hadn’t paid any attention to Gaby, who was now at 0 from the Sabre and Malediction, doing 0 damage with her guns and only some damage with her drones. Gaby had a tight grip with her 2 webs and point though, but so did they on Zee, who died while Stacey was in warp towards the gate:

Gaby was still fighting the two little buggers and got into 30% shields, but Zee had warped in the illustrious Zaranya with a destroyer to get them away from me. Although it may not look this way, we won the fight with 3 kills worth 125 mil and 1 loss worth 78 mil:

Only 10 minutes after that two Enyo’s were reported by Waffle and Zee. Gabryella was on the gate with the Rapier to give them a warm welcome, when they suddenly started attacking Zee his new Scythe Fleet Issue. While I jumped in Gabryella to provide the much needed help I quickly warped Stacey towards the PR gate to help out Zee, who was already calling for help again. With Stacey still underway Zee lost his second Scythe:

Hurry up Stacey, you slow girl! Zaranya had bubbled up with her interdictor and the first Enyo went down: But suddenly a Rapier decloaked on the field and another Enyo and Wolf warped onto grid to join the fight. Poor Zaranya got raped and when even Waffle had to warp off, there was just one silly girl on the field: Gabryella in a very expensive Rapier!

But Stacey to the rescue, finally!! I decided to hang on in there and just uncloak Stacey right away while setting orbit at a silly 20 km from the gate in a bit of a panic. My fleet members were sad and thought we had lost the fight, but I told them that Gaby was still alive and kicking, fighting for her life. ‘Bring something and kill these guys quick!’, a girls voice begged trough the intercoms.

While Gaby targeted the Wolf and did an amazing amount of damage to it, forcing it to warp off, Stacey started her repairs. Not being able to break Gaby her shields now, they switched to Stacey and she was under heavy fire. 60% shields, shit hardeners on! 40% shields, 20% shields, darn, no more shields!

Bang! Chris and Waffle had returned and saved the day. With their frigates they had pointed the Enyo’s and Gaby her guns smashed trough their armor. The last Enyo desperately tried taking down Stacey, but thank the pirate lords she had a damage control fitted on the Scimitar and the last Enyo popped soon after:

Now the roles were reversed and the enemy Rapier was all by himself. He was still shooting Stacey who I had to warp to safely. I tried burning Gaby out to him as fast as possible, but Waffle was taking heavy damage and I ordered him to let go and warp off.

We had lost the fight and even though we killed 3 assault frigates worth 115 mil, we had lost yet another Scythe and a Heretic worth 129 mil.

I checked out Gaby and her Rapier and almost all her high and medium slots were overheated. The guns were 75% damaged, 1 Webifier was burned out and the other one and the disruptor were almost dead as well. While I decided to warp back to the station the Wolf came back and landed on the gate at 15 km. I almost shouted to point it. Waffle was taking heavy damage, but had him tackled and with Gaby in range and Chris providing a scram he could do nothing else but die. Even Zee got on the kill:

I warped Gaby to the station in PR for repairs and Stacey was now safely at the FWST gate while the guys looted as much as they could for our poor Zee who had lost 3 ships now. Suddenly a Talos was spotted and we waited patiently. Apparently one of the Enyo pilots had hopped into a Talos to get even with us, but Stacey was orbiting at 40 km while Gaby and my two awesome tacklers were at the gate all ready for some payback time. There she is! Zee was waiting in FWST with the interdictor, while we were stuck on the gate. But instead of jumping trough she burned away from the gate, a huge mistake.

I immediately activated the disruptor and two webifiers on Gabryella her Rapier and with Chris scrambling him soon after she was stuck. For a minute I thought she would still try to deagress while approaching the gate, but she knew she had no chance at all and opened fire. Stacey her repairs landed on Gaby her Rapier and after that she herself took a bit of damage. Orbit at 70 km set, good luck hitting her now Miss Talos. The last repairs went to Zaranya and Chris after a desperate attempt to take one of us down:

Both kills added another 173 mil to our killboard and after looting and salvaging all the wrecks we gave almost everything to Zee for his losses.

Things weren’t over yet though. Grann was online now together with Val and I had put the fleet in Grann’s hands. A lost Kryos wanted to jump into FWST, but we were waiting for him and while he was waiting we went for him. After a little warp around trough PR we found him at an asteroid belt and with some effort we managed to tackle the poor industrial pilot and shortly after his pod. Unfortunately he had no goodies, but he did have a nice pod: + 41 mil pod.

For a moment we took a little break, but I had Stacey warp on and off around FWST and nearby systems in search for juicy targets. After awhile I spotted a Caracal running missions in 0N-3RO. We didn’t get him, but we got two Mobile Tracktor Units instead. While we were killing those, Grann reported that there was a fleet in FWST ready to engage us for a third run. This time they had a Sabre, Oracle, Loki, Kitsune and several other support ships like Bombers and Interceptors. While gathering this important Intel for us he unfortunately lost his Helios:

Grann was out for blood and undocked his big bad Megathron. I had Gaby in a Rapier docked up, but Stacey was in her Scimitar again to provide some repairs when needed and the gang took the bait. The Oracle and Kitsune were primary and had to warp off because of Val providing awesome sniping support in his Tornado.

The fight was decided in few swift seconds and there was nothing that could stop us. They cleverly bailed, but jocaid in his Loki got pointed and had no where to go. I tried to get in range to get on the kill with the whore gun, but with 3 angry battlecruisers pounding on its hull he went down quickly:

Big hugs were shared at the station. We had an awesome fleet, one where everyone and every ship was equally important to its success. In their bedroom, Gaby and Stacey smiled at each other wearing their pink pirate skulls and bones covered PJ’s.

Suddenly a big explosion outside the station lighted up the room and what looked like a million pieces collided with the station window and bounced off into the depts of space. Outside Grann his battleship had exploded. ‘No way, how?’ Stacey asked while touching the glass and watching a Talos warp off after killing the pod. ‘Oh, don’t worry Stacey and get back to bed. Typically Grann, he probably fell asleep behind the wheel again.’

Old fashioned awesome evening guys, thanks!

*** Dec 7 ***

Tower 8-8

Good morning Stacey. Good morning Gabryella. Are you ladies ready for some action?  ‘No, shut it!’ , they both shouted at their fellow pirates throwing some pillows and teddy bears in their direction.

It was 7 in the morning and I was almost an hour too early for the Initiative pos timer to reach 0. Two days ago we had put it into reinforce mode with a fleet of Ishtars and Scimitars and the pos owner Kurfuerst had warned us that the Initiative alliance would do anything to protect their precious tower and the even more precious moon loot it generated.

Pre 8-8 fights

While the girls freshened up and got dressed (you know how long that takes) some of the Nyan guys under the command of W4r Destined decided to mess around with the locals in K-616, but unfortunately got blobbed at almost every try. But they found a few juicy Tengus at their cyno beacon and tackled one of them as it tried to jump out.

I loved the idea, pure genius. Going to a station with lots of little frigates and kill a target that expects anything but that before the station defenses can do anything about it because it takes way too long to lock anything up. Unfortunately the Tengu was active tanked and the guns bugged instapopping the poor Nyans, but in my opinion it was an awesome try: Emagine what a group of interceptors could do.

Never giving up I could hear them cheering about a bomber kill, while Axel got taken out by a Artillery Vagabond:

Slowly but steady more alliance members woke up and grabbed their ships while the clock on the tower slowly ticked down to 0. 4 Initiative guys were guarding the place and watched us undocking our Black ops battleships and some cloaky T3 cruisers with one or two bombers.

Two ratting Armageddons were reported, but the hotdrop failed as they were very cautious and had aligned out while the covert cyno was on its way towards them. I was surprised we’d almost done it and that we were able to field a covert ops fleet again on such short notice. Ah well, shit happens, back to FWST again, it was time to start mission 8-8: Disband taking Initiative.

8-8 Fight

A cyno went up at their pos and 30 defenders in Rokh battleships and over 8 logistics with some support jumped into our home system. For a moment our FC Ezeria told everyone to be quiet and assessed the situation. Which type of fleet did we have available to make sure they will either die horribly or leave the system with their ships in between their cheeks?

Ishtars was the best we could do at the moment, with 4 Scimitars as support. We all undocked and warped to a tac at the pos. There they were, at least 15 Sniping battleships, 4 Basilisks, 3 Scimitars and 2 Scythes, including an Arazu and some small tackle. Their logistics were repairing the tower and we set up a warp in to make sure they didn’t.

Gaby was watching trough the window of the blood raider station, hoping Stacey would be ok. She had her Rapier ready and her own Scimitar, but only one was allowed to join the fleet and Stacey had pulled the shortest straw. On her comlink she could read that Stacey had ordered everyone to broadcast for repairs, but was shortly broadcasting for repairs herself.

With over 40 drones on her I wished I had a small smartbomb. I was late already and in my rush to refit the ship I had accidently refit the roam Scimitar with her whore gun and without damage control, oops. But things were looking up though. With a bit of overheating the tank held and I slowly orbited the FC looking at the microwarpdrive button. Don’t you dare touch that now Stacey!

The damage went to one of the Ishtars next, but she was repaired up quickly and the dps of our drones was amazing at their battleships. Unfortunately with them owning the station they quickly burned back into invulnerability mode by finding safety within the force field of the tower.

With all of them inside the tower I started to feel big in a small fleet. Especially when EZ ordered to focus on the station itself. This was going great. From time to time they would send out a logistics pilot to make some quick repairs, but our drones made sure they would enter the shields rendering their repairs useless again. 24% shields on the Tower and dropping. They tried to warp to us at range next, but couldn’t leave the tower. Our Sabre pilot kept deploying bubbles outside the force field and our frigate pilots were on their toes as we burned on top of them to make sure they could not hit us.

During one of these maneuvers EZ got sucked into one of these annoying little wormholes that can pop up anywhere and Hamber had to take over. During the confusion the Initiative made a push and Hamber ordered everyone to warp to a tac above the pos to reform and heal up. Dual boxing his Ishtars, he forgot his alt Darth Hamber and with me being late as usual we both ended up being the last two on the grid. I managed to warp back to the fleet shortly after the Ishtar died in Stacey her Scimitars wingy bits, while overheating the repairers.

0-1 for the Initiative.

With our new FC no longer dual boxing things went better. Universalhuntsman hadn’t read my comment about broadcasting for repairs in fleet and died a quick death, but we pushed the defenders back inside the force field once more.

0-2, but we were winning this, be it very slowly.

Right when we warped the fleet back to the tower I reported a Falcon and more and more enemies had joined, including some that came from the station. I am pretty sure they changed the entire fight. Our Interdictor pilot had bubbled the top of the station, where the enemy fleet wanted to make another push. While we went towards them to sit on top of them again one of their Rokhs burned towards us and our drones and started smartbombing everything. He was quickly neuted to oblivion by our Ishtars, but we lost quite some dps, while our Scimitar pilots were repairing everyone up. Their fleet took that opportunity to burn out and attack us while the Falcon and about 40 ECM drones were jamming Stacey again.

Right before the fight I had brought the wrong Scimitar because I had to refit. With the large amount of Kinetic damage the Rokhs can do, we switched the ECCM for a Kinetic hardener. It worked. But with the Falcon jamming us simultaneously we lost a lot of repairing power for a short moment and lost some of our Ishtars almost instantly.

Gaby held her hand in front of her mouth as she saw the little bars of most of our ships go red. Some of the Ishtars were in deep structure when the Falcon was scared away and Stacey her repairs landed. And they were much needed as the fleet made range to get away and the enemy damage increased.

A hero Sabre from the Initiative had us bubbled for awhile and things looked bad. I am so happy now with the new mechanics for interdictors. One of the Scimitars was in deep trouble but the Sabre had ran out of his 3 bubbles and had to reload for a minute. While he did we managed to keep the Scimitar alive long enough to safely warp to our home station together.

The kills and losses were added up in the fleet channel and ended up on the large killboard hanging above the bar. Those that had lost their pod, were quickly revived in the med bay and made ready for combat. In total we had lost 3 Ishtars and 2 pods and killed one enemy Scythe and an annoying bomber pilot giving us a small victory because he kept bombing our drones.

2-7 for the Initiative.

Back in the station Gaby had brought bottles of rum and while the fleet took a lot of sips from them, the Initiative had jumped in a Nidhoggur Carrier with a Triage module that made a lot of little eyes glister. ‘Repair and reship, lets take out that carrier!’, Hamber yelled while being slightly drunk. All the Disband. pirates Yarred and went to their ships, some with bottles in hand, ready to undock again.

It wasn’t the rums fault and it wasn’t my fault either this time. It was unlucky that I disconnected and like EZ previously, Stacey was sucked into one of those small wormholes during her fleet warp towards the tower and their defenders. Gaby reported -1 in fleet, but it was too late.

With now a 3 Scimitar backup for the Ishtars and the Carrier out repairing our dps there was nothing we could do but run. During the fight which turned into an escape Disband. lost another Ishtar and a thin Huginn, but even with the carrier on the field took out another Initiative Scythe and a very juicy Arazu. Stacey came out of the wormhole all dizzy about 2k from the station. ‘We lost you for a bit, are you ok?’, Gaby asked trough the intercom and as Stacey replied yes the FC told her it was safe to warp to the fleet.

The Initiative had called people from their beds, I am pretty sure of that with that many people on the station. Now with Heavy Interdictors and other capitals on standby we could do nothing but call it a good fight and dock back up.

4-9 on the board.

We may not have won this fight over moon 8-8, but we sure as hell have shown that we are not afraid of an alliance with a superior fleet. Keep in mind that we kept them busy for almost 3 hours straight, preventing them from doing their carebear stuff! To all the Disbands that participated: Amazing job! We were outnumbered, we did not have the right ship types to counter a fleet that had almost as much logistics as we had Ishtars, but you were amazing pirates able to grab a few crazy good kills!

Back in the station Stacey told Gabryella who was playing cards with with the bartender, that she was not happy yet. While EZ was out roaming with the Tweed fleet, she undocked the Naga outfitted to shoot from 250km away and killed all the Initiative bubbles on the tower that were strategically placed in between the guns. Now we can safely warp to the tower to reinforce it again!

*** Okt 16 ***


After transporting over 12 contracts this week for her fellow Nyan pirates and friends it was time for a bit of action. As you know we are doing something new. It involves wormholes and sneak attacks in systems that can usually not be reached by anyone without the targets knowing about your arrival. Successes were had:, + pod, so we would do it again.

At first it was all a bit scary. I arrived late as usual and Stacey was still in her highsec clone worth 500 mil. But still. Training her up for drug production and planning ahead for a drug pos and lab in FWST or nearby got me tired. The Lachesis works so well with the Basilisks and the Brutix Navy doctrine or Ishtar doctrine, but only on paper. So I wanted to try her out really bad despite the risks and undocked her.

The wormhole was creepy, but a way out was found in Arzad. EZ went to Amarr to buy Ishtars together with half our fleet, which gave me enough time to gather with the fleet in Kamela and finally we moved to stir up the locals in the Providence region.

Things went great at first, but knowing Providence has eyes all over the place and will form up a fleet made me very wary. And I was right, most of our targets were already docked up or watching us from inside their pos when we arrived. A couple of jumps later we were convoed by wowyouareacow from Nulli teaching Sergej Stonikov from Brave the art of pvp. We had an awesome fleet and they wanted in. At first we thought they were spies and they were. Sergej Stolnikov was with the Jokers for 6 months before he joined the Brave Collective just a couple of days ago. I felt sorry for not checking the killboard properly and killing him myself today.

Our fleet consisted out of 4 Ishtars, 2 Basilisks, 1 Thorax, 1 Flycatcher and me in the Lachesis. The other guys were in a Talos and Imperial Navy Slicer.

Khanid Spy in his Executioner was watching us the whole time, but our tactic worked exactly as I hoped it would. As Foot Foot in his Flycatcher jumped into IWZ3-C he warped to the station and bubbled up while I jumped in after and deployed by combat scanner probes to scare the poor ratters into the station. This poor guy fell for it and never had a chance: + 1 mil pod.

We moved on and I tackled one of the bombers that loved harassing us for no reason. I bet they threw away almost 7 mil isk worth of bombs at us. But the coward was stabbed and a Firetail managed to burn out while I tackled him at 70km. After some more jumps wow left us with his spy, who was learning from the best at this point. We knocked on doors, but the ratters had been warned and I bet our names were in the CVA channel already big in bold and red letters with lots of exclamation marks.

In one mining system I had to wrestle trough 80 warp disrupt bubbles to warp to the ore site where there was nothing left but a few cans. After a bit of scanning we also discovered that the Raven had warped to his pos. If only I had launched my probes right away.

So again we had to move on and as we killed a shuttle I started wondering when the big CVA blob would strike. Foot Foot told us he had a Drake tackled on the 9UY4-H gate in Shintaht and was engaged, so EZ ordered us to warp over and neut him as fast as possible. While our neuts cycled and drones were deployed Foot Foot jumped trough and told us to warp away as fast as possible. A huge fleet was sitting on the other side and all jumped trough to us while the Drake tackled EZ. I had the Drake tackled with my Lachesis when suddenly dozens of ships uncloaked around me at ranges varying from 5 to 12km. A Claw was right on top of me and I decided to warp away.

Not only is the Lachesis a flimsy ship, it is also a support ship that needs to be at range to deploy her warp disruptors and for a moment I thought about warping back to EZ at range. But the warp was long and while in warp I could hear EZ going down and ordering the Nyans to warp off. I stopped my ship and heard one after another telling us they were being jammed and killed on TS.

‘So who survived?’ Ez asked and just 2 meager X’s went up. Me in the Lachesis and Brock in his Ishtar had warped away in time, while Foot Foot and our Brave spy had died on the other side of the gate. Good for him, not so much for Foot Foot.

We waited while the enemy fleet tried to probe us down, which reminded me of my old days in Valor where I and Cool4nd were the only survivors after our little Assault Frigate gang was killed by a 40 man assorted gang hired by CVA to hunt us down. After warping and safespotting the guys gave up and warped off and knowing these guys don’t give up I told Brockmist to log off and back on after a couple of minutes.

We looked at the killboard and the onslaught. Good fights were put in local, but in the end it really wasn’t. Not only were we outnumbered 4 to 1, they had a fleet that countered our long range kiting Ishtars as well. We had overstayed our welcome in Providence:,,

Brock and I came back online and moved back to Arzad and her creepy wormhole. Unfortunately for us we jumped straight into a Sev3rance / CVA gatecamp 1 jump from highsec. I jumped in first and thought I would be the one taking the beating, but Brockmist had jumped right after me and uncloaked making him the primary target. While he battled for his life I managed to sneakily pass the gatecamp and warped to the highsec gate. For a second I thought I would die there when I saw the bubble up and even more guys camping the gate on scan, but I landed right in the middle of their gang and jumped back into highsec. Apologies were made to poor Brockmist losing the last Ishtar we had left. But it was either him or me: + Pod.

Back trough the wormhole I came back in G-TT and jumped into FWST where I docked up safely. Stacey was the only one that had made it trough all of this safe and sound. Disappointed the Nyan Cats logged off one by one and while Stacey was all alone in the bar, she ordered the strongest thing the bartender had and hoped to get drunk and pass out on her bed real quick.

I started calculating how much setting up a drug lab would cost me when Graf got online and patted Stacey on her shoulder. He was going to pick a fight with the Jokers. On voice he told me he was engaged by Cpt Pipo in his Cruor and as fast as I could I sped my way towards the gate. I asked Graf  if he could get me a fleet invite, but I never got one and when he told me to warp to the station I landed on the dock instead of the undock. There cpt Pipo was and he was only 50k from me. Knowing I would have a 6 second delay when docking I decided to burn over to him with the MWD overheated. As I locked him up he started to regenerate armor. So he was local rep fit, but it was no good though as our combined dps was too great. Unfortunately Graf told me he was going to die now and two small explosions filled the sky while I bubbled up.

Probably very focused on Graf and disappointed by his loss Cpt Pippo didn’t dock his pod and it got quickly locked and finished by me: I got a bit disappointed that Graf died, but in the end Cpt Pipo his ships was twice as expensive and he lost his pod too, so all was good. We found out that I was still in our old fleet and that Graf had missed the message that I was still in fleet. But we looted the field with stuffs that was almost worth Graf his Dramiel and brought it to the station.

Cpt Pipo got back into the system with a Reaper and he was really angry. Apparently we are dishonoring him by going 1v2 and he undocked his Gnosis and later on an Amarr Battleship when Graf decided to play with it in his Hurricane. Cpt Pipo was not happy:

Cpt Pipo > Pfff come on 2vs1?
Stacey Starwolf > FALCONS!!!
Cpt Pipo > F U
Stacey Starwolf > fu
Cpt Pipo > Coward
Cpt Pipo > I cant believe it
Stacey Starwolf > Or how about those Kitsunes
Stacey Starwolf > Where were those?
Cpt Pipo > I thought you have balls
Cpt Pipo > Now I know that you don’t
Stacey Starwolf > You just pissed you lost a ship
Cpt Pipo > Pfff you too ….but I was first
Cpt Pipo > who killed you
Cpt Pipo > damn… Im realy shocked… You are so filthy dude. No honor, you have nothng to be proud of.
Stacey Starwolf > You guys should not use ECM so much
Graf ZEPPELlN > honor? in eve? lol
Stacey Starwolf > fly safe o7

He got into FWST and had hopped into a Merlin:
Cpt Pipo > COWARDS Come to fight!

But we were tired. Graf needed to go and I needed some foods, while Stacey needed her rest. All those poor Nyan cats that had died today while she lived trough it all made her dizzy. Of course it is the risk of being a pirate, but for some reason she keeps avoiding the dance of death, making her believe that death is saving her for a special dance. Who knows …